Tonight, Juve won the championship six times ahead of time with a point! Countdown to Ronaldos Miracle

 Tonight, Juve won the championship six times ahead of time with a point! Countdown to Ronaldos Miracle

At present, Juve are 27 wins, 3 draws, 1 minus 84 points, leading the Serie A scoreboard, 20 points ahead of Napoli, the second place, and Juve in the League home 3-1 away 2-1 victory over Napoli twice. Juve only need to get one point in this round, even if Napoli wins Juve 18 points ahead, and the direct confrontation between the two teams is superior, which can ensure the championship ahead of time and create the great cause of the eighth consecutive championship in Serie A.

At present, in the five major European leagues, the competition between Liverpool and Manchester City in the Premier League is very fierce. At present, there is only two points gap between the two teams. Bayern Munich and Dortmund, the top two in the Bundesliga, are only one point behind, and championship ownership is equally unpredictable. La Liga leader Barcelona is 11 points ahead of the second-place Atletico Madrid, but they still havent secured the championship ahead of time. Only the French championship is basically certain, Paris Saint Germain 81 points ahead of the second Lille 20 points, the same round of victory can be won ahead of schedule. But the match in Paris will take place early Monday morning, so Juve can be the first champion team in the five leagues with only one point.

Now the Serie A championship is in Juves pocket, and the teams more important goal is to play well in next weeks Champions League quarter-finals against Ajax and continue to hit the Champions League. Therefore, in this round of Serie A League Juventus coach Alegri is ready to let Ronaldo and many other main players take turns, and in the competition list to call in a number of young players. It is worth mentioning that if Juve win tonight, Ronaldo will add another Italian championship trophy after the Premier League and Spanish League champions.

At the pre-match press conference, Allegri said, Ronaldo will definitely not participate in this game. He has reached the limit and it is meaningless for him to risk participating. I believe that many players will rest, even stay at home in Turin, and there are many players who need to play, especially some young players. Keane will start, Palin will start and Quadrado will play. Lugani did well, Bonucci could rest, Douglas Costa had some pain in his calf. Manjukics way of playing is exhausting. Lets not forget that the players who participated in the World Cup finals have a greater burden, such as him and Matouidi. One of Nicolusi and Corolo will start this game.

Juventus fans are already looking forward to the celebrations, but Allegri has pointed out that even if Juventus won the championship ahead of schedule, it will not be celebrated immediately after the match. The Serie A championship is the result of a seasons hard work and a great honor. This is the fifth consecutive Serie A Championship I won at Juventus and the eighth consecutive championship of the team. We will celebrate the championship, but the celebration will be held after Juves Champions League match against Ajax.

Competition list: goalkeepers: Szczesny, Palin, Pinsolio guards: De Silio, Sandro, Balzali, Bonucci, Cancelo, Spinazola, Corolo, Gozi midfielders: Hedila, Bentankul, Castanos, Nicolusi forward: Dibala, Quadrado, Keane, Bernardski, Mavididi. The editor: Liu Dang_NS4812

Competition list:

Goalkeepers: Szczesny, Palin, Pinsolio

Guards: De Silio, Sandro, Balzali, Bonucci, Cancelo, Spinazola, Corolo, Gozi

Midfielders: Hedila, Bentankul, Castanos, Nicolusi

Forward: Dibala, Quadrado, Keane, Bernardsky, Mavididi