Infringement of Microsofts copyright infringement? Copyright black hole burned to font, fishing law was tucking

 Infringement of Microsofts copyright infringement? Copyright black hole burned to font, fishing law was tucking

If we do not receive lawyer letters from Visual China, we will not do enough; if we do not receive lawyer letters from Founder font, we will not have enough influence. Reflect on yourself. On a well-known website, a netizens comment received a lot of praise.

E company noted that in the past two days, because copyright black hole stands at the forefront of public opinion in visual China, it is often mentioned at the same time, as well as the font copyright dispute black hole of Peking University.

Among them, the most controversial one is the copyright of embedded fonts such as Microsoft Yahei. Some professionals pointed out that Fangzhengs font rights protection and visual Chinas rights protection can not be confused, but in the way of rights protection is worth discussing. Founder should specify the charging standard when users use its charging font to avoid post-mortem accountability.

Users who use Microsofts own fonts are accused of infringement are not aware of it.

Too depressed. Early that morning, I received a call from Fangzheng staff, saying that our company used their toll font, involving infringement, and sent us a lawyers letter. Mr. Qin, the head of a start-up company in Shenzhen, told E Company a few days ago. Mr. Qin, who is in the period of starting a business, first received a similar letter from a lawyer. When he came to the company, he found that because the company used Microsoft Yahei font to design the company VI system, Weixin public number, website design and so on, it was unexpected that Fangzheng had taken evidence and thought that it had violated Fangzhengs copyright.

In this letter, Mr. Qin presented to e company reporters, the contents listed the time and content of micro-message tweets that Microsoft had used in boldface, which were sent by screenshots. It was very detailed and accurate, and some tweets were sent as early as 2017. Mr. Qin said that he was very surprised. Its been a long time since the other side investigated and collected evidence that the safeguarding of human rights has been so accurate.

Mr. Qin said that according to the contact information provided in the letter, he had contacted Founder Company. The other company said that unless it purchased the companys charged products, it would directly sue the company. At one time, Mr. Qin was a little nervous. We are a small start-up company and cant afford a lawsuit. So we had to consider ourselves unlucky. First, we deleted all the propaganda contents of the company before.

There are more than one similar experience with Mr. Qin. Search on a slight search will find that Fangzheng sent a lawyers letter demanding the cessation of infringement of not a few. Taobao shopkeepers also posted cases of their rights defended by Founder.

In many disputes involving copyright, tucco is the most popular tucking company in Microsoft. Microsoft Yahei as the embedded font of Windows operating system, although it can be used in Microsoft system, but in fact, the copyright has entered China by Microsoft and belonged to Founder of Peking University. If users display and print on non-Windows operations, they all involve copyright, and they need to maintain and pay a certain copyright fee. But when using Microsoft Yahei fonts, many users do not read the relevant fee terms carefully. Therefore, after using Founders fee font, the other party is sending a letter to defend the right to express dissatisfaction.

In March this year, a microblog rumor even sent Founders font rights protection to the hot search. Screenshots show that a company intern was sued by Founder Group and adobe for using Microsoft Yahei and pirated PS. Five thousand copies have been printed by the sample printing plant, which has been commercially used throughout the country. The company lost 28.6 million copies and laid off eight supervisors and 43 people.

Later, although Fangzhengs official microblog response explained that the authorization fee had nothing to do with the amount of printing, the authorization fee for advertising was 4500 yuan.

Protecting rights for marketing? Fangzheng is full of explosive routines

My feeling is to sell (their fee font). When using it, I didnt see any reminder. After using it, I was informed of infringement. The purpose of fishing law enforcement is actually to buy other fonts. Mr. Qin said.

Tian Eye Check found that Fangzheng and many companies have had copyright disputes, involving dozens of lawsuits a year, are Fangzheng as the plaintiff, suing enterprises for infringement of copyright, and most of the final result is that Fangzheng withdraws the lawsuit and declares the end.

Prior to that, Fang Zheng had filed a lawsuit against Procter & Gamble of Guangzhou, the producer of 33 Days of Broken Love and the producer of Nine Layers of Demon Tower for font infringement. Among them, in 2008, Founder sued Guangzhou Procter & Gamble for the use of Qianxin characters in its product packaging, such as its flowing and soft, and claimed 1.34 million yuan, but ultimately lost the lawsuit. And 33 Days of Brokenhearted Love, because of the use of unauthorized fonts such as headline subtitles and short message subtitles, eventually paid the copyright party 20,000 yuan.

Some people pointed out that Fangzhengs prosecution of copyright shows several characteristics. First, there is a big difference between the amount of claim and the amount awarded by the actual court. For example, there were cases where the claim was over 100 million yuan but the court finally awarded compensation to Fangzheng 2 million yuan. Second, Fangzheng usually sues more large companies, while small companies generally combine Fangzhengs protection of rights with sales. Fang tried to conclude the case in a cooperative manner outside the court. Its understandable. Because of the widespread infringement, small companies illegally use toll fonts, Founder also has no way, after all, there are too many such companies.

Founder Holdings of Hong Kong Stock Company

E company noted that the main body of font rights protection widely mentioned by netizens is Beijing Peking University Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. According to official data, Founder Electronics is the copyright owner of Founder fonts. It is the earliest professional manufacturer engaged in the development of Chinese font base in China and the largest supplier of Chinese font products in the world. It has 452 Chinese fonts, 97 national fonts, 88 GBK fonts containing 21003 Chinese characters, 36 GB18030-2000 fonts containing 27533 Chinese characters, and 5 super fonts containing 70244 Chinese characters.

Beida Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Founder Holdings (00418.HK) of Hong Kong-listed companies. According to the 2018 annual report of Founder Holdings, Founder Electronics has occupied an absolute leading position in the word bank market.

Founder Electronics has contributed a lot to its parent company Founder Holdings. As of December 31, 2018, Founder Holdings realized a profit of HK$1.059 billion and a gross profit of HK$516 million.

Professionals believe that the proper orientation of copyright of fonts is worth discussing.

As for the rights of visual China to pictures and Founder to fonts, although they have been mentioned by netizens in recent days, E company has learned from many legal professionals that the two can not be confused. Some legal professionals believe that Fang Zhengs certainty about the copyright of self-developed Fonts is obviously higher than the copyright of black hole pictures in this visual China. Therefore, we can see that most of the court decisions support Founders legal copyright.

However, in terms of the way and orientation of safeguarding rights, many professionals think it is worth discussing. Zhao Bo, a lawyer at Wanshang Tianqin (Shenzhen) Law Firm, believes that the copyright holders rights protection should be treated rationally. The holder of intellectual property rights can safeguard his legitimate rights and interests against infringement in accordance with the law within the legal framework, but he can not claim nihilistic rights in a false way. In the way of safeguarding rights, Founder fonts should be reminded in a clearer and more obvious way before customers use them, such as warm reminder fee standard when downloading, so as to avoid the occurrence of post-event accountability.

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