Damn football! Six minutes to kill Fulishenhua

 Damn football! Six minutes to kill Fulishenhua

This campaign is not a life-and-death battle for Guangzhou Fuli, because the first four rounds did not win, only two points ranked the bottom three in the league, Coach Stoikovic also bear tremendous pressure. Zahawi took the lead in the 65th minute to help Fuli take the lead after withstanding the fierce attack of Shenhua Greenbelt for nearly half of the court. Perhaps it was too eager for three points and too conservative for Guangzhou Fuli after the lead, which made Shenhua team see the hope of leveling or even winning. In the 86th minute, Zhu Jianrong headed the ball on the edge of the restricted area, Ihalo stopped the ball and turned around, but was pushed down by Jiang Jihong behind, Shenhua players protested collectively, demanding to watch the video replay. After nearly two minutes of communication with the video assistant referee, the referee Huang Yejun watched the VAR on the spot, and then the penalty was awarded on his return. Ihalo missed a lot of chances in the whole game and hit a free throw with a score of 1:1.

However, the climax of the game did not end, the game entered the makeup phase, Ihalo had the opportunity to reverse the game and kill it. In the 91st minute, Romero opened the corner of the lunar machete on the left side to the near post, and the powerful defender rested centrally again. Ihalo may not have thought that the ball could fall so comfortably over his head, but the close header was overhead and crossed. Liang.

Again, the unexpected Guangzhou Fuli ushered in a left free kick in the 95th minute of injury recovery. Zahawi used his knife to take the penalty, the banana ball on his right foot was blocked out of the baseline, Sabas right corner served in the center of the restricted area, and Jiang Jihongs head hammer was blocked out of the baseline by the guard. At this time, the game has entered the second reading time, Fuli again served the corner to the back point on the left, Jiang Jihong headed the ball, Zhu Jianrong blocked the ball into his own goal, Guangzhou Fuli immediately won the lead by 2:1, after the goal Fuli coach Stoikovic was relieved, and even his hat was still relieved of his tremendous pressure to the sky. Due to the time has passed, after the penalty kick in the middle circle, the referee Huang Yejun blew the whistle. Guangzhou Fuli also won the damn first win of the new season after a roller coaster ride.

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