Robbing people into robbing houses? Hangzhou Real Estate Market Face Change Madam Fried Real Estate Group Waiting for Opportunity

 Robbing people into robbing houses? Hangzhou Real Estate Market Face Change Madam Fried Real Estate Group Waiting for Opportunity

Hangzhou is open and settled? When will it land? What materials are to be prepared? No trouble? Despite being in Jinhua, Li Guang (pseudonym) was very sensitive to the hasty move of Hangzhous settlement policy. The first time he saw the announcement of Hangzhous new settlement policy, he was moved to settle in Hangzhou.

For Li Guang, settling down is not the ultimate goal, but buying a house.

Li Guang is a wealthy family with several processing factories and garment factories. For the need of cooperation, he often goes to Hangzhou. If he settles down and opens up this time, he intends to buy some real estate in Hangzhou. On the one hand, he has a place to settle down for future business trips, on the other hand, he is also a good investment.

On April 3, Hangzhou issued the Notice on Implementing the Policy of Steady Enterprise Growth and Promoting the Development of Real Economy, announcing that it would relax the restrictions on the settlement of foreign population. During the short and long holidays of the Qingming Festival, the news of the new talent policy was fermented and disseminated. Within a few days, nearly 20 people from all walks of life in different provinces, such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi and Anhui, consulted reporters. To inquire about the new policy of Hangzhou.

Real estate brokers in Hangzhou have entered the peak season in a few days. Brokers of many real estate brokerage companies in Hangzhou, such as I love my family, chains, luxury state, etc., told reporters that in the near future, there are almost uninterrupted and continuous turns. Every day, a large number of potential customers outside Hangzhou and customers outside Hangzhou registered permanent residence call for consultation, and even some people asked whether they could book a house first, and so on. After settling down, the contract will be signed at the current price.

I love my familys intermediary said to reporters: Now the expectations of customers and owners are quite consistent, they feel that after the settlement policy comes out, the real estate market will have a wave of market, so the situation basically reversed the previous two months, from customer picking, landlords eager to sell, into customers eager to buy, landlords cover up not to sell.

Hangzhous property market is already full of spring with the expectations of new customers brought about by the new talent policy, the overwhelming popularity of the local market and the re-emergence of the ten thousand people shake new market.

Robbing people

Hangzhou ranks fourth with 330,000 net inflows among the major cities that have released the latest population data for 2018, a drop from 2017.

According to the open data of cities, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Xian ranked first with 490,000, 400,000 and 380,000 net inflows respectively, followed by Chengdu, Chongqing, Zhengzhou and Changsha with more than 200,000 net inflows.

There are Xian before, Chengdu after. Hangzhou, which has been ranked first in talent attraction in the data reports of various recruitment platforms, including hunting and hiring, and recruitment of Zhilian, has not played a prominent role in the talent competition in 2018.

In 2017, Xian ranked fifth among cities with a net inflow of 200,000 people (excluding the population growth brought about by the merger of Xixian New Area), and in the 2018 Great Robbery War, it stood out with 90% of the population inflow growth rate, surpassing Hangzhou and Changsha.

Following Chengdu in Hangzhou, the net inflow of population increased from 126,000 to 280,000, an increase of 122.22% over the same period, and the net inflow growth rate of population in Hangzhou was about 17.86%.

As early as January 2017, Xian promulgated the policy of the most relaxed settlement in history. It directly relaxed the conditions of settlement to students in secondary and technical colleges, and students in ordinary technical schools who did not find employment in Xian. It became the lowest requirement city in the new front-line cities of the country, and took the lead in the prelude of the Great War of Robbery against the People.

After Xian, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Changsha, Zhengzhou and other key cities in China have joined the war one after another, and issued a new talent policy, relaxing the conditions of residence to undergraduate degree or above, such as Chengdu, where undergraduates under 45 years of age and above can settle down with diploma, becoming one of the cities whose conditions of residence are only less relaxed than Xian.

Hangzhou has become one of the most stringent cities in many key cities except Beijing and Shanghai. Before the promulgation of the new talent policy on April 3, only graduates with masters degree or above can settle down directly in Hangzhou. Those with bachelors degree need to pay social security for one year (excluding reimbursement) and provide residence certificate for one year, and their age is limited to less than 45 years old, and their college degree is required. Personnel who settle in must meet the professional requirements of the shortage, pay one-year social security (excluding reimbursement) and provide one-year residence certificate, and the age limit is under 35 years old.

Strict policies have enabled many talents in the Yangtze River Delta and its surrounding areas to choose other cities, such as Nanjing and Ningbo, where the settlement policy is more relaxed.

In 2018, Liang Hui, who just left a top 500 company in Shanghai and came to Nanjing, was one of them. Im from Zhejiang. At the beginning, I thought about Hangzhou, but at that time, undergraduates under 40 could settle in Nanjing directly. Hangzhou had to pay social security for another year, which is a new front-line city in the Yangtze River Delta region. With similar development potential, I settled in Nanjing. Liang Hui said that although the household registration is very thin, it can give people a great sense of belonging.

Despite the late arrival, Hangzhou has opened a new condition for acquiring a sense of belonging. According to the new talent policy of Hangzhou on April 3, full-time university professionals and above who work in Hangzhou and pay social security can settle down directly. That is to say, the original age and the length of social security payment may be relaxed. Hangzhous requirement for talents to settle down to other new front-line cities may be reduced. The city is on the same level.

However, Hangzhous new policy on talent residence has not yet landed. According to the response from the household registration consultation window of Xiangfu police station in Gongshu District, no relevant rules have been issued. Whether to cancel the two major restrictions of age and the length of social security payment needs to be confirmed by the new policy rules. At present, the implementation of talent residence is still in accordance with the original policy requirements.

Just let it go, Ill buy it.

Although it is only a relaxed expectation, the new talent policy in Hangzhou has blown a spring water in the property market.

Originally, Hangzhous land photography situation this month, including the emergence of a newten thousand people shakebuilding, has shaken the views of many landlords and customers. Now, when the new talent policy comes out, it is almost unanimous. It is like a sudden outbreak of great goodness in the stock market, holding firm, sharpening the head outside to squeeze in. A shopkeeper in Hangzhou Luxury Bang said.

It is understood that in March 2019, Hangzhou had two big red plates, namely the West Lake International City and the four seasons of China. The winning rates were 1.5% and 2.71%, respectively. The average sales price of the two projects and the average price of the surrounding second-hand houses had upside-down space of more than 10,000 yuan, so they were strongly sought after.

And from the second half of 2008, the frequent phenomenon of floating pats in the land market also showed a significant recovery in March. For example, in the land pat on March 29, five residential land sales, three premium rates exceeded 40%, one more than 30%, one more than 10%, of which the floor price of Yuhang Qiaosi land refreshed the highest price of the plate.

Ten thousand people shake plus the hot land market with high premium transaction, which is in sharp contrast to many new dishes and land pats at the end of 2018. The voice of getting out of winter and into spring in Hangzhou property market is growing, and the new talent policy is just like adding fuel to this enthusiasm.

Many intermediaries told reporters that at present, the buyers and sellers of the real estate market have almost changed their original positions, the buyers have become anxious, and the sellers have begun to wait and see. In the previous six months, most buyers were waiting for the decline of house prices, landlords began to rush to sell, and the number of second-hand housing listings in Hangzhou increased sharply.

According to the transparent sales network data, in March 2018, the number of second-hand housing listings in Hangzhou was only 25,000. In March 2019, the number of second-hand housing listings in Hangzhou was close to 70,000, and still in an increasing trend.

The aforementioned manager of Luxury Bang said: There are mainly two kinds of clients who come to consult now. One is the rich people in the Yangtze River Delta region who intend to speculate. The other is the purchasing power of middle and high-end talents attracted by the New Deal. I believe that the new demand is the influx of new demand groups. The former is similar to Li Guang, while the latter is more concerned about fleeing from Liang Hui, who goes north and goes deep.

Li Guoan belongs to the third kind of person. He is over 40 years old, has a college diploma and works in Quzhou. He did not meet the requirements of Hangzhou. But if the age limit and the social security payment period are relaxed, he will have the chance to become a new Hangzhou person. Settlement is to buy a house, buy a house for his son, and then work in Hangzhou, and work elsewhere. Ill sell it again. I wont lose money on the house anyway.

Although the children havent started to go to college yet, Li Guoan believes that its not wrong to prepare for their children in advance. He also believes that Hangzhou is the best choice for local people in Zhejiang. Shanghai is too expensive, whats too far from Nanjing and Xian, the home is a small city, and the children certainly dont want to wait. Its better to go to Hangzhou, Hangzhou is developing fast, and the Asian Games are to be held. How can it be considered appropriate?

Hangzhous housing Price-to-income ratio is 18.1, which is much lower than that of Shenzhens 34.2, Shanghais 26.1 and Beijings 25.4, according to the National Report on the Housing Price-to-Income Ratio of 50 Cities in 2018. However, in Zhejiang Province and other key cities around the Yangtze River Delta except Shanghai, the average price of Hangzhou is about 33,000 yuan per square metre, which is higher than 29,000 yuan per square metre in Nanjing, 23,000 yuan per square metre in Suzhou and 20,000 yuan per square metre in Ningbo.

As long as its open, Ill buy it the next day after I settle down! Li Guoan said the down payment was ready.

There are not a few local people in Zhejiang who have similar ideas with Li Guoan. Relatives and friends close to the reporters said, Do you want to go to Hangzhou to buy a house became the focus of discussion at many gatherings during the Qing and Ming holidays. The status of the capital city of Hangzhou and the attributes of a new front-line city at the door of the home triggered the agitation of investors and newly needy people in the province.

Policy liberalization, Hangzhou population will only grow, that demand is bound to grow, I think it will rise, like last year Hangzhou housing prices began to fall, we all feel that there is no new demand, no one to take orders, are anxious to sell, now there is new demand, no matter how this expectation is finally fulfilled, this is the space for speculation. Liu Min, a former member of the Madam Real Estate Real Estate Group, told reporters that her sisters had begun to step on the tray and wait for the opportunity to move.

However, Liu Min also said that even if there is the possibility of growth, the overall increase should not be too large. From the basic point of view of investment, it is inevitable that new demand will lead to short-term price explosion, but the housing supply in Hangzhou is also significantly increased, so overall, the relationship between supply and demand will not change much.

Source: Responsible Editor of Economic Observer: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331