He was warned of 31 violations in 4 years, killing 10 boys! Who can control the devil in football?

 He was warned of 31 violations in 4 years, killing 10 boys! Who can control the devil in football?

After the tragedy, Brazil was in a state of uproar. Not long ago, Brazils National Museum also suffered a heartbreaking fire. It was supposed to be a fire that burned the history of Brazil, and it should be allowed to strengthen fire safety in Brazil. Unfortunately, within half a year, the country enjoying the Kingdom of Football was once again devastated by the fire.

More than 12 days after the Flamenco fire, ESPN published an investigation article. From the words of author Catherine Osborne, we can easily find that the fire that broke the hearts of 10 families was not a natural disaster, but a man-made disaster. The stories involved in it made people face the enormous problems facing Brazilian society today.u2014u2014

Flamengo is Brazils richest club and the Brazilian club with the largest number of fans. Children from poor families dream of joining this famous team and changing the fate of the whole family. On the day of the fire, 24 teenagers from all over Brazil were sleeping soundly at the Flamengo Youth Training Base called Vulture Nest. Some of the playershomes were even 2,000 kilometers away.u2014u2014

However, in order to dream and get rid of poverty, they have no hesitation in choosing to go abroad at a young age.

Its just that this team, which fans call millionaires, has been transformed into a dormitory for teenagers with containers. What is even more amazing is that this illegal building, which has been warned by Rio authorities for 31 times in the past four years, has not disappeared, but has been surviving for a long time. According to Brazilian media, prosecutors in Rio State have sued Flamengo Club as early as March 2015, demanding that training facilities be closed unless the violations are rectified.

There is a great deal of hidden danger from the container converted from the beginning to the end. First of all, its fire facilities are out of order; secondly, it has only one outlet; lastly, the container material contains polyurethane components, and from the perspective of fire protection, polyurethane foam is a dangerous material.

Containers that Bury Ten Little Players in the Sea of Fire

It is unreasonable that Flamengo remained indifferent despite so many hidden dangers and years of warning. It was not until shortly before the fire that the entire youth training base was renovated, but it was too late. In addition, all the players living in this building are minors. According to Brazilian law, there should be a dormitory supervision for every ten minor players in order to prevent accidents. However, on the day of the fire, no Flamengo staff was in the dormitory.

The fire broke out at 5:17 a.m. and only at 5:38 a.m. did the club staff find it. There is no doubt that the successive failures within Flamengo, coupled with the inaction of the regulatory authorities, eventually led to the tragedy. Brazilian star Zico, from Flamengo, complained, 31 more warnings?! You should have done something long ago.

Whats more, Flamenco officials have been silent about the cause of the fire since the tragedy. It wasnt until February 15 that the teams chief legal officer was questioned by reporters after the meeting: Why did the club know that vulture nest had a huge problem, but why did it not change all the time? Ive only been in office for 30 days. I dont know what happened before, said Rodrigo, the legal director.

The apathy of the club chilled the families of the victims. One of the victimsfathers told the media, I made countless calls to the club, but they didnt even want to answer the phone. Flamengo is a big family, but they put the hope of the future into the container.

Flamenco CEO Renaldo Bellotti

Football, which plays an important role in Brazil, needs no further elaboration. It can even generate 5% of the countrys GDP every year. But while people are crazy about it, football has become a nightmare for countless Brazilian children. Rodriguez was the uncle of the unfortunate little player Sosa. When talking about the grieving fire, the middle-aged man looked helpless. First of all, we are black. As Rodriguez said, in Brazil, blacks can only earn half the salary of whites. Unfair treatment makes it difficult for blacks to make a difference in Brazilian society.

Secondly, we are from the slums. Sosa has no other way out. He can only hope to get ahead in Flamengo. Rodriguezs pain speaks for all the family members of the players who lost their lives in the fire. However, although Sosa has gone, Rodriguez still hopes that Sosas 13-year-old brother will one day enter Flamengo youth training camp. Sosas gone, of course, Im very sad, but if his brother has enough talent and can be seen by Flamengo in the future, I would like to let him come here, otherwise what can he do in the future? Brazil is in such a bad situation now that I dont know what he can do in the future besides football. This is his best chance.

As for the little players who escaped from the fire, although they managed to escape, their grief never left them. 16-year-old Barbosa said, When I woke up, there was smoke in front of me, and I shoutedBolivia! Bolivia Run! Bolivia is the nickname of team midfielder Viana. He is Barbosas best friend, but unfortunately, the talented teenager finally failed to escape. This makes me want to give up football. I cant imagine that when I return to the court, I cant see the familiar teammates. I dont know how to get back on the court. Barbosa is very sad

In fact, a few days before the fire, there was a heavy rain in Rio, causing many blackouts in the city, Flamengo Youth Training Bases stadium was also damaged to a certain extent, so the team did not arrange training that weekend. It is reasonable to say that players can leave the base, players close to home can go straight home, and players far from home can spend the weekend at Rios relativeshome, which is also an inherent arrangement before. But that weekend, 24 players decided to stay overnight in the dormitory because the next day was the fifteenth birthday of guard Freitas.

At present, Rio authorities have not yet confirmed the cause of the fire, but according to Brazilian media, it is likely that the air-conditioning system after the heavy rain, resulting in short circuit circuit caused by the fire. Meanwhile, Rio courts have ruled that Flamengo Junior Academy will stop all teenager activities and the team will face huge fines.

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