After Assanges arrest, the performance of the Australian government of his motherland was cursed.

 After Assanges arrest, the performance of the Australian government of his motherland was cursed.

The name Assange is familiar to everyone. The well-known Australian hacker and his well-known website WikiLeaks have become the eyesore of the U.S. government and the wanted target of the U.S. judiciary for continuing to reveal a large number of confidential documents of the United States, especially the Black-screen information about the U.S. involvement in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

What makes the United States even more itchy is that Snowden, who exposed the prism project that the United States secretly monitored the world and even invaded the servers of Huawei Company, a Chinese enterprise, escaped the pursuit of the United States with the help of Assanges team and successfully obtained the refuge of Russia.

As a result, Assange, who has been sheltered by the Ecuadorian government since 2012 and has been hiding in the British Embassy of Ecuador, was finally arrested under the constant coercion and lure of the US government. Yesterday, the government of Ecuador, which had sheltered Assange, was withdrawn, and the British police were invited to enter the Embassy directly, seizing the famous hacker whom the United States most wanted to punish.

At present, the U.S. government has applied to the British police for extradition. Once that happens, he will face a terrible prison disaster.

But judging from the latest developments in the incident, Assange may be doomed. Because after being abandoned by the Ecuadorian government, his native Australia quickly abandoned him.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said in an interview with the media: This is a matter for the United States, not for us in Australia. He also said that Australia would not give him any special treatment because of Assanges fame, but would only provide him with the most standard consular services.

Any Australian overseas who is in trouble with the law has to face the local judicial system, Morrison said.

Such a desperate gesture quickly attracted criticism from the Australian Prime Minister from many netizens in the country. According to an Australian media report, the comments most praised by thousands of netizens in their messages were all criticisms of Morrison.

One of the netizens who received the most praise wrote: His party will not get any special attention from me in this Australian election.

The second and third commentaries criticize: Is that how you treat an Australian citizen? A leader like you is too weak.

The fourth most praised comment came from an Indonesian netizen. He said, I am not an Australian, but I have a question that I dont understand. Your government has done its best to release nine drug traffickers in Indonesia. Why have you done nothing this time?

His comment, which directly pokes at the weakness of the Australian government, has also won the approval of many Australian netizens, saying that the foreign netizens questioning is bloody.

Among them, an Australian netizen replied, because Assange is the person to be arrested in the United States, so the Australian government ignored it. Another Australian netizen also Tucao said, drug traffickers are more respectful than those who expose the truth.

In addition, most of the other Australian netizens who also received a lot of praise were disappointed with Morrison. They believed that he had betrayed his citizens and was not fit to be prime minister. He did not have the guts of Assange. He was a walking dog of the United States and would not elect his party in the forthcoming Australian general election.

Finally, perhaps conscious of his mistake and exposing his double standards in front of the United States and other countries, Morrisons foreign minister has urgently come forward to wipe his ass, saying that the Australian government opposes the death penalty for Assange and will insist on protecting Australian citizens from the death penalty.

But everybody with eyes knows its a perfect shit. Because compared with the death penalty, the U.S. government can make Assange more difficult to punish and torture...

How does China view Assanges arrest? Lu Kang: we hope that all parties concerned can handle properly.

Spokesman Lu Kang said in response that we noticed the relevant report. We hope that all parties concerned can properly handle the problem through friendly consultation.

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