Calf Electric Releases a New Electric Vehicle with Radar AI Power Lithium Electric System

 Calf Electric Releases a New Electric Vehicle with Radar AI Power Lithium Electric System

On April 15, the new national standard was formally implemented, aiming to promote the construction of a safe riding environment for two-wheeled electric vehicles through stricter requirements. After the introduction of the new national standard, higher requirements have been put forward for electric vehicle enterprises, which also brings challenges to product development and design.

Calf Electric U+, US according to the new national standard research and development design, to solve the new national standard for electric vehicle weight, volume, speed requirements. Hu Yilin, founder and vice president of research and development of calf electric, said at the meeting.

Since its inception, Calf Electric has been using lithium-ion as its whole product. After four years of intensive cultivation, more than 2 billion cycling data have been collected and analyzed, and more than 600,000 batteries have been validated for a long time.

This time, Maverick Electric brings the 44th generation of NIUEnergy Radar AI power lithium-ion system technology.

RuiDian AI power lithium-ion battery uses system compatibility technology and intelligent charging technology, so that lithium batteries, Cloud-ECU and vehicle power components work closely together to improve the performance indicators of lithium-ion. Compared with ordinary lithium power, the battery pack mileage, service life and power of RuiDian AI power lithium power are increased by 7%, 100% and 50% respectively.

As a new product of U series, calf electric U+, US continue the family design language of U series from appearance design to body structure design.

In addition, the new product will upgrade the intelligent technology, introduce the C35 chip module and the new V35 CloudECU central control. For 20 sensors throughout the body, under the protection of dual CPU performance, with up to 300 times per minute information monitoring, and more than 600 items of information are analyzed and processed.

The price of calf electric U + starts at 4 499 yuan, and the price of calf electric U + starts at 4 399 yuan.

Finally, Maverick Electric also launched the professional sports bicycle brand NIUAERO series. The new NIUAERO is divided into two series, ROAD Highway and MTBX Mountain. It is positioned as a professional sports bicycle. It has three core technologies: aerodynamic supremacy, carbon fiber lightweight technology and intelligent bicycling equipment. The design of NIUAERO extends the concept of calf electric simplicity and fashion.

The price range of NIUAEROROAD series is 3999 yuan to 6999 yuan, and that of NIUAEROMTBX series is 2499 yuan to 8999 yuan. (quiet)

Source: Responsible Editor of Netease Science and Technology Report: Qiao Junyi_NBJ11279