Heavy rains in Shenzhen have killed 10 people. Guangdong emergency deployment of flood season security precautions

 Heavy rains in Shenzhen have killed 10 people. Guangdong emergency deployment of flood season security precautions

The heavy rainfall mainly concentrated in Futian, Luohu, Baoan, Guangming and other areas. The average rainfall of the whole city is 40.6 mm, and the average rainfall in each area is 65.0 mm, of which the maximum rainfall in 10 minutes is 39.2 mm in Luohu area, 39.7 mm in Futian area. The extreme of short-term precipitation is very strong. Almost half of the precipitation is concentrated in a short period of 10 minutes, reaching 50 or 100 years once; the maximum half-hour rainfall is 73.4 mm, which is recorded by Shenzhen Meteorological Record. The maximum half-hour rainfall in April. Experts from Guangdong Meteorological Observatory and Central Meteorological Observatory identified the rainfall as April 11 Shenzhen Short-term Extreme Heavy Rainfall Event.

Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau issued thunder and lightning warning at 19:10 on April 11, strong winds and hail warning at 20:10, and yellow rainstorm warning at 20:10, which put the city on Rainstorm alert. The Office of Shenzhen Three Defense Command immediately issued emergency response to the citys three defense responsible persons through the provincial three defense responsible person system.

Short-term extreme heavy rainfall caused sudden floods in many areas of Shenzhen, resulting in disaster in some areas. Many underground canals and culverts in Futian and Luohu districts were drowned or lost contact. Among them, the Bijiashan River Underground Channel of Baoan South Road, Guiyuan Street, Luohu District, dredged the drainage ditch of the West Lake Hotel Section. Of the 25 workers on the site, 7 were washed away by sudden floods when they were ready to evacuate. After rescue, 4 were saved without life danger, 2 died and 1 lost contact. More than 10 workers were evacuated after receiving the warning notice. Four workers were washed away by the flood. After rescue, one was saved without life danger and three died. Five workers who surveyed and surveyed the underground culvert of Patriotic Road in Huangbei Street of Luohu District and the greenbelt along the river have been washed away by floodwater in preparation for evacuation, and five people have been found dead. As of 23 oclock on April 12, 10 people had died and 1 lost contact. The search and rescue work is still in progress.

After the disaster, the main leaders of provincial and municipal governments of provincial Party committees and municipal committees issued instructions to carry out rescue efforts. The provincial and municipal leaders went to the scene to direct rescue work. The provincial and municipal leaders also visited the wounded in hospitals. Shenzhen immediately established the emergency rescue field headquarters, organized fire control and emergency departments to carry out emergency search and rescue, wounded rescue and other work, Futian District, Luohu District, the citys three defense headquarters, Emergency Management Bureau and other relevant units to start emergency command and rescue at the first time, Guangdong emergency management departments sent special personnel to Shenzhen to guide on-site rescue, disaster assessment and accident dispatch. Check and wait for work. Up to now, 639 rescue workers, 17 vehicles and 1 UAV have been invested in Shenzhen.

According to the relevant deployment requirements, Shenzhen will further strengthen disaster monitoring, early warning and prediction, carry out comprehensive investigation and treatment of potential flood hazards in flood season, strengthen emergency duty and command and dispatch in flood season, strengthen propaganda and training of flood control safety in flood season, make every effort to reduce the impact of natural disasters on the city, and make every effort to improve the level of urban public safety.

On April 12, the Provincial Security Committee Office and the Provincial Emergency Management Office issued an emergency notice, requiring all regions, departments and units concerned to conscientiously implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinpings important expositions and instructions on emergency management, safety production, disaster prevention, mitigation and relief, to implement the relevant decision-making and deployment of the Ministry of Emergency Management, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, and to do a good job in flood season safety prevention. To effectively prevent and resolutely curb the occurrence of major and extraordinary accidents.

The circular requires that all regions, relevant departments and units strengthen early warning and forecasting, and improve the ability of disaster prevention, response and disposal. It is necessary to improve the mechanism of joint business, information sharing and collaboration among departments, strengthen the monitoring of disastrous weather, timely release of early warning and forecasting information such as rainstorm, lightning and gale, and extensively carry out publicity and tips on escape knowledge and skills, so as to effectively guide enterprises in this region and industry to take early safety precautions. We should strengthen duty, strictly implement the 24-hour duty system for leading and key positions, and ensure timely, accurate reporting and scientific and effective disposal of disaster risk. Fire rescue teams and other professional rescue teams should maintain a state of imminent combat, make preparations for emergency rescue and other places, ensure that once a dangerous situation occurs, they can respond quickly, deal with it effectively, orderly and effectively, and minimize losses. Relevant departments at all levels and relevant engineering construction units should learn from the lessons learned from the disaster event in Shenzhen on the evening of April 11, strengthen the safety inspection of underground works such as urban underground canals in combination with the actual situation of the industry and the project, and focus on the preparation and drilling of emergency rescue plans for underground canal construction, the reception and implementation of early warning and prediction of disastrous weather, and the special implementation of dangerous projects such as foundation pits. Work plan compilation and implementation, as well as construction, construction, supervision, survey, design and other units to implement the main responsibility of construction safety production, found hidden dangers to urge construction units to rectify immediately. All construction units should arrange their work reasonably, stop work and evacuate people resolutely to ensure safety during heavy rains, and ensure that no casualties occur.

Notice emphasizes that all regions, relevant departments and units should strengthen the investigation of hidden dangers, and earnestly strengthen the work of safe production in flood season. We should mobilize, redeploy, re-check and re-implement the work of safety production in flood season, further clarify the key parts, links and positions of the region, the industry and the unit, and conduct in-depth investigation and management of potential safety hazards in flood season. Safety inspection of construction projects should be strengthened, anti-wind and anti-skid measures for lifting equipment should be implemented, and it is strictly forbidden to venture outdoor high-altitude operations during thunderstorms and strong winds, and to prevent collapse accidents such as scaffolding and foundation pits. It is necessary to strengthen the flood control and drainage inspection of tailings reservoirs, dump sites and all kinds of slag acceptance sites, landfills, and strictly prevent dam break and overflow of tailings reservoirs and all kinds of landslides. In accordance with the requirements of prevention and control of geological hazards in flood season, measures such as monitoring should be implemented to prevent geological hazards caused by heavy rainfall. It is necessary to strengthen the safety inspection of dangerous chemicals and fireworks against lightning strike, flood control and high temperature, strictly enforce the shutdown regulations of high temperature and thunderstorm weather, and strictly prevent leakage and explosion accidents. We should strengthen the inspection and monitoring of highways, railways, bridges, tunnels, culverts and slopes, and the safety inspection of ferry crossings. We should set up warning lines in dangerous sections in time, formulate bypass plans, and strictly prohibit all kinds of vehicles and vessels from running or sailing at risk. Safety inspection of power supply facilities in public places should be strengthened to prevent water-related electric shock accidents. In other fields, we should also strengthen the investigation and management of potential safety hazards in accordance with the actual situation, and focus on the safety precautions in flood season. Relevant departments at all levels should strengthen monitoring, monitoring and early warning and forecasting, implement various safety and defense measures for small and medium-sized River floods, urban and rural waterlogging, mountain floods and geological disasters, and jointly do a good job of safety and prevention.

Heavy rains kill many people. Shenzhen starts catastrophe insurance with a compensation limit of 250,000 yuan per person.

According to the Shenzhen catastrophe insurance clause, the compensation limit for deaths caused by catastrophes such as rainstorms will be 250,000 yuan per person and 20,000 yuan per person for family placement. According to preliminary estimates, the maximum possible compensation for casualties caused by this rainstorm disaster is 2.75 million yuan.

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