Girl Mother Kicking Child Model: Being blinded by money and feeling indebted to the child

 Girl Mother Kicking Child Model: Being blinded by money and feeling indebted to the child

On the 9th, because of kicking the child model daughter, Niunius mother has been occupying the microblog hot search, which has been questioned by all parties. Two days later, Niuniu Mama Xu Li (pseudonym) was interviewed by a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily about the storm. She admitted that she was increasingly lost in the road of child model circle, neglected to take care of her children and felt indebted to her children because she was blinded by money. This incident also made her determined to correct her mistakes in educating her children.

When a child model can take a child to earn money, its no mistake.

Xu Li is from Jiangsu Province. In addition to a 3-year-old girl, she also has a 9-year-old son, whose family expenses are mainly supported by her husbands work. Although she has been working full-time at home to take care of her children, Xu Li also wants to earn some money to support her family. She had previously opened an online store in her hometown, and later opened a real womens clothing store.

Daughters entry into the childrens model circle originated from an accident. Xu Li told reporters that once when she bought clothes for Niu Niu on the Internet, she sent a buyers show to the shop, but she was not expected to be looked at by the shop, believing that the child had qualifications, and encouraged her to let the child take photos as a model.

Before she was 9 years old, Xu Li didnt have a picture, which became her biggest regret. When she became a mother, she especially liked taking pictures of the children. Xu Li was moved when she heard that she could make a child model, take beautiful pictures in all kinds of beautiful clothes and earn money.

More importantly, this job can make money with children, Xu Li told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, she has always wanted to go out to work, even find a job, but because no one at home to help her with children, can only do so.

Its difficult for customers to call names and say no

At first, Xu Li drove her daughter to Zhili to take photos, and there were not many orders. Because Niu Niu has good qualifications and is the most sought-after child in the base, she quickly became popular in the circle. More and more customers called for Niu Niu to take photos. For convenience, Xu Li rented and lived in weaving with her daughter last August, formally becoming a child model mother.

There are media reports, because of the fast money, high income, Zhili childrens model circle competition is becoming more and more fierce, which children are good at shooting, which children are easy to cry, there are word of mouth. Xu Li did not feel the pressure too much. Choosing which child is the customers preference and parents cant decide, Xu said. More and more children of the same height as Niu entered the market, but only those children could receive orders back and forth.

Niu Niu is one of them. This girl with big eyes, long eyelashes and a sweet smile has become a special model for many online stores. Previously, the network had exposed Niunius circle of friends, nearly 400 pieces in four days, especially today 119 pieces break the record again. Xu Li said that this is almost the largest number of orders she received, each time, she will decide the number of orders for a day according to the speed of photographers shooting.

But in weaving childrens model circles, it is very difficult to say no without saying no. The past March is the peak season for childrens clothes. Many stores are catching up with the new clothes. They need childrens models to produce new clothes quickly. Clothes are easy to go out of season, and customers are very anxious. Xu Li said that most of the customers who look for her are old customers, who are familiar with them at ordinary times, and she cant get rid of them.

The video of Xu Li beating Niu with a hanger was circulated on the Internet in March. It was more than 7 p.m. at that time. Xu Li, who had finished shooting, received a request from an old customer that only two clothes were waiting for renovation and asked her to take a picture. But the girl who had been filming for a day became upset. Xu Li took her to the corner and scolded her. I mainly frightened her, but I didnt really want to hit her.

Parents dont spend their childrens money more easily than model children.

After the Niu Niu incident, many netizens believed that parents make money by making their children model children. In Xu Lis opinion, parents accompanying their children in Zhili Base are no less relaxed than their children, and the degree of hardship is no less than any other full-time job.

Nowadays, Niu Niu, who has just reached the age of 3, is 95cm tall. Among children of the same height, Niu Niu is younger, more active and uncontrolled. In order to make Niu Niu take photographs that satisfy the photographer, Xu Li needs to follow Niu Niu incessantly, keep telling stories to attract her attention and make her laugh, so that every consumer who sees Niu Nius photos can fantasize that their children can look as good in this dress as the girl.

Xu Li told the Beijing Youth Daily that in the base, she was always facing the sky, because she often had to kneel to tease children, and her clothes were always grey. She did not deny that Niu Niu earned some money as a child model, but denied that she spent it on herself. I have saved it for her, and I want to save it for her to go to a good school and take an interest class in the future.

Feeling indebted to the child and determined to correct the problem

In the early morning of April 10, Xu Li once sent an apology statement, saying that the video department had taught too much and had no intention of child abuse. However, most of the netizens do not buy it, and the questioning of Xu Li and the subsequent explosions have not stopped.

Xu Li told reporters that apologies are true and reflection is true. These days, including her family and herself, she is reflecting, because she has a quick temper, and when she meets a child, she will habitually yell at her. Sometimes she will start. Although she never thought about beating the child, this way will definitely bring harm to the child. She is also determined to correct her own problems and treat the child more gently.

Xu Li did not respond to the question about the time of shooting, but she admitted that she and her daughter were both physically and mentally exhausted by desperate orders. Looking back at the storm, she felt that being exposed was not a bad thing. If it wasnt for this, I might have taken my children to take pictures desperately and earned money, but maybe eventually my children and I were exhausted.

With the popularity of child models, there is a steady stream of money and fame. Xu Li admits that Niu Niu is becoming more and more popular, and her desire is growing, so that she is blinded by money. She not only lost herself, but also does not care enough about her children and owes too much to them.

On November 11th, Xu Li returned to her home in Jiangsu with her daughter. The family, which had been separated from each other for many years, was finally reunited. Having not seen my father and sister for a long time, and my brother who has not seen my mother for a long time, they are very happy. They dont know the storm on the Internet, and nothing is more important than family together.

Xu Li said that Niu Niu laughed very well, and customers would ask to take pictures of Niu Niu laughing. On the day she got home, she updated a video of Niuniu reading in her circle of friends. The girl in her Pink Plush pajamas turned the book and smiled at the cartoon characters in the book.

Source: Beijing Headline Responsible Editor: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331