For the first time, senior U.S. military officials have publicly acknowledged their readiness to use force against Venezuela.

 For the first time, senior U.S. military officials have publicly acknowledged their readiness to use force against Venezuela.

Reference News Network reported on April 13 that in the context of Venezuelas crisis, senior U.S. military figures for the first time recently admitted that if President Trump made a decision, the U.S. military was ready to intervene in Venezuela.

According to the Spanish newspaper Abesays website on April 11, Admiral Craig Faller, commander of the US Southern Command, in an interview with the media recently, threatened that Venezuela would probably be at war like Syria by the end of this year. Although Faller did not disclose details of the military intervention plan, it was the first time that senior U.S. military officials admitted that they were ready to intervene in Venezuela.

Faller said recently that the U.S. military has considered a range of possible options and is ready to respond to any decision made by Trump. He compared Venezuelan President Maduro with Syrian President Bashar Assad. If Maduro does not step down by the end of the year, the Venezuelan crisis is likely to reach the level of Syria, he added.

Faller also said that senior U.S. military officials agreed that the Venezuelan crisis could not be resolved through diplomatic pressure and economic sanctions alone. The Trump Government has repeatedly expressed its strong support for the consideration of military intervention in Venezuela.

Reported that, because the U.S. military personnel rarely in this way to accept international media interviews, so the interview can be regarded as the United States warning loudspeaker.

The report also said that Faller had contacts with senior military officers in Colombia and Brazil.

According to Agence France-Presse on April 11, more than 20 finance ministers gathered in Washington on April 11 to discuss future economic assistance to Venezuela.

In a communique, U.S. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin pointed out that the U.S. proposed that the finance ministers of Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Japan, Britain, Germany and France on the 11th studied measures to increase financial pressure on the Maduro regime to support the opposition leader Guaido.

Reported that Guaidos main economic adviser Ricardo Osman also participated in the discussion. Guaido has previously declared himself the so-called interim president, but has not yet been recognized by international financial institutions such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Reported that during the spring meeting of the two agencies, they expressed their readiness to intervene to help Venezuela confront the humanitarian crisis. But they cannot act immediately because Guaidos position has not yet been legally recognized.

Source: Reference Message Network Responsible Editor: Lin Chiheng_NY9285