Mobais Metro accelerated part of the bicycle can only be unlocked by Metro APP scanner

 Mobais Metro accelerated part of the bicycle can only be unlocked by Metro APP scanner

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Following the sharing of Mobai data, the change of the name Mobai Bicycle to Mobai Bicycle seems to be a step closer. AI Finance and Economics Agency recently found that there have been Mobai bicycles marked as American App Sweeping Code on the streets of Beijing.

AI Finance and Economics found that the bicycle marked American App Scanning Code could not be opened by using Mobi App Scanning Code, and the page would suggest that this car is exclusive for American App, please use the latest version of American App unlock.

AI Finance and Economics Agency verified the appearance of the Corporate Exclusive Vehicle which may be a transitional move to change the name of Mobais bicycle to Associates bicycle. As of now, no response has been received to the manuscript.

On January 23 this year, Wang Huiwen, co-founder and senior vice president of the group, disclosed in an internal letter that the Mobye bicycle will be fully integrated into the group App. In the future, the Mobye bicycle will be renamed the group bicycle, and the group App will become the only entrance in China. Subsequently, the bicycle ride function was launched in the app. Users can open the app, click on the top right corner +, select sweep or ride a bicycle, and then use the Mobye bicycle service.

AI Finance and Economics opened the AP App at the same location to enter the cycling function. It found that the number of bicycles displayed on its map page was only 10, while the number of bicycles displayed by Moby bicycle was more than 20. From this point of view, at present only part of the Moby bicycle data has been accessed into the Mission APP.

On April 4, last year, the Mobay bicycle, which was acquired by the American Regiment, was fully integrated into the American Regiment on January 23, after nine months of independent operation.

Mobais All-round Beautification Group

Access to the group was only the first step, followed by Mobys bicycle to move the office to the headquarters of the group.

Manning International Center, located in the North Third Ring of Beijing, used to be the headquarters of Mobai bicycle. In early 2017, Mobai bicycle relocated its office from the 768 Wenchuang Park on College Road, Haidian District, Beijing.

To the west of Manning International Centers office, there is a large terrace, which is impressive because of its unique ship deck design, where a trampoline was once placed. Trampoline is Hu Weiweis favorite sport. On April 2, 2018, on the day the American Troupe completed its acquisition of Mobai, it was rumored that Hu Weiwei jumped on the trampoline for a long time.

Trampoline on the terrace is not only for Hu Weiwei, but also for employees who are sometimes tired and tired. Nowadays, with Mobais office relocated to Wangjing International R&D Park, the headquarters of the American League, the place where trampoline was placed before has been empty.

On February 23, 2019, after the departmental gathering, a Mobai employee exposed a picture of Manning International Center in a circle of friends, leaving a comment on those hidden love, time knows.

Nowadays, although Mobai has moved away, the huge orange LOGO of Mobai has not been evacuated before the Manning International Center. The Mobai bicycle parking point in the yard is occupied by two express tricycles. Looking through the glass wall to the office, tables and chairs are still neatly arranged, and pictures of bicycle history are still hanging on the wall. It doesnt look like moving, but rather like a long vacation for Mobai employees.

Mobai employees are more likely to say goodbye to the Mobai brand than to move away from Manning International Center. Although at the beginning of the acquisition, Wang promised that the Mobay bicycle team would operate independently, the company would not tolerate the continued loss of bicycle business to drag down its financial results.

Forced contraction of international business

In the year of being acquired by the American Regiment, Mobai bicycle appeared very quiet. Previous plans for sharing electric bicycles and cars have seen progress, and international business is shrinking.

On the first anniversary of its acquisition by the American Regiment, Mobys bicycle business in the European market has entered the final stage of sale. Although the deal to buy Mobay has not yet been completed, the deal is expected to bring the valuation of its European business to around $100 million.

The sale of Mobays international business is a foreboding event, mainly because it is not in synergy with the companys localization strategy. In December 2018, the Financial Times pointed out that Mobai wanted to divest its European subsidiary, valued at $100 million. A person familiar with the matter said, The company has no form of international sector and may not want it. When it acquired Mobai, it also acquired its international subsidiary.

According to foreign media reports, Mobay sells its European business because the delegation commented on its desire to sell or close international assets acquired by Mobay bicycles, focusing on the Chinese market.

A month ago, Moby Bicycle had decided to quit Singapore. It is noteworthy that Singapore is not only the first stop for Mobais bicycles to go to sea, but also its largest overseas market. Since entering Singapore on March 21, 2017, Mobai has put in about 12,000 bicycles. However, on March 13 this year, the Singapore Land Traffic Authority confirmed that Mobay had applied to revoke its shared bicycle license in Singapore and officially withdraw from the Singapore market.

The withdrawal from Singapore is only one step in the contraction of Mobays overseas bicycle business. As of April 30, 2018, Mobay had over 232 million registered users and 6.2 million bicycles in 200 cities around the world, of which the Asia-Pacific region was an important region for its overseas expansion, according to the companys prospectus. In March this year, Mobay Bicycle said it would close some of its operations in Asian countries and continue to evaluate its operations in other countries. Businesses that do not meet its operational efficiency objectives will continue to close or optimize its operations through strategic cooperation.

Regarding the reorganization of Mobays overseas business, the company disclosed it in its latest quarterly financial report. The results show that in 2019, the company will sell or abandon Mobil Bicycle overseas business. This part of assets and liabilities has been reclassified as holding assets for sale and liabilities directly related to holding assets for sale. It is reported that the allowance for impairment and restructuring expenditure of Mobais restructuring plan is 359 million yuan.

For the delegation, the Mobai bicycle is the key link to make up for the travel sector and form a closed loop through eating, drinking, living and traveling. Access to Mobai conforms to the complete ecological layout. At present, the hope of the loss-making company is not to expand, but to improve its operational efficiency and cope with its competitors in the local life service market.

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