Europa League-William Frame + Assist Alonso Header to Kill Chelsea 1-0

 Europa League-William Frame + Assist Alonso Header to Kill Chelsea 1-0

Chelsea and Prague Slavia have never played in Europe before. Compared with last weekends match, Sali made several positions rotation, Christensens starting partner Ludig, Alonso returned to injury. Midfielder Buckley, Kovacic partner Josgno, forward Girou replaced Iguain, William and Pedro assisted, Azar sitting on the bench.

In the second minute, the home team crossed from the left side, and Olaynka headed a header slightly off the right post. In the 19th minute, Kufal received his teammates cross from the left and shook his head off the right post. In the twenty-first minute, a long-range shot from Sevciks forbidden area was obtained by Kappa.

In the 25th minute, the top arc of Petros forbidden area was scored to William on the left side. Outside Williams forbidden area, one foot shot the arc vigorously. The force angle of the ball was good, but it was re-ejected by the crossbeam.

In the 36th minute, if Juanio passes the ball to Buckley, Buckley points the ball to Williams feet on the left side. William passes in, the home guard takes the lead in destroying it. Chelsea and Prague Slavia crossed 0-0 in the first half.

In the 47th minute, Josnio scored on the left side of the ball and William crossed to Alonso. Alonsos small angle shot was rubbed by the home guard and held by the opposing goalkeeper. In the 58th minute, Sali replaced Pedro with Azar in an attempt to strengthen the attack.

In the 63rd minute, Azars pass was rounded off by the opposing guard. In Chelseas right corner pass, Ludig headed slightly off the goal. The 69th minute, the home team quickly counterattack. Traore drives the ball straight into the top of the arc with a strong volley and is thrown out of the bottom line by Kappa.

In the 79th minute, the ball was knocked back in the middle of the restricted area. Josnio followed up with the shot, but the ball passed to him was offside and the goal was ruled invalid.

In the 85th minute, William crossed 45 degrees on the right, Alonso scored a header in the middle of the penalty area and Chelsea scored 1-0.

Chelsea beat Prague Slavia 1-0 away with Alonsos header before the end.

Starting Line-up

Prague Slavia (4231): Coral/Kufal, Ngadungargi, Deli, Beryl/Traore, Clare/Masopost (74Hushbauer), Selfschick, Stoch (64Zmhal)/Oleinka (82Van Buren)

Chelsea (433): Capa/Aspiriquita, Ludig, Christensen, Alonso/Buckley (75Chick), Josgno, Kovacic/Pedro (58Azar), Girou, William

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