In 2005, Zhan Huang missed the playoffs last time. What was the NBA like then?

 In 2005, Zhan Huang missed the playoffs last time. What was the NBA like then?

Vince Carter was injured less than five minutes before the game started and limped back to the dressing room. Everyones heart tightened, but he insisted on returning. The Nets were 11 points behind the Green Army in the second half, but Carter cut 24 points in the second half and scored 37 points in the whole court, leading the team to complete the reversal.

Over there, LeBron James, less than 21, scored 27 points, 14 rebounds and 14 assists against the Raptors, the fourth triple-double in his regular season career.

Chris Bosh, who is not yet familiar with him, scored 11 points and 5 rebounds in 4 of 9 shots. The 33-win Raptors went straight to the lottery, and he was very miserable: Im really tired of losing. Its incredible. Its a test for me.

Both the Nets and the Cavaliers won and won the same game, but because the Nets won 3-1, the Cavaliers had to accept the fate of being eliminated.

The Green Army is a playoff team, but Paul Pierce has no stars around him. They were beaten in the third quarter by a wave of 8-32 crashes, which killed LeBrons playoff hopes by losing.

I really did my best. We needed more help, but we didnt get it, LeBron said.

Last season, he won the best Rookie Award and made a good start for his career. This season he wanted to go up to a higher level, but his record was not enough. The last time he played Raptors, he scored 56 points, failed to lead the team to win, and suffered three consecutive defeats. The next day after losing, the Cavaliers fired Coach Paul Silas.

LeBron criticized on the day he missed the playoffs: We missed a lot of chances to win on the court, and there was a lot of confusion off the court. If you dont play in the right way, thats what happens.

On the same day that the Cavaliers were eliminated, the Heat won 59, laughing proudly at the top of the Eastern Conference. For health care, Wade and ONeill were both DNP, sitting on the bench watching Steve Francis score 21 points and lose.

At that time, Wade was very happy. Without a tattoo, he could embrace a city with his arms open. The future is bright and the champion is in sight.

Pierce was in the playoffs. But he did not expect that a year later, he would repeat Kobes fate in 2005: he played his best career, but the team went straight to the lottery. He also did not expect that on the last day of the regular season in 2019, Wades last battle in his career, he would be the target of ridicule by fans all over the United States.

Can teammates with Shaq LeBron win more championships? Wade won three pairs in the last battle. Wheres Pierce? 0+0+0. In 2017, Drummond Green mocked him like this: Do you think you are Kobe Bryant and have a retirement tour?

He won the 17th championship for the Green Army in a wheelchair, but like Thomas, who succeeded him as the soul of the Green Army, loyalty lost to business.

Also on that day in 2005, the Lakers lost to 26-win pioneers, with a record of 34-48.

It was the first time in Kobe Bryants career that he missed the playoffs, and the fifth time in the Lakers57-year history that he missed the playoffs. He scored 37 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists and 21 free throws in 10 of 20 shots, but he was still unable to return.

No one sympathized with him. After the Eagle County incident, Tom Janovic resigned mid-season for health reasons and sat down with Phil Jacksons criticism that he was not coachable. He wasnt selected as the best defensive team, and the best team was only in the third team. Looking at Chris Mihm and Bryant Cook around him, he continued to sink and crush his teeth.

New people laugh, old people cry. With Wades ONeill, you dont, I dont, throw off the Lakersinfighting mess and irreconcilable contradictions with Kobe Bryant, and gamble eastward. A year later, he grabbed the FMVP trophy from David Stern and handed it to Wade with a pleasant smile. No one knew how he felt.

He took the opportunity to throw Bryant in the hole until the summer of 2008, when he saw Bryant beaten by Pierce in the Finals, he was still eating hot pot and singing, Youre nothing without me. Taste my ass.

How many championships will the OK team win if they take a step back and if the Lakers succeed in handing over their leadership scepter?

As ONeill squandered the few remaining peaks, Bryant changed his jersey number and turned on the 666 Devil Training Method, scoring 700-1000 goals a day to gain strength and weight. He has no teammates to rely on, only himself.

So there are three quarters 62 points, a single 81 points, four consecutive 50 +, and Mamba spirit. He must report, Penkar-Malone, Penglai-Allen, Penglai reporters, Penglai teammates, alone in the face of ONeills provocation, only silence.

It wasnt until 2009 and 2010 that Bryant finally responded. My ring is one more than you at last.

When Kobe Bryant won the last battle of his career and dragged the Lakers to the 17th victory, ONeill watched him in the presence of emotions hidden in his eyes. I gave him the ability to get 50 points, and the grandson got 60 points.

But in 2005, they were firm and did not regret it.

When Bryant fell to the bottom, there were more unexpected new kings in the West. Steve Nash, who joined the league with Kobe in the same year, spent eight years in dormancy, thinking that he could stay with his confidant Dirk Nowitzki and be a second-tier All-Star to set off his teammates, even the second or third-tier of the Dallas Big Three. But at the age of 30, Cuban thought he was not even second-tier and gave him up.

As a result, 2005 became a great ordeal for Cuban (not the most ordeal, because he suffered in 2006 and 2007). Nash, who was abandoned by him, scored 110.4 points per game with the Sun and won the best 62 wins in team history. He jumped from second-tier All-Star to MVP. Then the Suns killed the lone ranger in the playoffs 4-2.

Kuban is not the only one who suffers. At Bryants peak, he lost to Nash in the MVP campaign and was battered by the Sun in the playoffs. They hated each other, and many years later when Danny coached the Lakers, they heard boos at Staples.

Personal data and honors are fleeting, and Nash, unlike his later Warriors-trained, full-scale strengthened edition, is not involved in any chief point guard battle, but he and the Sun are the initiators of changes in league rules, play methods and style.

110.4 points, the highest single-game average for all teams since 1995. Nash, Dantony and Cole inadvertently cooperated, let the NBA into another river, so that their most hated Spurs coach Popovich now lamented: three points in line, whats the system!

MVP standards, after Nash, are also inclined to win rather than data, teams rather than individuals. After Nash, MVP is equal to the best player on the strongest team instead of the player who creates the most value. Only Russell Westbrook, who averages three pairs per game, is the exception, maybe Harden this year.

This unwritten rule also left Chris Paul a lifelong regret.

In 2005, he joined the league with Drone Williams and fought hard for the Best Rookie Award. Paul is ahead of other rookies in scoring, assists, stealing and two pairs of data. He won the Best Rookie Award without any doubt. He was elected by one vote, which naturally went to Drone.

This is just the beginning of the chief debate. Three years after Paul entered the league, he did not play in the playoffs, but Drone formed an Iron-blooded triangle with Sloan and Boozer, which has a great meaning to recreate the brilliance of the Marlon Stockton era.

Unexpectedly, Delong and Pauls career is totally two opposite, short intersecting curves. They never went side by side at all.

In 2008, the Hornets won 56 games, but lost to the Lakers in the penultimate game of the regular season, so Paul lost to Kobe Bryant in the MVP campaign. It was the 30-year-old Kobe Bryants Lifelong Achievement Award in advance, and Paul regrets that up to now, he can only hope that Harden will not repeat his mistakes and lose to the alphabet brother by that fraction.

As for Drone, his career went down sharply after the break-up with Sloan. No one expected that he belonged to the kind of person who did not love basketball at all.

In 2014, the Jazz raised the flag to commemorate Sloans 1223 victory. Drone was just passing by. Two years later, Sloan was diagnosed with Parkinsons syndrome and dementia with Lewy bodies. One of Drones apologies was that it was too late.

Nash set off a wave of change in 2005, making Delong and Paul the last wave to be photographed dead on the beach. Today, when Paul is in good shape, people say he is the God of the ball; when he is in bad shape, people mock the rockets salary space for the next few years.

The wave on their shoulders is Wes, who has averaged three pairs per game for three consecutive seasons, Curie, who enters 180 clubs effortlessly, and Harden, who redefines singles and bullies.

If we look forward to the future in 2005, we will probably sigh: they can also be called point guards?

However, in 2005, Curie was a student of a wealthy private high school in Charlotte and was in a sweet puppy love affair with Ayesha. His life is by no means smooth, but certainly more fortunate than the vast majority of people. Excellent growth environment and family education destine him to become a self-destructive Buddhist MVP, a superstar who can find real happiness on the court and also bring real happiness to fans.

Buddhist Department, happy. This kind of vocabulary is beyond the comprehension of Kobe and LeBron who watched and imitated Jordan. They have long been accustomed to unreasonably demanding high pressure from the outside world, because they have greater pressure on themselves because of their demands.

Xiao Hua said that the current stars are very unhappy. However, no one knows if Stern in 2005 can experience it. A vast empire in rapid growth has to crush the joys and sorrows of any individual.

In the summer of 2005, LeBron abruptly fired his agent, Aron Goodwin, and transferred to CAA, where he started a seven-year partnership with Cameron Anthonys agent, Leon Ross.

LeBron and Anthony were buddies in high school. Before joining Wade and Bosh, he had already discussed the possibility of a partnership with Anthony. He hoped that Anthony and Wade would have the best time to sign a contract in the form of 3 + 1, so that they could test the free market together.

But Anthony did not go the easy way that LeBron pointed out, signed a five-year top salary with the Nuggets, and went to the Knicks on his own, eventually ending up with no ball to play in 2019. LeBron didnt want the Lakers to give him a chance. He did get the Hall of Fame honor, but he became a different kind of Banana Boat Brothers and Golden Generation in 2003.

By the time LeBron became the leader of the alliance, the sun was at the end of its power.

They thought the Spurs were a wall that could never be surmounted, but they didnt expect to lose to themselves in the end. When Cole introduced ONeill, who broke with Riley, the Sun changed its course, and Danny was at a loss. It was not until he met Morley that he was free again.

Cole, who has won three titles in four years for the Warriors, is still full of regret when he talks about the 05 Sun. Because of those experiences, he no longer refers to management empowerment, dedicated to coaching.

Danshuai, 67, was still breathless. He watched the Spurs win the championship, Kobe Bryant win the championship, and the warriors win the championship. He was still empty-handed and trampled into the mud by the media. Harden, maybe his last free throw.

Harden, the man of the most brilliant era after the big dream was created with rockets, was only short of the first star in team history.

No one ever thought that the former Thunder Sange had maintained the MVP level for five consecutive years, and this years scoring outbreak directly shocked many dust-laden records of Chamberlain, the ancient god beast. Since then, people have talked about the strongest offenders, and Harden will stand with Chamberlain, Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

But in 2005, Harden came to the fore in California basketball. In fact, California basketball started from his generation, crushing New York in an all-round way, becoming the biggest talent conveyor in the NBA.

Ironically, this has nothing to do with Californias biggest Lakers.

Harden, Drosan, George, Thompson, Wes, the California boys who redefined point guards, were all high school students in 2005. In 2005, Iverson, Bryant, Manu and McGrady were the defining scoring guards.

Just as Iverson crossed Tyron Lou and roared about training, as Kobe Bryant scored 81 points in a single game and McGrady scored 35.13 minutes, it is still a memorial day for a large crowd of fans. This is their issue and meeting. After many years, no one will put it down.

The 2004-05 season was McGradys first year in the Rockets. In the Spurs game, he created an amazing performance of 35 seconds and 13 minutes. That crash, along with Fishers 0.4-second winner, became one of the most unforgettable memories of Bossains coaching career.

Yao-Mai cooperation, rockets ushered in the real sense of the revival of the post-dream era. But no one thought what injury had destroyed the combination. They had never played the first round of the playoffs together. By 2009, Yao Ming had led the Lakers to seven fierce games in the semi-final, which was their last energy.

But the splendor of 35 seconds, the pride of 22 consecutive wins, Hutchison has never forgotten.

The 2004-05 season is also the end of the NBA tradition in Japan and the beginning of the tradition in China. That year, Chinas total population exceeded 1.3 billion, and young Yao and Mai left a group photo in front of Tiananmen. Since then, the Chinese market has completely opened up to the NBA, with 300 million basketball players feeding the League on the other side of the ocean.

Until this year, the NBA decided to return to Japan and expand East Asia on the basis of China. NBA China, however, has become a division with a market capitalization of more than $4 billion. The nine-year contract between headquarters and ESPN is worth US$24 billion, and the five-year relay contract between branch and Tencent is as high as US$700 million.

After Yao Ming, the NBA and China are eager to see more local Chinese stars participate in the draft. In 2005, Yi Jianlian became the youngest MVP in the history of CBA, winning two consecutive championships with Hongyuan, Guangdong Province, and gaining momentum.

In 2007, he was selected sixth in the first round by the Bucks and became a teammate of 2005 top pick Andrew Bogut.

At that time, the Bucks had decided to end the era of Michael Reed. The management, like a headless fly, had changed three managers in three years, wasting one first round of signatures after another until the alphabet brother.

When Boggett shook hands with Stern as the champion, the alphabet brother was under 11 years old.

As a Nigerian immigrant living in Greece, he is a standard black man. Even when the conflict between immigrants was far less intense than it is now, his dark-skinned parents had difficulty finding jobs in Greece. He and his brother were street vendors, selling watches and bags, and often ate up and down without knowing what basketball was.

But basketball changed his fate. It was his life-saving straw, and he became the Savior of the Bucks. After Jabbar, the most prominent superstar in the teams history, ONeill was willing to give up the name of Superman for him.

The buck hit luck and got out of the mud. But in 2005, the bottom team in the league with them was not so good.

The New Orleans Hornets won 18 games, split in half. The name was returned to the bobcat and he became a pelican. Paul went to Los Angeles, and Anthony Davis wanted to go too. It was so ugly that he couldnt stop it.

Charlotte Bobcats won 18 and are the most basic team in the NBA. Their management is so poor that their boss wants to run. Michael Jordan stepped in and sold the team for $275 million. After he became a big boss, the Hornets only made three playoffs.

They have hosted this years All-Star, their team only Kenba Walker to participate in the tournament, the rest of the tournament activities, no Hornets players to participate.

But Jordan did not lose. The $275 million investment increased to $1.2 billion. As a weak team, the Hornets received an indirect $130 million subsidy from the league in 2012-2017. In the labor negotiations in 2011, Jordan, as a management hardliner, preferred to stop the stall and let the policy tilt to take care of the small ball city team, the effect was immediate.

It doesnt matter to Jordan whether Walker will go or not this summer.

* * * * *

In 2011, Sun owner Robert Savart, who was angry with Jordan, was not exposed by the media system until this year as the mediocrity of many yearsinvolvement in the management of the team. As early as 2005, when the sun was booming, it had been dug.

That summer, the Sun sent off Joe Johnson, who averaged 17.1 points and had a 47.8 percent three-point shooting rate, and gave the Eagles a new Eagle King.

Before Johnson joined, the Eagles won only 13 games in the 2004-05 season, but after that, they regained their vigor and came up with the best sixth man, the best coach, and four other players who were also elected to the flourishing All-Star season.

However, they are also one of the most miserable teams that LeBron tossed in the playoffs, just like the Raptors and the Walkers, forced to change their command, forced to rebuild, and now fall back into the rotten circle.

Thats the fate of the team. People are like white clouds and dogs, gathering and scattering. Fourteen years will be enough for this alliance.

Most of the people who ran in 2005 said goodbye to us. Ginobili, who almost won the FMVP that year, stood beside Tim Duncan and Tony Parker and flourished; now, his No. 20 Jersey has been suspended from the ceiling of AT&T Center, Duncan has already gone to Beijing to do business, and Parkers personal record of entering the playoffs for 17 consecutive years has been interrupted.

Bossain is the same Bossain, who can find a way to be expelled in 63 seconds, and the Spurs can enter the playoffs for 22 consecutive years.

But many wounds in the old handsomes heart are no longer irregular. His beloved wife has been sleeping in the ground; one by one, his disciples have left, some reluctant, some not looking back. He said that life is more than basketball, but he cant live without it after all.

In 2005, the Spurs averaged 96.2 points, with only 88.4 points lost. In the finals, they fought against the Pistons seven times, averaging 84.7 points and 86.7 points, respectively. The audience was suffocated by defense.

Since Bossain coached, the ratings of all finals with Spurs have always been the lowest. After Jordan retired, two sharp falls occurred in 2003 and 2007, and 2005 was also a very bleak year. Stern swore to himself that the game could no longer be so ugly, only to speed up, only to change the rules.

The 2004-05 season was the beginning of the NBAs strict ban on hand defense. At the same time, blow the cap and foul and defend for three seconds. After that, game controllers moved from the inside to the outside.

The magic of Nash and Dantony is not from nothing. In 2005, only Suns scored more than 110 points per game in the league. This year, there are 20 teams.

Fifteen years before Nash won the 2005 MVP, only Iverson and Jordan were the guards to win the MVP, while Garnett, Duncan, ONeill, Malone, Robinson, Olajuwon and Barkley were on the inside.

After Nash, the defenders who won the MVP were Kobe Bryant, Ross, Curie, Wes and Harden (LeBron should be the majority); only Nowitzki was the interior player. Maybe this year, the alphabet brother will win the prize, but the inside line of the alphabet brother is more like Durant than ONeill.

So some people say that the NBA now plays soft-egg basketball. But even ONeill himself saw it. Pandoras box has been opened, basketball has changed and Superman has been reborn.

The absence from the playoffs in 2005 made LeBron, 20, think deeply about his future plans. At that time, he and Maverick Carter had become close business partners. Since he joined the alliance, Carter had served as a consultant at Nike. Another of his friends, Randy Mimes, worked in the Cavaliersmanagement, and later followed him to the Lakers.

Plus Ricky Paul, who was still unknown at the time, set up LRMR after LeBron fired Goodwin, specializing in LeBrons personal brand marketing, and also masterminded the decision of 2010.

This is the greatest stain in LeBrons career, but also opened the way for NBA superstars to embrace, so that big-name transfers no longer need to bear the burden of so-called loyalty. LeBron woke everyone up. In the NBA business, its time for players to take control of their own destiny. Previous stars didnt wake up. Thats their problem.

Based on LRMR, Paul went to sea to grab a brokers job. LeBron left CAA in 2012 to help Pauls business. So far, Paul has a total contract value of 212 million, ranking third among all NBA brokers.

And LeBrons business empire is growing in size. He thought that standing in the wind of Los Angeles, he could fly higher.

But I did not expect that the storm came so fiercely that he was caught in an unexpected internal swirl, luxury robes covered with lice, and the man who covered the sky in the East for eight consecutive years bid farewell to the playoffs again 14 years later.

One league executive lamented that this years playoffs, there was no LeBron, no Wade and no Dirk, and melon could not even find a job.

Well, everyone gets old. He said.

The year 2005 has long gone, and many disputes, frustrations and frustrations have been annihilated in the past. It is not until youth is over that the bright moon never knows how to part from bitterness.

In 2019, some people are still on the road. The road is blocked and long. Please take care of it. Source: Netease Sports Author: Kewell Responsible Editor: Huang Yu_NS1604

In 2019, some people are still on the road. The road is blocked and long. Please take care of it.