Xian: The Qinling Nature Reserve has been closed immediately after banning the opening of farmhouse music.

 Xian: The Qinling Nature Reserve has been closed immediately after banning the opening of farmhouse music.

A few days ago, Xian Qinling Ecological Reserve Farmhouse Music Special Renovation Action Plan was issued. Our city will focus on such prominent problems as unlicensed (licensed) operation, disorderly construction, disorderly disposal and garbage heap of farm music, vigorously promote the special renovation of farm music, and effectively strengthen the standardized management of farm music.

It is understood that the scope of the special renovation of farmhouse music is the scope of the ecological environment protection of Qinling Mountains as stipulated in Article 6 of the Measures for the Protection and Management of the Ecological Environment of Qinling Mountains in Xian (Municipal Government Decree No. 123). The object of renovation is to provide rural tourism entities with catering, accommodation, sightseeing, shopping, entertainment, sports or agricultural labor experience services for tourists.

According to the Action Plan, Xian prohibits the establishment of farmhouse entertainment in the Qinling Zhongnanshan World Geopark, Nature Reserve, Aquatic Germplasm Resources Protected Area, Drinking Water Source Protected Area and the areas above 2000 meters above sea level, hidden danger areas of geological hazards, highway construction control area and river management area, and the illegal occupation of land should be banned immediately. The peasant household entertainment that occupies arable land and woodland and changes the nature and use of land without authorization shall be demolished in accordance with the law and regulations.

Focusing on the protection of water sources at the northern foot of Qinling Mountains, we should strengthen inspection of farmhouse music and seriously investigate and punish the random discharge of sewage. Farmers who have access to village sewage pipe network must install oil separator and septic tank by themselves. Sewage is filtered by oil separator and septic tank and then connected to village sewage pipe network. Farmers who do not have access to the village sewage pipe network should build their own sewage treatment facilities. After acceptance and acceptance by the district and county governments, the sewage treatment fails to meet the requirements of Rules for Rural Domestic Sewage Treatment Management (Trial Implementation) in the northern foot of Qinling Mountains (Shuifa, 2018, 641).

The collection and transportation of household garbage, kitchen garbage and construction garbage in Nongjiale are investigated in an all-round way. It is forbidden for farmers to dump garbage arbitrarily and bury garbage privately. Set up garbage collection sites, improve garbage collection and clearance facilities, and standardize garbage collection and clearance operations. Rural households whose garbage facilities fail to meet the relevant regulations should be shut down and renovated.

In order to strengthen the management of farmhouse music certificates (licenses) as a starting point, we should intensify the investigation and punishment of unlicensed (licenses) business. For farm entertainment without legal land formalities, food business license (small catering business license), sanitary license in public places, special industry license (involving accommodation business), and formalities for filing environmental impact registration forms for construction projects, all farm entertainment should be closed down and renovated. For farm entertainment that still fails to reach the standard after renovation, its business license should be cancelled and compulsory. Closure and ban.

Strictly crack down on all kinds of acts of farmhouse music violating the Food Safety Law of the Peoples Republic of China and the Wildlife Protection Law of the Peoples Republic of China, and thoroughly investigate the illegal processing and management of wildlife products by farmhouse music.

Prior to April 30, all districts, counties and development zones strictly fulfilled the main responsibility of territorial management, coordinated and carried out comprehensive propaganda, mobilization and investigation of the special rectification action of farmhouse music. Focusing on the problems of disorderly construction, disorderly arrangement, disorderly stacking, unlicensed (licensed) operation and illegal operation of farmhouse music, we should do a good job of household propaganda and groping, find out the number of farmhouse music and the bottom number of problems, classify and summarize, and set up account books, so as to provide basic information for special rectification. During the period of investigation, we should strengthen the daily management of farmhouse entertainment, carry out the closure and rectification of the problem farmhouse entertainment, and rectify it within a time limit.

From April 1 to October 31, the districts, counties and development zones formulated special renovation plans in accordance with the investigation, carried out comprehensive special renovation actions, and organized relevant departments at the municipal level to form a joint acceptance and acceptance team to check and accept the renovation of the problem farm music, and approved the operation of the standard farm music. Farmers who fail to meet the standards after the renovation shall submit to the market supervision department of the jurisdiction to cancel their business licenses and close down and ban them. Municipal administrative departments of relevant industries should strictly supervise the implementation of specific renovation measures along mountain counties and development zones in accordance with their respective responsibilities, so as to form a concerted effort between the upper and lower levels and make every effort to promote the renovation work.

From October 1 to November 30, after the classified renovation, a joint inspection team composed of the Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau and the Municipal Qinling Protection Bureau jointly supervised and inspected the special renovation action with the relevant industry management departments at the municipal level. Units that failed to advance the work, perfunctory renovation, fraud, inadequate renovation and failed to complete the special renovation task as required by the time limit are subject to the circumstances. To report, criticize or hand over to the Municipal Discipline Commission and the Supervisory Commission for accountability.

Source: Author of Xian Daily: Zhang Duan-liable Editor: Li Hang_BJS4645