The Fourth Round of the National Elephant League Championship in 2019: Four Wonderful Continuous Wins of Chongqing Sports Colour Team

 The Fourth Round of the National Elephant League Championship in 2019: Four Wonderful Continuous Wins of Chongqing Sports Colour Team

On the afternoon of April 12, the Game Cup 2019 China Chess League A competition at Shenyang Station ended the last day of the competition at the Guwijing International Hotel of NATO in Yangyang. In the fourth round, Chongqing Sports Lottery Team defeated Jiangsu Team 3-2 and ended up with a brilliant four consecutive wins. The last champion, China Mobile Shanghai, won 4-1 over Beijing and temporarily ranked second in the scoring table with three wins and one draw.

The first three rounds of Chongqing Sports Colour Team, which maintained a total victory, passed another pass today. Jiangsu Team returned to Class A with a 3-2 victory. Welcome to the fourth consecutive victory! Like yesterday, Jiangsu team continued to score, but to no avail. Yu Ruiyuan and Shenyang were defeated by Russian foreign aid Andrekin and Lei Tingjie, respectively. It is worth mentioning that Lei Tingjie is the only chess player who has won four consecutive personal victories in this competition.

In this way, the Chongqing Sports Lottery Team finishes with a perfect four-game winning streak. In the 2017 season, Chongqing Team won eight consecutive games in the opening season. I wonder if Chongqing team can repeat the story of two years ago this season.

Beijing and Shanghai teams meet in this round. Originally, the Beijing-Shanghai World War has always been an important focus of the league. But in the past two years, the strength of Beijing and Shanghai teams has been obviously divided. Shanghais army is strong, Beijings line-up is not complete, the suspense of the Beijing-Shanghai war is no longer, todays score of 4:1 also reflects this point. Ni Hua, Xu Yin and Ju Wenjun of Shanghai Team won their respective opponents to lay the foundation for their victory.

Shandong Jingzhi Wine Team tied with Hangzhou Hongda Team in this round. Shandong team Liu Qingnan Fawei, former European champion Inalkiev Rick. Hongda team rookie Zhao Shengxin was unwilling to show his weakness and won Yan Tianqi. The other three chess games are equally well matched.

Tianjin Zhihui Sports Team lacked Ding Lirens Zhejiang Team in its 3.5-1.5 victory in this round. Three mens chess players played well, and all succeeded. Ding Yixin, a female player of Zhejiang Team, once again contributed to the victory, but it had nothing to do with the overall situation.

Hangzhou Banking Team, the first team to win yesterday, won another game today, 3-2 Rick Chengdu Beibei Club Team. Platinum stone Rick Fedosev made great contributions to Hangzhou Team. Lost chains Fedorseyev rarely suffered two consecutive defeats, which delayed Chengdu Team.

The latest battle came between Chongqing Jiulongpo Yucai Team and Guangdong Shenzhen Longgang Team. The game lasted five and a half hours! Eventually the two sides were tied. Cheparinov and Nie Xinyang did not finish a chess game until 6:30. Chepar tried to find an opportunity in the odd-looking car soldiers wreckage of the multi-soldier, but Nie Xinyang coped with it accurately.

Interestingly, Cheparinovs return flight originally took off at 7:50 tonight. It was very difficult to catch the plane, but God gave face to it. The plane was delayed to 9:30. Chippa was able to go home smoothly!

At this point, the first stop of the Chinese chess A Championship in the Game Cup 2019 is over. Four rounds later, Chongqing Sports Colour Team led the race in four consecutive wins, followed by Shanghai Team in three wins and one draw. The specific situation of the scoreboard is as follows:

According to the schedule, from May 6 to 9, 12 teams will assemble in Hainan for the second race.

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