The winner of the live version of Chicken Eating will receive 100,000 pounds.

 The winner of the live version of Chicken Eating will receive 100,000 pounds.

On April 9, game media VG247 reported that an anonymous millionaire posted a recruitment announcement on HushHush, a luxury e-commerce website, hoping to recruit game planners to design game rules and maps of the real world Escape Kill type.

Recruitment Request on HushHush

According to reports, the millionaire offered a 6-week salary of 45,000 pounds for a game planning position, requiring applicants to have experience in designing and managing large-scale events as well as a talented game producer.

The millionaire also disclosed a realistic version of the Big Escape rule in the project requirements: the game will be held on a private island for a total of three days. The 100 players will be equipped with air guns and touch sensitive body armor to fight. The game lasts 12 hours a day. Food and camping equipment will be provided at night. The winner will receive a prize of 100,000.

Data map on HushHush

Such a crazy and deviant project has won HushHushs official support. Aaron Harpin, the founder of the website, left a message saying, In recent years, chicken-eating games have become popular, and our user is a loyal fan of these games. He wants to make the game a reality in a safe way.

If youre also a fan of chicken-eating games and movies, this will be the only chance in your life to fulfill your dreams, and youll also get a big bonus.

In 2017, similar recruitment information appeared in Russia. A group called Game2: Winter announced that it would hold an irregular life-and-death escape contest. All participants had to sign a life-and-death certificate. At the same time, the group declared that they would not be responsible for any criminal acts committed by the participants.

Russias Big Escape Fraud

Fortunately, however, the show was just a hoax. Yevgeny Pyatkovsky, a producer from Siberia, said it was just his own market research activity.

The deadline for the recruitment is April 22, and according to the rules, the competition will be held in early May, and the winner of Successful Chicken Eating will be announced on May 10.

Below the news, most foreign netizens said it was too crazy.

Are you kidding?

Others believe that this must be a conspiracy of the rich...

Rest in peace for the players who sign up for this game. Youre bound to be killed.

The commentary also played the stalk of the Japanese film Escape.

The bus will carry 100 anaesthetized people to the island.

When news came to China, Weibo netizens were also worried that, driven by money, such crazy games would make people really fight each other.

I hope the game is just a game, not a reality. Source: Responsible Editor of Observer Network: Liu Yuxin_NBJS7825

I hope the game is just a game, not a reality.