Uncle Bo: Sun Xingtus controversial return to China during the Premier League season has limited him.

 Uncle Bo: Sun Xingtus controversial return to China during the Premier League season has limited him.

At present, it is widely believed that the Premier League MVP Awards will come between Sterling and Van Dyke. However, Pochetino believes Sun Xingtu should also enjoy the honor. If we start counting playersperformances in November, Sun Xingtu is definitely a strong competitor. In the first few months of the season, he did not find the rhythm. During that time, he had to go back to China regularly to participate in international competitions, but after November, his condition was amazing.

Pochetino is right. On November 1, 2018, Sun Xingtu scored his first goal of the season in the Premier League, which meant that he almost wasted the first two and a half months of the season. Fortunately, Sun Xingtu seemed to have been opened to Ren Dus two veins since then. He was in a very hot state, showing excellent skills and excellent physical qualities, and playing a perfect personal performance many times. So far, Sun has scored 18 goals and eight assists for Spurs in all competitions this season.

Kanes ankle was injured against Manchester City, and the Daily Telegraph said the British striker might have a three-month truce, which meant Sun Xingtu would take on more offensive responsibility next. At the end of the season, Suns figures are likely to be even more beautiful. Kane was also seriously injured in January. During his injury recovery, Sun Xingtu carried the flag of Spursattack.

According to Korean media reports, Sun Xing-soos documentary Sonsational will be broadcast on Korean TV next month. This documentary fully describes Sun Xing-soos journey from his hometown to a superstar step by step. It is reported that the French legend Henry will appear in the film, and he appreciates Sun Xingtuo very much.

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