Bayern Mutual Fighting Series has been on for 20 years! Levan Fighting Hat Trick

 Bayern Mutual Fighting Series has been on for 20 years! Levan Fighting Hat Trick

Review of the past:

Bayern Munich is in turmoil again: Levan provoked Kormans dissatisfaction with the 2-man fight in training

Picture simply reviewed the more famous internal strife in Bayern in recent years, and found that in most cases after the internal strife, Bayerns performance did not decline but rose. In August 1999, two teammates, Lizarazu and Matteus, clashed in training. Lizarazu slapped Matteus directly and Kufuor was startled.

Lizarazu and Mateus

The Bayern coach then asked the two to return to the dressing room to calm down, and a few minutes later the two sides reconciled. One day after the clash, Bayern defeated Derby rival Winter Hashing 1-0. Bayern eventually won the Bundesliga and German Cup double that season and reached the semi-finals in the Champions League.

During the 2002-03 season, Kufuor and Jeremys clashed during training. Kufuor also injured his teammate Fink, who had come forward to persuade him, and his eyes were swollen. However, Bayern remained unbeaten for 12 rounds in the League after the conflict and beat Schalke 5-4 in the eighth finals of the German Cup. Eventually Bayern won the Bundesliga and German Cup double of that season.

Robbens face was swollen by Ribery

During the first half of Bayern Munichs Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid in April 2012, Ribery and Robben fought in the dressing room, and Ribery hit Robben in the face with a punch, resulting in redness and swelling in Robbens second half. Ribery apologized and was fined by the club, but now they have become good friends. Bayern eventually beat Real Madrid to qualify, but lost 3-4 to Chelsea in the final penalty shoot-out. In the Bundesliga and German Cup finals, Bayern lost to Dortmund, and eventually experienced a season without championship.

Jro and Rudy Conflict

Last January, Jro and Rudy clashed on the training ground because of a tackle. Rafinio, Boateng and Ribery came forward to separate them. Bayern coach Heinx immediately asked them to shake hands and make peace. Two days later Bayern beat Bremen 4-2 and J Ronaldo started with two assists. Rudy failed to play. Last season Bayern won the Bundesliga title by 19 points.

Bayern are also competing for the Bundesliga title with Dortmund this season and have reached the semi-finals in the German Cup. Hopefully this clash between Levan and Koeman will also inspire the team to win the final title. Team Daily revealed that the main reason for the conflict between Levan and Koeman was that Levan thought the other side was not focused enough and criticized severely many times, while Koeman did not agree with Levans point of view, and then they began to quarrel and fight each other.

Levan and Boateng

This is Levans third clash with his teammates in Bayern Munich. In May 2015, Levan clashed with Boateng during training. Then Coach Guardiola angrily ordered them to return to the dressing room for reflection. In the Bayern team training match last February, Levin tied his shoelaces while defending, which led to a leak and was scored by Toliso. Homeles angrily denounced Levin and even said he wanted to fan Levin. Levans wife, Anna, is a World Karate champion. Levan once joked that he was no match for his wife at all in Gary. Perhaps thats why Levan vented his anger on his teammates.

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