Liu Qiangdongs circle of friends responded to 996: Daytime fools are not my brothers

 Liu Qiangdongs circle of friends responded to 996: Daytime fools are not my brothers

Netease Technologies News April 12, Liu Qiangdong in the Wechat Friends circle this afternoon to respond to recent Beijing East layoffs, executives, earthquake and 996 rumors. He said that Jingdong would never force employees to work 995 or 996 (Editors Note: 9 a.m. - 9 p.m., five to six days a week). But everyone in Jingdong must have the spirit of struggle! And he said, Those who fool around are not my brothers! I am responsible for the 180,000 families behind the 180,000 brothers, or I have no choice but to leave behind the 1% of the people who fool around! __________

Liu Qiangdong also disclosed his work intensity. With my physique, 8116 + 8, Monday to Saturday, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., 8 hours on Sunday, two days off a month, no problem at all!

Recently, Jingdong is in the midst of a storm. Executives leave their jobs, companies lay off employees, and couriersbase salaries are cancelled. The Internet giant is at the center of the optimization storm.

Lost three CXOs in two months

On April 4, Beijing East officially confirmed the resignation of Lanye, the groups executive vice president and CPO (Chief Public Affairs Officer). Including Lanye, Jingdong lost three CXOs in two months: on March 19, Longyu resigned as CLO (Chief Legal Officer); on March 15, Zhang Chen stepped down as CTO (Chief Technical Officer) and served as Group Consultant since June 30.

In February this year, Jingdong announced at the groups annual meeting that it would implement the elimination of 10% of senior executives above the vice president level by the end of 2019. Beijing East did not respond positively to whether the top Executivesresignation was related to the last elimination, but stressed in the resignation announcement that the reasons for the three CXOs resignation were personal and family reasons.

Cancel the base salary of courier

On April 7, some netizens reported that Jingdong would cancel the base salary of its couriers and increase the courier receipt task. The package would be included in the performance, directly affecting the salary income. In addition, netizens have reported that Jingdong will also reduce the provident fund coefficient of couriers, from 12% to 7%, down by 5%.

In response, Jingdong Logistics will cancel the base salary of express delivery staff, saying that the original salary structure has not adapted to the new model and can not provide enough incentives for employees with excellent performance; at the same time, the deposit ratio of Jingdong Logistics staff provident fund is still above the industrys median level.

Jingdong says it will resolutely eliminate three types of people

Some time ago, media reports said that employees in Jingdong had disclosed information on their pulse, saying that Jingdong had issued internal mail, demanding resolute elimination of three types of people: 1. people who can not fight; 2. people with poor performance; 3. people with low performance-price ratio. This mail, a lot of netizens Tucao.

Since then, Jingdong responded that this is a one-sided interpretation: Jingdong advocates entrepreneurship and fighting spirit, hoping to create a fair and hard-working environment rather than living on various excuses, is responsible for most hard-working employees.

Ma Yunyi

Among the Internet moguls, Liu Qiangdong not only responded to the 996 question, but Ma Yun also expressed his views on the 996 working system in Alis internal communication activities and micro-blog.

Recently, Ma Yun talked about in Alis internal exchange activities that it is a great blessing to be able to do 996. Many companies and many people think 996 has no chance. Today, BAT companies in China are able to make 996. I think its a good reward for those of us. Ma Yun said: In this world, every one of us hopes to succeed, to have a good life and to be respected. I would like to ask you, how can you achieve the success you want without the efforts and time to surpass others?

On the evening of April 12, Ma Yun repeated his voice on Weibo, not defending 996, but paying tribute to the strugglers. Ma Yun said that any company should not, nor can it force employees 996; Alibaba has always advocated, serious life, happy work! But young people themselves should understand that happiness is a struggle! No defense for 996, but salute the strugglers!

Source: Responsible Editor of Netease Science and Technology Report: Qiao Junyi_NBJ11279