19-year-old New Ronaldo Europa League HAT + assists! Shombappi celebration after a shocking kick!

 19-year-old New Ronaldo Europa League HAT + assists! Shombappi celebration after a shocking kick!

After entering World Wave, Felix made a celebration of Mbappe.

In the 20th minute of the game, Frankfurt defender Ndika fouled Goldson in the penalty area. The referee punished the penalty kick and sent Ndika off with a red card. Felix stepped up to take the penalty kick and shot it into the dead corner of the goal to help Benfica take the lead. Although Frankfurt equalised the score in the 40th minute, only three minutes later, after Felix cut the ball in the left side and suddenly started to shoot hard outside the penalty area, Benfica took the lead again before the end of the first half.

Felix hat trick + header assists

Fifty-fourth minute, Felix again received his teammates left pass in the restricted area and then pushed through the door, performing a hat trick. In addition, in the 50th minute, Felix also received a corner kick from his teammates and headed off, assisting Dias to score a header at the back point. With three goals and one assistant, Felix became the dominant player in the game. Felix broke the record set by Juve player Piazza in 2014 (aged 19, 219 days) at the age of 19 and 152 days, becoming the youngest player in Europa League history to perform a hat trick.

Born on November 10, 1999, Felix is a new star trained by Benficas youth academy, playing mainly as a winger and a second striker. This season, Felix began to gain a stable position in Benficas first team and has scored 15 goals in all competitions so far. Especially after entering 2019, Felix scored eight goals in the Portuguese Super League, three goals in the Europa League and one goal in the Portuguese Cup. He was in excellent condition and was even praised as the new C-Ro.

At present, the Portuguese starlet is being watched by European giants such as Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus. At present, the contract settlement between Felix and Benfica is 120 million, but with his performance getting better and better, Benfica has hoped to sign a new contract with Felix for 200 million. For Felix, who is only 19 years old, whether he will be landing at the top this summer still needs to be carefully assessed.

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