Xian rights protection Mercedes-Benz female car owner: things have not been resolved, has been sleepless for several nights

 Xian rights protection Mercedes-Benz female car owner: things have not been resolved, has been sleepless for several nights

Graduate Beauty Buy Mercedes-Benz Oil Spill 4S Store (Source:)

In recent days, a female car owner cried in 4S shop to protect the rights of the video boom network, today (April 12) the owner of the car, Ms. W, told 1018 Shaanxi-Guangzhou journalists, Click-through volume from the initial tens of thousands, tens of thousands, to hundreds of millions now.

During the crazy video transmission period, the headlines of various media focused on these key points: 660,000 Mercedes-Benz had not yet opened oil spill; postgraduate beauty rights protection riot Mercedes-Benz 4S shop; too reasonable to be bullied; more than ten years of education has been greatly humiliated...

After watching the video, many people are asking: Why is it so difficult to buy a car to safeguard rights? Must a highly educated girl sit in the car and shout loudly, in order to have the hope of solving the problem?

Today (April 12), 1018 Shaanxi-Guangzhou journalists contacted Ms. W, the owner of the Benz oil spill incident, and expressed their views on several issues.

When you buy a new car, the engine leaks.

Question: Can you tell us the whole process from your car purchase to car trouble?

Ms. W: On March 22nd, we went to Xian Lixing Mercedes-Benz 4S shop to pay for the pick-up. The staff said that we could not pick up the car for the time being, so we had to do the new car detection (PDI).

On March 27, we went to pick up the car and went through various formalities at the same time. I repeatedly confirmed with the salesman that this car is OK. The salesman answered that there was no problem. He said there was a gas station opposite the 4S shop and suggested filling up the gas. When I got on the bus and left the door, the dashboard prompted me to fill in 1L engine oil the next time you refuel. I asked the sales what happened. The sales said it was normal. It was probably an imported car. The oil evaporated during transportation, not a big thing. Because it was already afternoon, I went to the 4S shop of the Vehicle Administration Office and got off work. The staff said that you could either drive the car directly tomorrow morning (March 28). So I drove to my apartment in the evening.

On the morning of March 28, I drove my car to 4S shop and said to refuel the oil until 12 oclock, but it was not ready yet. The staff came to me and said that the car needed cooperation from Germany to upgrade the system. They told me a lot about the complexity. They suggested that I go back and wait, saying that the car would be sent back to my home in the evening. Later, I learned that they knew that I had a car with an engine. It was a naked eye problem, but they probably wanted to appease me and say they wanted to upgrade the system.

At 3 or 4 p.m. on March 28, they called me and said they wanted to see me. When they saw me, they said that the engine of my car had leaked oil. They wanted me to allow them to take apart and develop the engine. I consulted my friend at that time. My friend thought that it was the engine imported from the original factory after all. He was afraid that they would not be allowed to take apart the engine if it was not repaired to its original state.

I then asked them a question: from March 22 to March 27, I gave them five days to test. Why didnt the engine leak be detected? The other party did not answer.

After-sales road, waiting day after day

Q: How did 4S shop negotiate with you after the oil spill was discovered?

Ms. W: At that time (March 28), my request was a refund or a change of car. Anyway, this car was not needed. They promised that the process would be longer. Let me wait for three days. At that time, sales also said that they were willing to give me some spiritual compensation.

On April 1st, I called them. They said it was troublesome to refund money. They asked me if I could change trains and give me some compensation. I think its OK. But my car has been licensed, and it will take time to change. The 4S shop staff said: Rest assured, give us three days, all of them will be ready for you.

On April 4, after the sale, I called and said, If this car changes its engine, we cant sell it, so well give you another engine, but well give you some compensation. Wait a few more days. Youll pick up the car on April 8th.

On April 8th, I called them and they said they would continue to wait. I was in a hurry before the result came. They told me that according to the three national packages, your car is to change the engine.

Its still waiting.

Q: How is this going?

Ms. W: From the beginning, after sales, after sales, manufacturers push 4S stores, such a logical circle. Up to now, Mercedes-Benz officials, including a large national chain like Lixing, have not given me any official commitment. Today, 4S stores said that they are still waiting for the factorys reply.

Faced with conspiracy theory: my grievance behind the pot

Subsequently, Ms. W searched online for the 4S Mercedes-Benz store of Xian Lixing, and found some information about other owners defending their rights in this store. Everyone defends their rights in the form of some quarrels, fights and blocking doors with cars.

On April 9, she couldnt control her mood and sat in the car of 4S shop. There were many people watching the scene and some people filming, so there was a hot video on the Internet. As for how the video was transmitted later, Ms. W had no idea.

In various media reports, it was written that Benz 4S Store, Star of Benz, said the problem had been solved, but it was not convenient to disclose the specific content of the solution. So some netizens speculated that Ms. W had negotiated with 4S Store, and this matter was over.

In response to this statement, Ms. W said: The sales manager did have a good communication with me, 4S shop said that now the final solution is still waiting for the factorys response.

After the incident spread, some netizens felt that it was a planned action, suspected of vicious competition between automobile manufacturers. To this, Ms. W said: I would like to choose the mainstream media to voice, do not let me be a good victim, and eventually become the person who planned everything. My grievance behind the pot is not unjust.

Before my birthday, I went on a hot search.

Speaking about the impact of this incident on Ms. W, she admitted that she was deeply touched: I think this is a fermentation point, maybe this thing I met is a social problem. Maybe a lot of people have experienced unequal treatment, so we all feel the same, Ms. W said.

As for the outcome of this matter, there are many speculations on the Internet. Faced with the harsh words will be bought and will be settled, Ms. W said that she would give you a confession: This matter is now to this extent, the whole network attention, not how I said to solve it, I will certainly give you a confession, I will make a resumption before and after me. Put forward some doubts. If you encounter these doubts when you buy a car in the future, give you an alarm.

I need to go back to the event itself and see some of the problems behind it. How many people have suffered a loss in buying a car? Are they required to publicize their processes? Cars are now a common means of passage. Is our industry mature? What are its rules? What money did we pay and what was the use of this money?

If I dont talk, dont people who have the same experience as me do not talk? Everyone keeps silent. Isnt there anything like that next time? Nothing has changed in this matter. What do we need to do with reading?

Ms. W told reporters that tomorrow (April 13) she will have her birthday. She bought this car for her 30th birthday.

I hope it doesnt happen. I just want to have my own car and have a good birthday. But now the family knows, Im on the hot search.

Mercedes-Benz 4S Store Denies Quality Problems in Vehicles Before Sale

According to Shaanxi TV News: Xian Market Regulatory Bureau High-tech Branch said in an interview with the media that yesterday (April 11) afternoon, the industry and Commerce in the jurisdiction had made contact with the owner concerned. It was determined that the owner bought an imported Mercedes-Benz CLS 300 sports car on March 27. The price of the bare car was more than 580,000, and the loan handling fee and other expenses totaled about 660,000. The process of discovering the fault is that the car returned to its home in Qujiang from 4S shop on the same day. After driving a total distance of about 10 kilometers, it was found that the oil fault lamp of the dashboard of the car was on. At present, the Xian Market Regulatory Bureau has set up a joint investigation team composed of industry and commerce, quality supervision and price departments. It is investigating whether the vehicle has quality problems before sale.

As for the above report and the matter, Ms. W felt that there were several points that did not correspond to the facts. She raised a few questions (according to Ms. Ws dictation):

1. Why is the oil lamp problem first discovered when driving defined as driving 10 kilometers? How is this 10 km defined?

2. Up to now, Ms. W has not received any reply from the Mercedes-Benz official. Tonight, Ms. W made several calls to each other and were hung up.

Third, there are media reports: 4S shop and Ms. W reached friendly consultations, which Ms. W denied.

4. Media reports: Mercedes-Benz has refunded Ms. W, which Ms. W denies.

Mercedes-Benz Women Car OwnersRights Defense: 4S Stores Say Cars Are OK in Xian Three Departments Investigation

At present, the Xian Market Regulatory Bureau has set up a joint investigation team composed of industry and commerce, quality supervision and price departments. It is investigating whether the vehicle has quality problems before sale. Once the final results of the survey are available, they will be made public to the society and the media as soon as possible.

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