Japanese Mens Overbearing Education of Maritime Traffic Police Crossing the Road: This wasnt 100 years ago

 Japanese Mens Overbearing Education of Maritime Traffic Police Crossing the Road: This wasnt 100 years ago

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Shanghai Traffic Police Educate Japanese Men: This wasnt 100 years ago (Source:)

A video of Shanghai traffic policemen denouncing Japanese men for violating regulations spread quickly in the social media on December 12.

Video captions show a Japanese man crossing the street in Shanghai on April 7, disobeying traffic regulations. The policeman on duty handled it in accordance with laws and regulations. The man collided on the spot and the policeman immediately asked for an apology.

For the tough attitude of the police, the man smiled hilariously and refused to respond to the traffic policemans requests many times on the grounds of poor language and embassy.

However, no matter how Japanese men react, the police in the video have been repeating a sentence: Please apologize!

The policeman said, Hello. I dont care what you say about the Japanese Embassy or something like that. I just take off my skin (uniform). Let me tell you the truth: you must apologize to me today too! The Japanese Embassy cant hold me down. The Japanese Embassy cant hold me down. Please apologize! Apologize to Chinese law!

Dont give me a hippie smile. Tell you again, its not Japan, continued the policeman. Apologize to Chinese law. Apologize to Chinese law! Again, this is not 100 years ago! The crowd also shouted: Apologize quickly!

As soon as the video was sent out, it was quickly forwarded and watched by netizens, and the praise of the police in the commentary area was endless.

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