The US government wants to send immigrants to the Democratic Mayor of the asylum city:Welcome

 The US government wants to send immigrants to the Democratic Mayor of the asylum city:Welcome

BEIJING, April 13 (CNN) -- According to CNN, sources said on November 11 that Trumps government had put pressure on the Ministry of National Security to release immigrants detained at the southern border to asylum cities that did not cooperate with federal immigration agencies. US President Trump confirmed on the 12th that the plan is under discussion.

Source: US President Trump.

Sources said that Trump personally urged Minister of National Security Nielsen to complete the plan, but Nielsen refused. Finally, the legal team of the Ministry of National Security produced an analysis report, which killed the plan.

Reported that in recent weeks, Trumps rhetoric on illegal immigrants has become increasingly tough, and even threatened to close the southern border if Congress and Mexico do not act.

Trump confirmed that the Shelter City plan was true.

Trump confirmed on the 12th that his government is seriously considering plans to send detained immigrants to asylum cities, and then accused the Democrats of unwillingness to change immigration laws.

On November 11, White House officials and Homeland Security spokesmen issued a statement saying the proposal was no longer being considered. This is just a proposal that has appeared and been rejected, and there will be no further discussion, the statement said.

But Trumps twelfth tweet showed that the plan, which had been rejected twice by officials, was still under consideration.

According to sources, Stephen Miller, a senior White House adviser, urged senior officials of the Department of National Security to implement the plan. In February, the plan was cancelled after Miller and other officials failed to push it together.

It is reported that the term asylum city does not have a single or legal definition and its number varies according to how it is defined, but generally refers to places where friendly policies are adopted for undocumented immigrants in the United States, where federal immigration authorities are restricted from approaching local prisons or where immigrants with deportation orders are refused to notify federal agents when released from local prisons. In some places, police are forbidden to inquire about immigration status during road checks.

More than 300 jurisdictions across the United States are considered immigration refuges, not just cities. According to an analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies, at least eight states, including New Jersey, Illinois and California, are considered asylum states. Hundreds of other cities and counties refused to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

DATA FIGURE: American soldiers install barbed wire fences along the US-Mexico border to prevent immigrants from entering the country.

Democratic Mayors Response: Welcome to send immigrants

Faced with the threat of Trumps government, the Democratic mayors of Shelter Cities have said that their cities will welcome undocumented immigrants.

The mayors of Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia responded quickly to Trumps tweets.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said in a statement on the 12th: The city will be ready to welcome these immigrants, just as we have accepted people from immigrant communities in the past few decades.

Trump has reportedly been opposed to shelter cities. A few days after taking office, he signed an executive order in 2017 that cut off federal funds for asylum cities and called undocumented immigrants a clear and real danger to national security.

The executive order was immediately challenged in court. So far, all judges have ruled that Trumps order is unconstitutional, and the Ministry of Justice continues to appeal.

The U.S. government may deploy more soldiers along the border

It is reported that Trump and some national security advisers discussed the idea of sending troops to build tent city detention camps in order to solve the growing border migration crisis.

Three unnamed officials said the discussion took place at the White House on the evening of the 9th. They also discussed at the meeting whether the army could be responsible for supervision after the detention camp had been built. Reported that, but because the law prohibits the military from contacting immigrants, so this is unlikely.

According to people familiar with the situation, acting Defense Minister Shah Nahan was willing to send more troops to the border, provided they acted within the law.

It is reported that the army stationed on the southern border is mainly working to reinforce the border fence with barbed wire.

During the meeting, Trump also discussed other potential new projects with consultants, including the assessment of land for the construction of a new tent city in Texas.

Source: Responsible Editor of CNN: Liu Yuxin_NBJS7825