National Natural Science Foundation of China: Recovery of Funds allocated to Nandaliang Ying

 National Natural Science Foundation of China: Recovery of Funds allocated to Nandaliang Ying

Beijing News Express 12, the National Natural Science Foundation of China issued a circular on its official website on the investigation and punishment of scientific research integrity violations. The following is the full text:

According to the relevant management regulations, the recent cases of misconduct in scientific research in the field of natural science funds shall be investigated, examined and put forward by the Supervisory Committee of the Committee of Natural Science Foundation, and the handling opinions shall be studied and decided upon at the committee meeting of the Committee of Natural Science Foundation. The following information will be communicated:

For Dailu of Tianjin University and Sandan of Inner Mongolia Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Academy, where there is plagiarism in applications, Zhaoyang (male) of Capital Medical University, where there is fraud in applications, Tang Chaoke of Nanhua University and Chen Chuangfu of Shihezi University, where there is plagiarism in papers, Liang Ying of Nanjing University and Dong Youhong of Hubei Medical College. Eight responsible persons, such as Wei Mingqin, were notified and criticized. At the same time, the above-mentioned persons were given different degrees of treatment, such as canceling the funded projects, recovering the funds already allocated, and canceling the application or evaluation qualification for a certain period of time. Relevant processing decisions will be published on the official website of our committee one after another according to the procedure.

Recently, the Natural Science Foundation Committee of Hunan University paid great attention to the case that a masters student of Hunan University copied the application form of other peoples Natural Science Foundation projects. It promptly ordered Hunan University to investigate and deal with the incident of accreditation expertsnegligence and leakage of accreditation materials in accordance with the rules and regulations. Hunan University has dealt seriously with the parties concerned and publicized the results. The Natural Science Foundation Committee has also dealt with experts who have leaked evaluation materials in accordance with relevant regulations. At the same time, the Natural Science Foundation Committee took this case as a warning and reminded the experts who participated in the project evaluation of the National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2019 to strictly abide by the rules of intellectual property protection and confidentiality and fulfill their responsibilities.

In addition to the notification and criticism of the eight responsible persons mentioned above, according to the seriousness of the circumstances and the relevant regulations, the CPC also gave conversation reminders, written warnings, internal notification criticisms, withdrawal of funded projects, recovery of funds allocated, cancellation of certain years of application to 38 other persons responsible for violations such as plagiarism, forgery of names, provision of false information and repeated publication. Qualifications should be handled to varying degrees.

Ministry of Education notifies Nan Daliang Ying of academic misconduct: plagiarism and repetitive publication of papers

On April 3, the official website of the Ministry of Education publicly exposed four typical cases of violation of the 10 criteria of teachersprofessional behavior, involving academic misconduct, improper relations with students, paid remedial classes, illegal acceptance of gifts and gifts from parents of students, etc.

The first incident reported by the Ministry of Education was the academic misconduct of Liang Ying, a teacher at Nanjing University. Liang Ying, a teacher of Nanjing University, violates teaching discipline and perfunctory teaching. In violation of academic norms, postgraduates plagiarize and repeatedly publish multiple papers during their study. They use plagiarized papers as their own achievements and make fraud in their professional title declaration.