Evening News | Liu Qiangdongs response to seeing China with brothers or constituting a breach of contract

 Evening News | Liu Qiangdongs response to seeing China with brothers or constituting a breach of contract

Liu Qiangdongs circle of friends responded to 996: Daytime fools are not my brothers

This afternoon, Liu Qiangdong responded to rumors of recent job cuts, an earthquake and 996 among top executives in the Weixin Friendship Circle. He said that Jingdong would never force employees to 995 or 996, but everyone in Jingdong must have the spirit of struggle! And he said, Those who fool around are not my brothers! [Link to the original

In addition to the black hole national emblem flag, how many copyrights have been counterfeited for visual China and panorama?

Visual China was surrounded by doubts after the microblog of the Communist Youth League Central Committee was launched. Companies such as Baidu and Suning have searched their logo maps on Visual China websites, while panoramic websites have also been searched for the images of former leaders and sold at a price tag. At present, visual China and panoramic network have been unable to open. [Link to the original

Ubers IPO prospectus: valued at $100 billion, last years revenue was $11.3 billion

According to CNBC, on Thursday, U.S. local time, the online car giant Uber finally released its long-awaited prospectus for IPO. The company plans to list on the New York Stock Exchange under the stock code UBER. [Link to the original

Ma Yun talks about 996 working system: This is lucky, many people think 996 has no chance.

Today, Alibaba officials share Ma Yuns views on the recent hot topic 996 in his internal exchange activity The Paterna Treaty. Ma Yun mentioned in the internal communication that it is a great blessing to be able to make 996. Many companies and many people think 996 has no chance. Today evening, Ma Yun made another voice on Weibo, not defending 996, but paying tribute to the strugglers. [Link to the original

The first commercial launch of the Falcon Heavy Rocket successfully recovered all three boosters

According to CNBC, SpaceX launched the Falcon Heavy Rocket for the second time on Thursday evening (Beijing time, 6:35 on the 12th), the first commercial launch of the Falcon Heavy Rocket. The Falcon Heavy Rocket, launched from the launch pad of SpaceXs Kennedy Space Center in Florida, consists of three Falcon 9 rockets, three cores juxtaposed, forming a giant with 27 engines. These engines can generate a total of 2313 tons of thrust. [Link to the original

Israels one-step spacecraft crashed before landing

Israels Genesis spacecraft crashed before landing on the moons surface on November 11, one step away from its successful landing on the moon. According to CNBC, Genesis is a privately funded project jointly carried out by SpaceIL, an Israeli non-profit organization, and Israel Aerospace Industry Corporation. The goal of SpaceIL is to become the first private organization to achieve a soft landing on the lunar surface. [Link to the original

Tesla cancelled the $35,000 base version of Model 3 for online sales

According to Electrek, Tesla announced a series of adjustments to its product line, including the cancellation of online sales of the $35,000 basic version of Model 3 (Model 3 Standard Range). All Tesla vehicles will be equipped with autopilot, a change that will drive up prices for all its products. [Link to the original

Change-5 is expected to launch by the end of this year, and the Fire Detection will be equipped with a patrol.

Sun Zezhou, chief designer of the Change-4 probe system and Mars probe, said in Nanjing on the evening of November 11 that Change-5 is scheduled to launch at the end of 2019 to achieve the sampling and return mission. The follow-up mission of the moon is in the process of research and development. It will realize the exploration of the lunar polar region and carry out the preliminary technical verification for the future establishment of the lunar scientific research station. He also revealed that the fire detection (Mars exploration) will carry a heavier patrol than the Jade Rabbit II. [Link to the original

Trouble keeps going on! ___________ Visual China Closes Websites or Constitutes Default

Because of the storm of voluntary closure of websites to carry out rectification, Visual China may face a greater risk of unilateral cessation of services, users of pictures that have signed with them can initiate lawsuits according to the agreement to demand that they be found to be in breach of contract. [Link to the original