Deng Yapings New Title and Huangdi Mayors Personal Appointment Letter

 Deng Yapings New Title and Huangdi Mayors Personal Appointment Letter

Olympic champion Deng Yaping has recently gained a new title.

The governor of Changan Street noted that in order to further promote and inherit Huangdi culture and enhance the image of Huangdis hometown tourism, recently, Xinzheng City formally hired Deng Yaping as the first Huangdi Cultural Promotion Ambassador for five years.

Deng Yaping was appointed Ambassador of Huangdi Culture Promotion

Ma Zhifeng, deputy secretary and mayor of Xinzheng Municipal Party Committee, issued the appointment certificate for Deng Yaping at the appointment ceremony held after the ceremony of worshipping ancestors in Huangdis hometown in 1911.

Deng Yaping, a native of Zhengzhou, Henan Province, had come to Xinzheng many times before to attend the grand ceremony of worshipping ancestors in Huangdis hometown. In her eyes, the changes of Zhengzhou and Xinzheng are earth-shaking. Today is not the same as before: It was many years ago that the first time I came to Xinzheng to attend the grand ceremony of worship ancestors. At that time, Zhengzhous development was far less mature than it is now, and its surroundings were more desolate. This time, I feel that the whole city has taken on a new look, and the feeling of traveling home warms my heart and soul.

On the eve of this years ancestor worship ceremony, Deng Yaping, together with singer Zhang Mingmin, Pingan, Olympic tennis champion Sun Tiantian and moving Chinese character Li Ling, sang songs such as I and My Motherland, My Heart of China, I Love You China in a flash way to express his respect for Huangdi, the ancestor of humanity, and his best wishes for the motherland.

Deng Yaping participated in the flash event. Tuyuan: Zheng Bao Financial Media

In the past 14 years, Deng Yaping has won 18 World Championships and is one of the most famous female players in the history of table tennis.

After retirement in 1998, Deng Yaping successively worked in the International Olympic Committee, the State General Administration of Sports, the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee and so on. She took up the post of Deputy Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League in April 2009.

In September 2010, Deng Yaping was appointed Deputy Secretary-General of Peoples Daily and resigned in June 2016. Since then, she has been engaged in sports venture capital, and devoted herself to helping retired athletes transform.

In December 2018, Deng Yaping was elected to the 13th Executive Committee of Henan Womens Federation. In addition, Deng Yaping is also a member of the 11th Executive Committee of the All-China Womens Federation and a representative of the 12th National Congress of Chinese Women.

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