11 official seals carved by male employees of state-owned enterprises rewarded female anchors with 9 million public funds

 11 official seals carved by male employees of state-owned enterprises rewarded female anchors with 9 million public funds

On the morning of April 8, an embezzlement case was heard in public by Guiyang Intermediate Peoples Court.

An employee of a state-owned enterprise in Guiyang took over 12 million yuan of the company as his own and used it to reward female anchors, buy houses, cars and other private consumption.

Fascinated by online games, I cant control myself.

Wang Baijun is an employee of a state-owned enterprise in Baiyun District of Guiyang City. During his tenure, he was in charge of financial work.

In 2015, more than 620 million yuan of liquidity was raised from employees and their families for construction projects, which were used for self-supporting projects and affiliated projects. The fund is managed through Wangs five bank accounts.

In the management of these funds, Wang Baijun could not resist the temptation to use his skewed mind. He used his position to carve 11 official seals between 2013 and 2014 to cover the work of financial audit, financial reconciliation and so on. More than 12 million yuan will be taken as their own.

Among them, 8825400 yuan is used to recharge the online star show, 111956.66 yuan is transferred to the network hostess, and 1100182 yuan is given to relatives.

On the scene of the trial, when asked why he used the money to reward the anchor, Wang Baijun said that he was obsessed with online games and could not control himself.

In the first instance, the court sentenced Wang Baijun to 14 years and 6 monthsimprisonment and a fine of RMB 151,000 yuan for embezzlement and forgery of seals of companies and institutions.

After the first instance was pronounced, Wang Baijun refused to appeal.

More than 5 million rewarding webmasters

Guanhai Bureau noted that two months ago, the Peoples Court of Lishan District of Huaibei City also heard a similar case. The difference is that this time its a female financial reward male anchor.

Zhang Manyuan is an accountant of Longji Mountain (Nanhu) Scenic Area Management Committee of Huaibei City and Anhui Four Seasons Pomegranate Garden Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd. He watches live webcasts and often rewards handsome male anchors he appreciates.

However, Zhang Mangang had just joined the work, and his salary was not high, so he began to pay for it.

Taking advantage of his position, from May 2014 to June 2017, Zhang Man directly transferred the public funds in the companys bank account to his own and other bank accounts, with a total of 11.5808 million yuan taken as his own. Among them, 52157,700 are used to recharge live webcasting platform to reward anchors.

In addition, on March 9, 2017, Zhang Man took out 200,000 yuan of public funds and went to Wuhan to play with the anchor for a few days. Then he went to Shanghai. Before long, 200,000 yuan was spent.

In June 2017, she spent more than 600,000 yuan on a black BMW car with public funds.

Finally, the court sentenced Zhang Man to eleven yearsimprisonment for embezzlement and fined him 2.4 million yuan.

Lawyers View: It should be recovered according to law

Guanhai Jiebo interviewed lawyer Zhou Zhaocheng of a law firm in Beijing and lawyer Liu Changsong, director of Beijing Mugong Law Firm, on the embezzlement of public funds by public officials to reward the anchor. They all said that they should be recovered according to law.

Kwan Hai Jie Bureau: Why should it be recovered according to law?

Liu Changsong: Embezzlement of public funds is a criminal act. In criminal acts, the whereabouts of the stolen money can be recovered by recovering the stolen money. The act of reward, which is different from others, belongs to the act of free gains, not trading. After the loss of state-owned assets to the platform and anchor, they can be recovered through criminal means.

Zhou Zhaocheng: If the anchorman knows that the funds obtained from the embezzlement crime are rewarded and accepted, he will become an accomplice of the crime of embezzlement (or other crimes). While investigating the criminal responsibility of the anchorman, the relevant organs can recover his illegal income.

Guanhai Dissolution Bureau: How to deal with this part of buying houses and cars?

Liu Changsong: The embezzlement of public funds to buy houses and cars belongs to the transaction behavior, which can not be recovered. It can only be said that these cars and houses are the conversion form of stolen money. They should be sealed up and seized.

Guanhai Dissolution Bureau: What difficulties will we encounter in the process of recovery?

Zhou Zhaocheng: Because after the reward money goes into the live broadcasting company, as the companys business income, the company pays taxes, withdraws the provident fund, public welfare fund, and pays the relevant commission and other operating costs, there may be little left, which makes it very difficult for the company to return.

Source: Beijing Headline Responsible Editor: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675