Chai Zhipings 27-year-old woman was once popular for her lazy imitation of Animal City

 Chai Zhipings 27-year-old woman was once popular for her lazy imitation of Animal City

Look at your fianc with dignity and playfulness.

Elegant announcement of marriage.

Elegant Announcement of Marriage

Netease Entertainment reported on April 12, according to Taiwan media reports, Chai Zhipings 27-year-old only daughter, Clover, has a sweet appearance, inherits her mothers beautiful gene, used to imitate Mad Animal City sloth and become popular. Recently, she actively participated in movies and broke out a day of her own. On the 12th, she announced the good news without warning: Im going to get married! Three pictures of the same frame with the fianc-in-law were also sunned to share the joy.

Elegant exposed three pictures of her fiance in the same frame on social software, announcing that she would be married by the end of the year. In the picture, she wears a cheongsam, while her fianc wears a black suit and plays retro style. She sometimes arranges her hair for each other, and sometimes watches each others gestures for tea and food. Whenever she looks at her, the fianc looks at her affectionately and lovingly. The picture looks very loving, and the couple has a very good feeling.

The most interesting thing is that in the latest post, with chopsticks in her elegant mouth, she stared at her fianc-in-law fiercely, while the other side showed a helpless expression of unable to understand. In the post, she revealed that it was one of her favorite pictures,Because I look very skinny, ah, I am really skinny, and he asked me why you can rot so North every day. He responded to me with this helpless face, ha-ha. The couples daily life is very sweet, and many netizens have left messages below to send their wishes.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Hu Mengyao_NK5655