Henderry raged at Visual China: Dont face but dont make money with my face

 Henderry raged at Visual China: Dont face but dont make money with my face

The storm of public opinion caused by the copyright issue of the first black hole photograph of human beings is continuing, while visual China is in the eye of the storm. After being named and questioned by the Communist Youth League Central Committee and major enterprises one after another, the act of safeguarding rights in visual China has also attracted the attention of foreign celebrities.

On the evening of April 12, Stephen Hendley, a legendary figure in the British billiards industry, who is known as the emperor of billiards, wrote angrily on Weibo to see China: You dont have to face, but dont make money with my face. Henry also @Visual China and said he wanted to sue the other side.

Henry posted a set of evidence that his personal photos were posted on the Visual China website.

According to voice-over reports from sports circles, Hendry is currently engaged in the global promotion of Chinese billiards and often comes to China to participate in Chinese billiards competitions. His brokerage company is Qinhuangdao Qiaos Biliards Promotion Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Qiaos), which mainly operates the International Master Competition of Chinese billiards.

In June last year, Joe received a communication letter from Visual China on copyright matters, stating that his official Wechat used copyright pictures of the latter, which enjoy copyright-related rights, and would file a lawsuit if he abandoned negotiations. After receiving the letter, Qiao immediately sent the designated legal company, Hebei Langtuo Law Firm, to contact the visual Chinese staff, and was told: either pay to become a visual Chinese partner to fill the fee of infringement photos, and then buy the photos of his website at the membership price; or pay the fee of infringement photos at the price of nearly 10,000 yuan each, or prosecute for infringement. Ren.

When looking at the so-called infringement photos, Hebei Langtu Law Firm found that there are more than 100 portraits on the Visual China website that use the image rights of Joes signing star Henderry, Joes chairman Qiao Bing and the players who run the competition. Many so-called infringement photos originate from this. In this regard, visual Chinese workers said that they did not violate any right to portrait.

Article 100 of the General Principles of Civil Law stipulates that citizens enjoy the right to portrait and may not use their portraits for profit without their consent.

Also on the evening of the 12th, Pan Shiyi, chairman of SOHO China, wrote on Weibo that he had received a call from Visual China in 2017, pointing out that the photos of Wangjing SOHO were infringed!

Pan Shiyi said in his article: Wangjing SOHO was built by us, and the photographer was invited by us. How could it be infringed upon? We told the results of the survey to Visual China, and there was no further information.

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