Tofu dregs! The Fuli defense line is like a slogan from a cotton trousers waist fan: Sshuai leaves class

 Tofu dregs! The Fuli defense line is like a slogan from a cotton trousers waist fan: Sshuai leaves class

In the transfer market this winter, Fuli has introduced Denberry, Saba, Fan Yunlong, Guihong, Jinbo, Jin Pengxiang and Zou Zheng. Judging from the paper strength, Fuli has the possibility to compete for the Asian Championship qualification. But the league tournament four rounds down, Fuli 2 draw 2 lose no victory. Rich offensive ability is good, scoring 8 goals, averaging 2 goals per game. But Fulis defence is too bad. 11 goals were lost in four rounds, which is the most lost team in the Chinese Super League. Even a relegation team like one side and Teda can penetrate Fulis City three times.

Shenhua has penetrated Fuli again and again

Todays match with Shenhua, Fuli hopes to win the first victory of the season in Yuexiushan. However, in the first 45 minutes of the match, Fuli was pressed by Shenhua. If Shenhuas shooting skills were not perfect, Cheng Yuelis gates would have been lost. In the first 45 minutes, Shenhua got three absolute scoring chances. Li Peng nearly scored with a corner kick. Ihalo took advantage of his personal abilities to single-handedly play in the restricted area, Jiang Jihong, and Ihalo threw a single knife at the end of the half.

Shenhuas long pass in the midfield and back field and direct plug in the defensive line of Fuli almost hit one target at a time. Shenhua not only continuously puts pressure on Fulis goalkeeper, but also makes inexplicable mistakes in the backcourt. The captain Yiteng can pass the ball directly to the opponents foot in the backcourt. You know, this Shenhua lacks four absolute main forces: Moreno, Cao Yiding, Sun Shilin and Bai Jiajun.

According to the quotation combined with the opening performance, Denberry did not play the expected value, Saba was a frequent waste of opportunities, only Fan Yunlong and Guihong could play the main role in the five domestic aid, Zou Zhengzheng was just entering the starting line-up. In the past, Fuli was famous for playing gorgeous football, and even lost the game, he played well. However, the current Rich Force makes people extremely worried, and also makes the Rich Force fans miss Renadio, Uso and others, Jiang Zhipeng...

Faced with the unbeaten start, Fuli fans in Yuexiushan played a sign to let Stoikovic off class. In tonights game, Stoikovic changed the formation from 3-guard to 4-guard, but the effect was not satisfactory, but luck was good, and eventually he killed his opponent 2-1. Fuli struggled to win the first season, but Stoikovic did not have much time left to transform the team, especially the defence.

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