Dutters income is questioned. Answer: I wont tell you where I am when I have money.

 Dutters income is questioned. Answer: I wont tell you where I am when I have money.

Philippine President Duttert

Overseas Network, April 12 (OCN) -- Recently, the Philippines has raised some doubts about President Duttles income. Duttle, who has always spoken frankly, responded that these are all tricks played by the opposition. He was even more blunt in saying, I have money, but I wont tell them where they are.

The Philippine Star newspaper reported that on Thursday (11) local time, Dutter responded to doubts about his property in a public speech. He said that some false garbage reports exacerbated peoples doubts about their income, pointing out that these garbage reports were planned by the opposition behind the scenes, do not trust the oppositionsgarbage.

The Philippine Investigation and Press Center (PCIJ) has previously published a series of reports questioning the source of Dutel family property, which has aroused public concern. Dutt and his children are government officials with low salaries, but they have become richer and richer over the years, the report said. According to the report, Dutelts net assets in 2007 were 9.69 million Philippine pesos (about 1.26 million yuan), rising to 28.54 million Philippine pesos (about 3.7 million yuan) in 2017, nearly tripling. The report also pointed out that Dutts childrens property also increased to varying degrees.

Faced with doubts, Dutter said that he would disclose his property status at the right time, but would never disclose the location of his property to the opposition. I will tell you at the right time. Where is the property? Ill hide it. As for where I hide it, why should I tell you? I may be robbed. I am rich.

Dutt even said that he had never made money. I have been a mayor for 23 years, a prosecutor for 9 years, a lawyer for many years, and I never lost an election before I became President of the Philippines... I havent done any business in the government.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331