Female Master Climbing Luxury Car Crying Consumer Rights can only be a big deal?

 Female Master Climbing Luxury Car Crying Consumer Rights can only be a big deal?

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Graduate Beauty Buy Mercedes-Benz Oil Spill 4S Store (Source:)

Only when the 4S stores of fraudsters are afraid of the sanctions and effective supervision from the law, rather than the public outrage, will the vulnerability of consumers be completely changed.

Recently, a group of videos have been circulating on the Internet. A woman sitting cross-legged on the hood of a Mercedes-Benz car is crying excitedly to the staff of 4S shop about her bad experience of buying a car. Women claim to be graduate students, the down payment of 200,000 Mercedes-Benz cars, has not opened a 4S shop, the engine leaks, after many communications, 4S shop only agreed to replace the engine, can not change, return, has been perfunctory, so there is a big noise 4S shop this out. The incident quickly triggered a heated discussion on the Internet.

At present, Xian Lixing Mercedes-Benz 4S shop customer service staff said that the problem has been solved, company leaders have communicated with customers, customers are now very satisfied.

Theres a controversial slogan in the banking industry called No responsibility for leaving the counter. The move involving 4S stores can also be called no responsibility for leaving the store, no responsibility for the same. The reason why the 4S shop concerned emphasized is that since the car has been sold, the engine can only be replaced according to the three-pack car policy. Even if the car does not leave the shop, it should also be the loss of consumers.

However, the Regulations on Responsibility for Repair, Replacement and Return of Household Automobile Products states that consumers may choose to replace or return home automobile products free of charge if fuel leakage occurs within 60 days from the date of issuing the purchase invoice or within 3000 kilometers of driving distance (whichever comes first). From this point of view, the requirement to return or change is the consumers right.

Relevant laws and national three-package regulations have clearly arranged the rights and interests of consumers, but in reality it has been greatly discounted by 4S stores. After many unsuccessful negotiations, Xians female master can only be forced to climb on the Mercedes-Benz, which is what we saw.

And her cries on the bonnet of Mercedes-Benz -- Im a cultural educated person, I graduated from graduate school, but this has humiliated my education for more than ten years, and Im just too reasonable -- show the vulnerable mentality of consumers vividly and vividly. That is to say, no matter how much education you receive, whether you are urban white-collar or urban middle-class, in front of I am going to cheat the big store, personal strength becomes worthless.

Customers are God? NO? WAY! Unless you climb into the car in the hall and cry with your nose and tears. Is that enough? Of course not enough. Somebody has to spread your so-called disgrace to the whole cyber world.

When the 4S stores involved are facing the public indignation instead of reasoning from the consumers themselves, it is the result that the company leaders have communicated with the customers and the customers are satisfied now.

Behind the womens masters car crying and defending rights, it is obvious that the shopkeepers hegemony, strength, irrationality and the individual weakness, helplessness and helplessness of consumers are exposed. This can hit peoples pain point in the first time, and even cause public indignation against the shopkeepers involved.

But in fact, such a situation is not uncommon in our life. Clearly, consumersrights and interests have been infringed, but they are limited by the extremely high cost of safeguarding their rights and interests can not be claimed. The female master who crawls on Mercedes-Benz and cries is not the first one, nor the last one.

Fake compensation, three-pack refund and other provisions are the rights of consumers granted by law, which should not be discounted in reality, let alone wait for female consumers to climb on the hood to achieve.

In this regard, only when the 4S stores of fraudsters are afraid of the sanctions and effective supervision from the law, rather than the public outrage, can the rights and interests of consumers be truly realized. This depends on the law when it should start, but also on the support of the market regulatory authorities.

Mercedes-Benz Women Car OwnersRights Defense: 4S Stores Say Cars Are OK in Xian Three Departments Investigation

At present, the Xian Market Regulatory Bureau has set up a joint investigation team composed of industry and commerce, quality supervision and price departments. It is investigating whether the vehicle has quality problems before sale. Once the final results of the survey are available, they will be made public to the society and the media as soon as possible.

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