Too tough! Soxhlet wont let Bergba go to Real Madrid: Hes been working hard.

 Too tough! Soxhlet wont let Bergba go to Real Madrid: Hes been working hard.

Recently, there has been a lot of rumors about Real Madrid buying Bogba. Bogba himself is also a spring heart. But Solskjaer will never let his ace leave the team. He is ready to play with Real Madrids PK: There will be a war this summer. You never know what will happen in the future. However, through my conversation with Bogba, I found that his attitude was positive. I dont see any changes in him recently. Hes still focused on his performance. Hes a confident player and he always goes all out.

He did his best in the midweek Champions League. He never ran as much as he did that night. This is very positive. His efforts and his attitude are obvious to all. Solskjaer said. However, the data show that Bogbas recent situation has shown a significant downward trend. After coaching Manchester United, Bergba scored eight assists in the first 10 matches, five assists in the last 10 matches, while in the last 10 matches, his number was 0 goals and one assists. It is believed that Real Madrids transfer rumors distracted Bergba.

Insiders at Manchester United Club said: You can see the difference between Bogba and Real Madrid before and after the scandal. Hes not as focused as he used to be. It has been reported that if Manchester United fail to qualify for the Champions League this season, Bogba will leave this summer. But Manchester United is a centuries-old club with a long history. The top management and the coaching staff will never allow players to override the club. So Bogba really has to weigh his choices. Four years ago, De Gea, who left the team, was strongly suppressed and was unable to play. Finally, he had to bow his head and resume playing for about four years.

United have lost four of their last five games. In this tournament, Manchester United will play West Ham at home. The Hammers beat Manchester United 3-1 for the first time this season. If they lose again in this round, Sohos team will have the worst record of six consecutive games in 27 years for Manchester United. In December 2015, Manchester United also lost four games in five games, when the manager was Van Gaal. However, they did not continue to lose in Game 6. In 1992, Fergusons Manchester United lost five of their six games, a dark period for United.

The successive defeats also showed Solskjaer the shortcomings of the teams lineup. He has decided to make a big change in the squad this summer, when someone will come and someone will go. I know, its not going to be smooth sailing, its very difficult. But thats impossible. The fittest survive and the best players stay. Next, we can only do something relentlessly.

We need some players who can lead the team forward. This is the culture of the teams dressing room. At present, Liverpool and Manchester City are better than us, leading us by a large margin. This week, we played Barcelona again, they represent the highest level in Europe. This summer, we have to make some painful decisions. Solskjaer emphasized.

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