The director of the Department was asked sharply by the host of the program of political enquiry, and the Secretary of the provincial Party committee named him for promotion.

 The director of the Department was asked sharply by the host of the program of political enquiry, and the Secretary of the provincial Party committee named him for promotion.

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Shandong TV Politics Inquiry Program Live Broadcast Attention (Source:)

u2014u2014 The quality and safety of agricultural products are not only produced, but also managed. Then Id like to ask the director what we can do next. Can we manage it well?

u2014u2014 Please face up to my problems. What level of neglect do you think it is?

Recently, in Shandong Radio and Television Stations Asking for Politics in Shandong program, the host asked the leading cadres of Shandong Agriculture and Rural Department, such as Li Xixin, who spoke sharply and showed no mercy, and attracted wide attention.

The governor of Changan Street noticed that this was the sixth issue of Shandong Inquiry into Politics. Yu Guoan, Vice Governor of Shandong Province, and Wang Hua, Vice Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Peoples Congress, watched it live. The supervision mechanisms such as TV politics and network politics are the focus of Shandongs Year of Work Implementation in 2019. On the first day of work after the Spring Festival, Liu Jiayi, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, called for vigorous implementation.

On the spot of the latest issue of Shandong Inquiry into Politics, the host took out a ground cage net used by fishermen in violation of regulations. As early as 2004, this kind of net has been banned as fishing gear in Shandong Province because of its small mesh and serious damage to fishery resources. In the investigation, reporters found that many fishermen in Yantai, Weihai and Qingdao are still in use.

When the host asked if he could accomplish the goal of basically eliminating marine fishing gear by 2020 according to the notice issued by the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas, Zhang Jiandong, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Areas, answered, We will strive to meet the national requirement of 2022, strive for it, strive for it.

Such a reply shocked many audiences and even the hosts were blunt about lack of confidence. Twenty political delegates at the scene raised signs one after another, and 15 of them raised the unsatisfactory sign.

After the broadcasting of the program, Shandong Agricultural and Rural Department held a conference overnight to carry out thematic deployment of rectification work. Five special working groups were set up, led by the department, and immediately went to various places for supervision and inspection. At present, 44 fishing vessels with illegal fishing gear and 9115 sets of prohibited fishing gear have been seized in 7 cities along the coast of Shandong Province.

The governor of Changan Street noticed that Shandong Inquiry into Politics was the first provincial TV program launched by Shandong Province. It was broadcasted on March 3. Every week, the provincial departments and the principal leaders of the municipalities were invited to receive live television inquiries into politics. From the second issue, two vice-provincial leaders were watching it on the spot.

The program has invited the provincial housing and construction department, transportation department, ecological environment department, education department and other principal responsible persons to accept political inquiries, exposed the hot issues of peoples livelihood, such as unregulated illegal garbage dump sites, chaotic real estate intermediaries, rural health and medical institutions failing to meet the standards, kindergartens difficult to enter kindergartens, etc. The problems thrown out on the scene are also very lively.

On March 28, in response to the difficulty of kindergartens entering kindergartens, Deng Yunfeng, director of the provincial education department, was asked, I would like to ask the director, can the administrative department not but speak from the point of sympathy for real estate developers? We dare not care, can we? Will it matter? Are there any powers in charge?

Regarding the problem of littered burial of dead pigs, the host questioned the head of Linyi Agricultural and Rural Bureau on the evening of the 4th, Do you know that villagers have dialed 12345? Do you know that there are huge piles of dead pigs here before? When did you know that? Did you just know this, or did you know it before?

In response, the head of Linyi Agricultural and Rural Bureau first said that he was very sad, and then admitted that he did not know much about the situation. It was only through the program that he learned that day that he would seriously investigate and deal with it. He immediately sent a working group to investigate and deal with it in time with the animal husbandry department.

Faced with repeated torture, some bureau-level leaders were asked to blush and some city leaders were dumb. Zhou Shandong, deputy director of the provincial housing and construction department, said frankly that the program for provincial authorities, like a big exam, made several sweats.

Politics is the means, and rectification is the purpose. On March 21, Shandong Wenzheng exposed the problems of increasing fee items during the operation and the difficulty of seeing doctors in the countryside. That night, the Provincial Health and Health Commission held a meeting overnight to implement the rectification. The next day, the director of the Provincial Health and Health Commission, Xiyan, fulfilled his promise and led a team to walk 5.3 kilometers to solve the difficult problem of seeing a doctor in Yanjiayu Village, Yiyuan.

On April 11, the supervisory team of the Provincial Department of Natural Resources rushed to Ningyang overnight to supervise and rectify the illegal production of Nanbi Stone Factory in Dongzhuang Town of Ningyang and illegal sand washing by Jianmin Steel Structure Company.

Because the night light was too dark, the supervising group decided to wait until daybreak to make a thorough arrangement of the quarrying situation in Menglin Reservoir, and then the supervising group rushed to the sand washing site reported in the program to investigate. At present, equipment produced in violation of regulations has been dismantled and seized, and operators have been summoned according to law.

The governor of Changan Street noticed that the implementation of supervision mechanisms such as TV Politics and Internet Politics is the key work of Shandongs Year of Work Implementation in 2019.

On February 11, the first day of work after the Spring Festival, Shandong Province held a mobilization Conference on taking responsibility for the work and implementing it vigorously. In his speech, Liu Jiayi, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, called for the innovation of the open supervision mechanism, the implementation of the television politics and network politics, and the public to answer questions every week.

Liu Jiayi

The meeting stressed that Shandong provincial departments and municipalities are mainly responsible for comrades. At the beginning of each year, they should make an open commitment to the society in the news media on their own work and key tasks arranged by the provinces. The key projects of provincial dispatching shall be announced quarterly in the media on progress, responsible units and responsible persons, and shall be subject to social supervision.

Just a few days ago, the Daily News reporter found that some local departments in Shandong Province were in a stealthy state of consultation telephone. First, 12345 government service hotline can not be transferred to relevant departments; second, some departments of Shandong government service network service column consultation telephone is not open or open is not standardized; third, the name of government departments is not updated in time after the institutional reform.

Following the publication of the report by Dazhong Daily on April 8, the provincial government office issued a circular on the same day, requesting prompt rectification and investigation one by one. It is imperative to improve the information of public consultation and complaint telephone (the area code should be added to the telephone) before April 10, so as to ensure standardization, unity and accuracy.

The issuance of documents does not mean the implementation of the work, and the study at the meeting does not mean that the problem has been solved. Liu Jiayi, Secretary of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee, warned leading cadres at all levels at the work mobilization conference of taking responsibility for and implementing it vigorously at the beginning of the year that they should be held accountable if they are not responsible, they should be removed if they do not take responsibility.

The host frowned! The unsatisfactory rate of deputy directors on the scene of political enquiry reached 75%.

On April 10, Qilu. com reported on April 4, the sixth issue of Shandong Inquiry into Politics. The Provincial Agricultural and Rural Department participated in the inquiry into politics. For the first time, the unsatisfactory rate of political representatives reached 75%, which was the highest since the program was broadcasted. A deputy directors reply made the host frown, and the on-site representatives raised their signs to express their dissatisfaction.