Duplicate 4 pre-sale 5 hours to break 40 million points a piece sold to 463 yuan

 Duplicate 4 pre-sale 5 hours to break 40 million points a piece sold to 463 yuan

At noon on April 12, a release notice officially opened the pre-sale of the top-notch superblockbuster. Pre-sale box office hit a record high, three hours after the pre-sale, has exceeded the Confederation 3 sales of a weeks pre-sale results, the total amount of pre-sale on the first day of more than 56 million.

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Wanda 300 yuan Emperors throne, from overlord clause to industry conscience

Previously, it was common for blockbuster films to be pre-sold more than 20 days in advance, while the official release order of Double Couplet 4 delayed the pre-sale of cinemas. On April 9, Wanda Guanwei released a Advance Pre-sale which read: Pre-purchase Emperor Seats at 40 in the Double Couplet! The time of the event: 00:00 on April 24: 300 yuan per person (including 200 yuan film ticket + 100 yuan sales) package meal: four sports kettles in duplex * 1 + Manwei double-sided metal key chain * + 16oz Coke + 46oz hollow potatoes!!

As soon as the news came out, the fans exploded the pot, not to mention that the IMAX of 200 yuan has been a little more expensive than usual. It is compulsory to bundle and sell food and its surroundings in a monopolized position, and it is also diss overlord clause and official scalper.

There were even 12,315 complaints from fans that night, and the feedback was that the retailers had the right to set their own prices.

Wanda Guanwei deleted the imperial throne that evening, but fans called Wanda to say that the imperial throne was sold out. The fans of the journalists began to discuss the price of another high-end cinema after the formal pre-sale with a high price of 300 yuan.

When the actual pre-sale opens, fans who buy the throne of 300 yuan can laugh. Unexpectedly, 300 yuan IMAX gold plus surrounding food has become the industry conscience.

Taking Shanghai as an example, as the Baili Palace Courtyard with advanced cinema facilities and superior geographical location, the ticket prices of several other grand curtain halls are more than 200. The price of Lcm Xuhui Plaza Store is 353 yuan, and it is almost full except for one or two rows. The most expensive ticket price of Baili Palace iapm is 463.8 yuan.

Some netizens who scrambled for tickets reflected that the price of the ticket links released at the beginning of the film was more than 300 yuan, but then the links were withdrawn, and it was already more than 400 yuan high price to go back on the shelves. But theres no need to worry about the upscale cinemas in the city centre. Film tickets soon disappear.

According to the fans who grabbed tickets on the same day, the change of ticket prices happened frequently. The first Red Star Cinema to issue tickets for the grand curtain hall was initially priced at 60 yuan at the time of the ticket opening, and then the price has been raised to 130 yuan after several price changes.

However, how to raise the price of Red Star is also a conscience. Some netizens on Weibo also exposed screenshots. The price of cinema tickets rose by 100 yuan in less than an hour.

The most exaggerated thing is that shortly after the invoice was issued, Shanghais Erdong International Film City shocked 1000 yuan tickets, and sold most of them, which is amazing.

But that afternoon, the cinema issued a statement saying it was a system failure. After that, the ticket price of the cinema was restored to 64 yuan. It is also the conscientious choice of the grand curtain.

Before the formal invoicing, the boiling Wanda invoicing is relatively late. After the release of invoicing information on Weibo in the evening, the huge traffic paralysed Wandas app. Fans who waited for a day complained and Xiaobian tried to apologize on Weibo.

Xu refers to the pricing situation of various cinemas in the afternoon. Wanda has increased the 200 yuan IMAX ticket he said at the beginning, reaching 293 yuan in Wujiaochang, 213 yuan in Longsheng, 263 yuan in Songjiang and 273 yuan in Zhou Pu.

Manwei fans pursue a sense of ritual, and zero points become just needed in the world

A staff member engaged in the management of the cinema line told Pengchao journalists that there was only a minimum standard for the pricing of film tickets, but no upper limit. Cinemas can be priced according to what they think is the market. And the studio staff revealed that at the beginning of the film, everyone knew that they wanted to set the price higher than in previous years, because 180 minutes is equivalent to the amount of two films.

A few days ago, the guiding price of the Sichuan Film Development Alliance came out, which also proves that the price of this Double Couplet 4 is bound to be a new high.

As the number and scale of cinemas have been expanding in recent years, a business circle in a film area will often face the situation of competition among multiple cinemas. Movies are not performances, there is no uniqueness, so these years there is basically no scalpers stir-fried movie tickets. Nine years ago, Avatar was out of supply and demand, and most of the time cinemas had to compete for meager profits by keeping prices down.

Another Cinema Manager told reporters that, in fact, the daily operating pressure of the cinema is great, and the overall market is not optimistic this year, the zero-point pre-sale of the duplicate 4 has raised prices for similar reasons as the previous high prices of tickets for the Spring Festival. Zero venue has its particularity and scarcity for the crowd. Like the Spring Festival stall, no matter how much money it sells, some people see it as just needed. The daily operating pressure of the cinema is relatively high, so some cinemas are willing to strive for more achievements in this period of time. At the same time, the cinema manager also said that from the fact that most of the tickets were sold out, and even the downtown cinemas were sold out in a short time, the pricing did conform to the market law.

On the evening of April 12, many fans questioned whether the hunger marketing of Zero Point Farm was the result of scalpers. More exaggerated than the zero-point venue is the premiere ceremony, there is news that the premiere meeting of the cattle price has been speculated to 30,000 yuan.

A fan who spent a hard day brushing Manwei Powder of App, a ticketing website, had not yet waited until midnight for the pre-sale of the cinema outside his home, who had been chasing the premiere for years, told Peng Mei News that watching the zero spot was Manwei fansritual sense of pursuit. The ritual sense of the duplicate is that after 11 years and 22 films, the director brother of the duplicate League eventually completed a cosmic reversal epic with a group ofduplicate firewoodheroes (except widows). Why look at the zero field anyway? Because it must not be spoiled!

The Manwei Fan said he could understand the price increase of the cinema because he had already paid attention to the crazy pre-sale situation abroad and had corresponding psychological expectations.

Later than the two-day release of Avenger Alliance 4: The Final War in China, North American box office bookings have quickly broken the fastest record in history. According to CBSNews, the film has almost sold out all over the U.S. and fans can hardly find a good place for the first weekend. The highest New York scalper ticket on eBay was fired at $7,500. In Reno, Nevada, two tickets start at $15,000.

However, the current wave of zero-point market upsurge has also made some businesses smell the new fashion of gift giving. Maybe some tickets you did not grab are sold after hoarding.

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