Kneeling! British Medias Alternative Blow Messi: On Beyond the Limits, hes better than the iPhone

 Kneeling! British Medias Alternative Blow Messi: On Beyond the Limits, hes better than the iPhone

On Jan. 9, 2007, Jobs announced to the world that a world-changing product had come out, and Messi was still a young man in injury. After missing the 2006 Champions League final, it was Messis second serious injury and he was suspended for three months because of a fracture of his left metatarsal. Although Jobs claimed that the iPhone would completely overthrow traditional mobile phones, his expectations for the new product were not high. He only wants 10 million units and a 1% share of the mobile phone market by the end of 2008. Of course, this goal was achieved easily. Messi has been out of injury for seven months in the first three seasons of his career, and his goal is to build momentum for explosion. In December that year, he won the Silver Globe Award, just behind Ronaldo.

After that, Messi and Apple flew like rockets at escape speed. By the end of 2012, Apple had sold more than 300 million iPhones, while Messi scored an incredible 91 goals in the year and won the Golden Globe Award for the fourth consecutive year. There always seems to be a delightful coincidence between the rise of the two: Apple accounted for 73% of the smartphone industrys revenue in 2012 and Messi scored 73 goals in the 11/12 season. When the front-end camera was implanted into the iPhone in 2010, Messi was also in the position of a pseudo-center, making goals as simple and direct as assists.

Messi will never score 73 goals as he did in the 11/12 season, but he can maintain a high level of performance for a long time, thanks to his fine-tuning. More than a decade after entering their respective markets, both the iPhone and Messi have left an indelible legacy, more like an evolution than a revolution. Messi is about to turn 32, but there is no sign that his era is over. He has no season 15 syndrome. He has no need to move back or simply retire to other leagues.

After nearly 900 appearances for clubs and national teams, Messi slowed down his pace to reduce physical wastage. In the past five years, Messi has run about a mile less per game than his age group. Although he continues to be productive, it is likely that this practice will not be recognized in high-intensity leagues. But for the latest version of Messi, it would make his internal operating system work better. His running is amazing. His pace is between pacing and sliding. Twelve years ago, Messi scored five goals in half-court against Getafe, and now Manchester United have met a more calculated version of Messi in 2019.

In 2017, Apple began to work hard to open up new frontiers, while Messi has been working hard in some area. Messi has scored seven free kicks this season to equalize his personal record and has a good chance of setting a new record. Messi has scored three consecutive free kicks in the past three seasons. In the last five seasons, he has scored 20 free kicks. The closest to him was Pianic, who scored only 11 free kicks.

On the other hand, Messis style has changed obviously. In recent years, his tape has declined. Messi averaged 19% less dribbling this season than in 2009. But Messis threat at long range has increased dramatically, and his long range shooting has reached a career high. His transformation has also led to new developments in Barcelona. The number of successful passes by the full captain has increased by 69% and scoring opportunities have increased by 27%.

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Catholic Pope: Messi is excellent, but dont call him God. Thats blasphemy.

Messiah: The long-legged hare is playing countless sloths. Hes Chaplin!

Lets ignore the cold data for the time being. We thought Messi had reached his peak, but 15 years later, even the Pope warned us that Messi is not God, but he is excellent. Messi completed his 51st career hat-trick against Betis last month. He first scored a free kick, then threw open three players and scored twice. Finally, he rubbed the door and put on his hat. Teammates were shocked, and fans worshipped him.

In contrast to the smartphone market, will users remain enthusiastic for a long time? Ownership of mobile phones in Europe and the United States has stagnated, and people are increasingly reluctant to update mobile phones. Despite new products coming on the market every year, iPhone users who used to replace their phones every 18 months now prefer not to change their phones for three years.

Ronaldo has a similar appeal, like Samsungs Galaxy series. But other low-priced but equally advanced brands are also attracting users of the iPhone. Huawei and other brands continue to pose a threat to Apples position in the industry, which is more serious than the weakening of Messis position when Modric won the Golden Globe Award.

Mobile phone screens are getting bigger and clearer, and batteries are becoming more durable. Mobile phone users are waiting patiently for the next wave of life-changing upgrades, just as Mbappe is showing the strength of the next generation of Kings. Meanwhile, Messi updated her software. Since 2012, Messi is expected to reach the peak of 1 goal per game again this season. For the first time, the iPhone does not disclose sales. Compared with the iPhone, Messi, who is immortal when she challenges her limits, looks more like a miracle.

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