Assanges mother appealed for kindness to her son: he was illegally detained for eight years without medical treatment

 Assanges mother appealed for kindness to her son: he was illegally detained for eight years without medical treatment

Assange raised his thumb on his way to court. (Figure: Reuters)

Overseas Networks, April 12 - Assanges mother sent a social media message on April 12 calling on the authorities to treat her son well. Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, was arrested by British police on November 11 after hiding in the British Embassy of Ecuador for seven years. The United States also sought Assanges extradition.

Christine Assange, Assanges mother, wrote in the social media on Friday that as a mother, she had pleaded with police, prison officials and court staff. She said that her beloved son Julian Assange had been illegally detained for eight years. He had not breathed fresh air, participated in sports or enjoyed outdoor sunshine for six years. He had been ill for three years and had no cure. He had become more and more lonely in recent years. Therefore, she appealed to the police and court staff: Please treat him with patience, gentleness and kindness.

Assanges mother wrote in the social media appealing for good treatment of her son. (Image: From Assanges Mothers Social Account)

Assange was arrested by British police in London on November 11. London police said that the British had arrested Assange in the Embassy of Ecuador under an arrest warrant issued by the Westminster District Court on 29 June 2012. Subsequently, Washington accused Assange of conspiring with Manning in 2010 to seek the extradition of the founder of WikiLeaks. U.S. media said the Justice Department is preparing for prosecution.

Meanwhile, after Ecuador withdrew its political asylum at its embassy in London, Foreign Minister Jose Valencia said Thursday that Ecuador had deprived Julian Assange of his Ecuadorian citizenship at the end of 2017. Marise Payne, Australias foreign minister, said Assange would continue to receive the general consular support of the Australian government and that Australian consular officials would seek to visit Assange at his place of detention. But for the possible extradition of Assange by the United States, Australian Prime Minister Morrison said it was an American affair.

DATA FIGURE: Assange was interviewed in 2011. (Image: Associated Press)

It is understood that Julian Paul Assange, an Australian journalist, is the director and spokesman of WikiLeaks. Before being the spokesman and editor of WikiLeaks, Assange was a student, programmer and hacker in physics and mathematics. He has traveled from country to country, lived indefinitely, and occasionally appeared in public. Since its inception, WikiLeaks has published a considerable number of confidential documents, including documents on the actions of American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, extrajudicial executions in Kenya, toxic waste dumping in Czechoslovakia, Handbooks for Scientology, and so on. From November 28, 2010, WikiLeaks and other media partners began to issue secret U.S. diplomatic cables. On 30 November of the same year, at the request of the International Public Prosecutors Office in Sweden, Interpol issued an international arrest warrant against Assange on the grounds of suspected sexual offences. On December 7, 2010, Assange surrendered to the police in London, but denied the charges.

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