Was plain clothes pushed down at the school gate for middle school students? Police: Wrong catch, apologized

 Was plain clothes pushed down at the school gate for middle school students? Police: Wrong catch, apologized

On April 12, some netizens reported that their cousin was caught by plainclothes police at the gate of Shahe Middle School in Gaoxian County, Yibin City, and the result was that the police caught the wrong person.

At noon on April 12, cover journalists rushed to Shahe Town, Gaoxian County, to learn that the police of Shahe Town, Gaoxian County, did catch the wrong person in law enforcement and apologized for it.

Family: The police station caught the wrong person and the doll was dizzy.

Around 11 a.m. on April 12, the cover journalist telephoned Ms. Zheng, the mother of Xiaoming, a student who was caught by netizens, when she was accompanied by the staff of Shahe Town Police Station in Gaoxian County for a physical examination.

Netizens broke the news

Ms. Zheng told reporters that at about 5:30 p.m. on April 11, she went to the school gate to pick up the children after school as usual. Near the school, she heard from the neighborhood that Xiao Ming, her child, had been captured by police at the police station. She said that the doll was usually very good and did not believe that she would be taken away. She rushed to the police station immediately.

According to Ms. Zheng, after arriving at the police station, because it was a minor, the police called Ms. Zheng together, when facing Xiaoming to understand the specific situation.

When the reporter asked Xiao Ming to understand the specific situation, Ms. Zheng said that the doll was dizzy and inconvenient at this time.

Around 14:00 on April 12, Xiaomings brother told reporters by telephone that the police had caught the wrong person and that the police station had apologized and was discussing with the police station how to solve the problem.

Place of incident

Place of incident

Witness: Plainclothes policemen show their identification and take people away

On the same day, cover journalists visited residents near Shahe Middle School in Gaoxian County. Most of the witnesses told reporters that around 5 p.m. on April 11, two teenagers were actually taken from the street outside the school, one of whom was Xiao Ming, 15.

Reporters learned that the incident happened at the door of an electric vehicle shop. Three employees of the shop saw the scene. The three employees told reporters that they were inside the house when they suddenly heard someone crying for help in the street. They went to see them, surrounded by many people. They saw a white car parked by the roadside. Two men in plain clothes pressed Xiao Ming, who was struggling. Some people worry that these two men are bad people. When they go to ask about the situation, they show their police station work permits. Some neighbourhoods know these two men and they are not dissuaded anymore. Subsequently, Xiao Ming was handcuffed by the two men and took the car away.

Xiao Mings arrest was confirmed by the owner of building materials shop and noodle shop.

Place of incident

Police: Wrong catch, apologized

Subsequently, cover journalists came to the police station of Shahe Town, Gaoxian County to learn about the situation.

According to the relevant person in charge of Gaoxian Public Security Bureau, this time it is indeed the police of the police station who caught the wrong person when enforcing the law. On the evening of April 11, the police apologized and explained to the doll and parents. On the morning of April 12, the police took Xiao Ming to the hospital for a comprehensive examination. Xiao Ming was not injured. Next Monday, the director of Shahezhen Police Station will come to the school to explain the situation and apologize again in front of Xiaomings classmates.

On April 12, around 19:00, Gaoxian Public Security Bureau issued a briefing: at about 17:00 on April 11, 2019, when the police of our bureau handled the case in Shahe Town, they arrested the persons involved in the case, Yu Mou and Tang Mou. Afterwards, Tang explained that there was another accomplice, two plainclothes policemen immediately went to implement the arrest. At Tangs handover site, the police found a suspicious person, and then produced a police card to start interrogation. Because the officer refused to cooperate, the police took him back to Shahe Police Station for investigation according to law. After investigation, the member is a middle school student, and there is no criminal offence. Our bureau is about to release Geng and apologize to the parties and their families.

At present, the supervision department of our bureau has intervened in further investigation.

Here again, we sincerely apologize to the parties and their families, and welcome the media and the public to supervise our law enforcement activities.

Source: Responsible Editor of Cover News: Li Wan_B11284