Breaking the British Royal Birth Tradition Princess Megan decided to have a baby at home

 Breaking the British Royal Birth Tradition Princess Megan decided to have a baby at home

Megan believes that receiving media photographs after hospital production is like being in a goldfish bowl with little privacy.

The Royal Family issued a statement on April 11, local time, disappointing the media that had been expecting the birth of the new baby: Princess Megan and Prince Harry decided not to make the plan public.

A statement issued by Kensington Palace said:

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very grateful to the people of Britain and the world for their friendliness as they prepare to meet their children. The two Royal Highnesses decided privately not to make the babys birth plan public. The Duke and Duchess are looking forward to sharing this exciting news with everyone once they have the opportunity to celebrate privately as a new family.

This means that the media cant take a picture of Princess Megan and Prince Harrys baby just hours after they were born.

Why does Megan not abide by the tradition of Royal birth?

As one of the oldest royal families in the world, the British royal family attracts worldwide attention every time it welcomes new members.

In recent decades, the British royal family has basically formed a convention: the new baby was born in the Lindo Wing Deluxe Birth Room of St. Marys Hospital, and a few hours later took a group photo with his parents at the hospital entrance.

Princess Kates three children, Prince Henry, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, were born in the Lindo Wing Deluxe Birth Room. Shortly after the birth of the baby, Princess Kate appeared in front of the hospital with Prince William in her arms.

To some extent, this is the tradition formed by Prince William and Prince Harrys mother Princess Diana. After giving birth to her baby in Lindo Wing in 1982 and 1984, Princess Diana took pictures with Prince Charles in the media with her baby.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles with Prince William in their arms in 1982.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles with Prince Harry in their arms in 1984.

So why didnt Princess Megan follow the tradition of giving birth to a baby in Lindo Wing and taking a picture after giving birth?

There are many doors in it.

On the one hand, Megan believes that this form of giving birth is like a goldfish bowl, with little privacy. According to the Daily Mail, Megan objected to being exposed to the media in high heels only a few hours after giving birth.

On the other hand, because Megans baby is in the seventh place in the Royal succession, there is basically no possibility of becoming a king or queen. Even Megans baby would not have the title of Your Highness. So Megan decided not to expose her baby too much to the public and wanted her / him to lead a more ordinary life.

The order of succession of the British Royal family.

How does Megan have a baby?

According to the BBC, Princess Megan is expected to give birth to her new home, Frogmore? Cottage, with Prince Harry accompanying her all the way.

In fact, although Princess Diana and Princess Kate have formed a new tradition of having babies in the Royal family, the British royal family has a longer tradition of having babies at home.

Queen Elizabeth IIs four children were born at home. Princes Charles, Andrew and Edward were born at Buckingham Palace, while Princess Anne was born at Clarence Palace, where Buckingham Palace was being repaired.

Elizabeth II, Prince Andrew and the newly born Prince Edward.

Queen Elizabeth herself and her sister Princess Margaret were also born in the Royal residence. Her father, George V, and grandmother, Queen Mary, were also born in the Royal residence.

Therefore, Princess Megan chose to have babies at home, not to break the tradition, but to follow a more ancient tradition.

What do you care about when you have a baby at home?

To a certain extent, Princess Megan is an old maternal, she is now 37 years old, and this is her first child.

However, the Daily Mail said Princess Megan was in excellent health, so she hoped to be able to give birth naturally in her private home. However, the Daily Mail quoted sources as saying that Megan and Harry had not completely ruled out hospital births, as mothers over the age of 35 might have a higher risk of giving birth.

According to Vanity Fair magazine, although Megan chose not to use the Queens medical team, on the one hand, the Queens medical team will always be ready, on the other hand, Megan also appointed his own medical team, ready for production.

In fact, with the development of society and the progress of medical treatment, fewer and fewer people choose to produce at home. In 2017, only 2.1% of mothers in Britain chose to give birth at home. However, Princess Megans choice of home births may encourage some women to choose home births.

According to the guidelines issued by the National Health Insurance Service (NHS) of the BBC, it is generally safe for low-risk mothers to produce anywhere - and mothers should be free to choose the most comfortable production environment.

A 2011 study found that first-time mothers had a higher risk of delivering at home than in hospitals, but less than 1% of babies were harmed. The second and subsequent production, at home or in the hospital, is not much different.

Sam Todd, a British expert on home-based production, said that the main advantage of home-based production is that mothers feel more comfortable, because in a familiar environment, mothers will be more relaxed and calm.

However, for those who are at risk of complications, it is more appropriate to give birth in hospitals with specialists on standby.

Source: Author of New Beijing News: Xie Lians Editor-in-Charge: Li Hang_BJS4645