It only takes 70,000 grandchildren to be beaten up and hospitalized, but 700,000 family members to respond online.

 It only takes 70,000 grandchildren to be beaten up and hospitalized, but 700,000 family members to respond online.

Recently, a video Grandma of primary school students was injured, and medical expenses only need 70,000, but raised 700,000 by other parents to question has attracted attention on the Internet. On April 1, a grandmother in Fushun was beaten and injured by a man when she took her grandson to the hospital for no reason. Subsequently, her grandmother underwent two consecutive craniotomies for cerebral hemorrhage. She is still in ICU, and her grandsons head has been sewn nearly 20 needles for injury. She is still in hospital for observation. Afterwards, family members launched an online fund-raising target of 700,000 yuan, and the school where the injured pupils live also advocated donations from the whole school. However, parents of students said that the families of the injured students were not as difficult as the proposal said, and the cost of treatment was less than 70,000 yuan. They questioned the excessive amount of fund-raising.

On April 13, the father of the injured student told Beijing Youth Daily that he earned only two or three thousand yuan a month, and his mother earned about 4,000 yuan. The family could not afford medical expenses. At present, more than 80,000 yuan has been spent on medical treatment, but it is only the current stage of treatment costs. The mother has to pretend to be a skull to repair and rehabilitate facial injuries. Therefore, the target amount of fund-raising is set at 700,000 yuan in the light of other similar cases, but at present more than 210,000 yuan has not been used. As for the donation of the school initiative, the school saw its online fund-raising situation, launched out of love, has been suspended and refunded after being questioned.

In this regard, the staff involved in fund-raising platform said that parents of students questioned that the 70,000 medical fees mentioned in this matter were the phased treatment fees that had been spent by the surgery at that time, not counting the cost of follow-up treatment and rehabilitation, thus causing misunderstanding. As a platform, verify that the patient is indeed injured in hospital, after the relevant certification, the sponsors set their own fund-raising platform will be audited and approved.

The innocent family members of grandchildren who were hospitalized raised 700,000 yuan. The school suspended the donation and refunded the money.

Online video shows that primary school students and grandmothers in Fushun, Liaoning Province were beaten innocently by a man. In order to protect their grandchildren from injuries, grandmothers were hospitalized. Victim families have launched a fund-raising campaign online with a target amount of 700,000 yuan. The primary school where the injured pupils live has issued a donation proposal. It mentions that the families of the injured pupils are difficult to afford medical expenses and calls on the whole school teachers and students to donate money. Subsequently, other parents questioned that the family situation of the injured students was not as difficult as the proposal said, and that the childrens medical expenses were less than 70,000 yuan. The principal of the school said that after knowing the situation, he stopped donating money and returned the money he had received.

On April 13, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily contacted Mr. Cui, the father of the injured student. He said he earned only 2,000 or 3,000 yuan a month because starting a business in Beijing has not yet brought in income, while his mother is 69 years old and earns about 4,000 yuan a month after retirement. The son and mother were hospitalized, and the family could not afford medical treatment. My father died two years ago. He had been sick for many years before. In order to take care of him, I did not have much income to start my business in my hometown, and my family still owed some debts. I am the only child in my family. After divorce, I live with my mother and son.

As for medical expenses and donations, Mr. Cui said that at present, the medical expenses of his son and mother had spent more than 80,000 yuan, but because their injuries were related to criminal cases, medical expenses could not be reimbursed through medical insurance, and the families of the injured did not come forward to pay medical expenses. The doctor said that my mothers condition is stable at present, but I dont know when she will be discharged. Her lumbar spine will have to be transferred to other departments for surgery, and her face injury will be repaired. Her right skull has been broken. It will cost more than 450,000 yuan to fake her skull after that. These estimates will cost more than 200,000 yuan. In addition to later rehabilitation treatment, I went to Shenyang Rehabilitation Hospital for consultation and got at least 15,000 yuan a month. Ten thousand, about 30,000, a year or so of rehabilitation, nursing and post-operative medication also have to spend money.

Family members: At present, medical expenses exceed 80,000, and 700,000 fund-raising includes follow-up treatment and rehabilitation costs.

Beiqing Daily reporter noted that the fund-raising page of Mr. Cuis mothers head image diagnosis report showed that the patients right frontal, temporal and parietal subdural hematoma, subarachnoid hemorrhage, right frontal lobe contusion and laceration, right superior orbital wall fracture is more likely, multiple craniocerebral hematoma. At the same time, the personal family information of the recipient shows that there is no real estate, car property, insurance, annual family income of 1 to 30,000 yuan, no family financial assets.

In this regard, Mr. Cui said that the family situation he wrote was true. He started his business in Beijing and lived in a friends home. He had no real estate or car property. His home was divided by his parents when they were policemen. Mr. Cui said that at present, his son and mother spent money on treatment, which was donated by himself, relatives, friends and loved ones. At that time, when he launched a fund-raising campaign on the Internet, he wrote a target amount of 700,000 yuan in reference to other similar cases. At present, he raised more than 210,000 yuan, but none of them has been used. After parents questioned, people from the fund-raising platform came to us for information.

Some parents questioned the situation that only 70,000 medical fees were needed to raise 700,000 yuan. A staff member of the loving fund-raising platform initiated by Mr. Cui told the Beiqing Daily that after verification by the platform, Mr. Cuis mother was indeed injured and hospitalized and needed assistance. The patient had submitted relevant certificates such as diagnostic certificates and hospital receipts. The target amount was set by the fund-raising sponsor. Give approval to the audit. 70,000 is only a phased treatment fee, after understanding with doctors, patients need surgery to install a false skull after four months, cost 45,000, repair of facial injuries and late rehabilitation also need to spend money, follow-up medical costs are not predictable.

As for school donations, Mr. Cui said that after the accident, his sons class organized donations, he received 13,000, and three caring enterprises donated 10,000 yuan through the school. The school may have read the situation of the fund-raising I initiated on the Internet, and wrote the proposal. Out of love, the proposal for donation to the whole school is also the content of the proposal which the school read the fund-raising instructions I wrote on the Internet and the understanding of my family. Later, after consulting other departments about the procedure of organizing donations, the school wanted to give me the donation through the Love Education Foundation. Later, some parents questioned the donation. When the school received instructions from its superiors, it stopped the donation and returned the money.

The attacker has been controlled by the police and is undergoing psychiatric testing.

Speaking of his sons mothers injuries, Mr. Cui said that when his son Xiaohan (pseudonym) and his mother were beaten, he was working in Beijing and rushed back to Fushun immediately after receiving the phone call. He said that on the morning of April 1, his son, accompanied by his grandmother, went to the hospital to have a physical examination because he was going to take part in the school long-distance race the next day. As he was about to enter the door, his son was hit in the back of the head. My mother was a retired policeman, and when she responded, she hugged the hitting man and told my son to run and call. The hitting man knocked down my mother with a brick and tried to chase my son. My mother held his foot. When my son came to the hospital to call people, the hitting man had run out of the hospital and continued hitting people and smashing cars.

After being beaten, Xiaohan called his father at the hospital. Mr. Cui said that before he arrived home at 3 p.m., he received a phone call from the hospital saying that his mother needed surgery for cerebral hemorrhage. I asked the doctor not to wait for me, to have an operation immediately, and let relatives sign for me.

Later, Mr. Cuis mother was sent to ICU. At 12 oclock that evening, the ICU called again and said that my mother had a second cerebral hemorrhage and had a second operation immediately. She is still in the ICU and may be transferred to the general ward next Monday. Cerebral hemorrhage is more serious after surgery, she also needs to deal with lumbar spine fractures and multiple head injuries. Xiaohan was hospitalized after nearly 20 stitches were sewn on his head. The child took off the stitches a few days ago, but sometimes he returned to nausea and nosebleeds. He was frightened. He is still in hospital and will return to school as soon as possible.

According to Mr. Cui, his family has never known a beater, let alone a festival, and he still does not know why the man involved hit him. After the assassin was controlled by the police, the case is still under investigation. I suspect he may have mental illness, and the police have psychiatric tests on him, but no results have been obtained. Now, the forensic doctor is also giving my mother and son an injury appraisal.

Mr. Cui said that as a retired policeman, her mother was working hard to protect her grandson in a critical situation, which was a professional reaction and saved more people from harm. Now, besides curing his mother quickly, he also wants to know the truth of why the suspect hit someone, but because the case is still under investigation, lawyers can not intervene for the time being, hoping that the police will investigate it thoroughly. At present, we have not seen the family members of the suspects. They are ordinary farmers and may not be able to afford the compensation they are facing.

Source: Beijing Headline Author: Li Tao Dai Youqing Responsible Editor: Li Hang_BJS 4645