Ma Yuntans 996: Its a great blessing to be able to do it. Many people dont have a chance.

 Ma Yuntans 996: Its a great blessing to be able to do it. Many people dont have a chance.

Ma Yun talks about 996: Being able to do 996 is a great blessing. Many people think 996 has no chance.

Ma Yun said that to be able to do 996 is a great blessing, many companies, many people think 996 has no chance. So far, I must be more than 12x12.

996.ICU is on fire. This is a network resistance initiated by programmers against overtime industry latent rules that quickly spread to the entire Internet practitioners.

The so-called 996 refers to the working hours from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., six days a week, and the minimum average working hours of 72 hours a week. According to the relevant provisions of Chinas Labor Law, the State implements the system of working hours of no more than 8 hours per day and no more than 44 hours per week.

The system is very good, the reality is very skeletal. Overtime work is not only a common practice for Internet practitioners, but also a trend of spreading to all walks of life. It has almost become a hidden rule ignored by Chinese workers.

Until March 27 this year, a project called 996. ICU was launched on GitHub, and programmers began to expose and boycott 996. ICU Internet companies, quickly triggering online public opinion. Some netizens Tucao 996 work system harm physical and mental health, affect family happiness; some netizens think that overdraft youth, without poetry and distance, is just a pseudo struggle; and netizens reprimand this is a violation of labor law, but can only accept the reality of hidden rules.

How do Internet giants view the 996 issue? 21st Century Economic Reporter learned that Ma Yun exchanged this hot topic with Alibaba employees in an internal exchange on April 11. Ma Yun said: To be able to do 996 is a great blessing, many companies, many people think 996 has no chance. So far, I must be more than 12x12.

Following is Ma Yuns speech at the inter-Alibaba exchange on April 11:

About 996, now this is a very hot topic in China, many enterprises have this problem. Personally, I think its a great blessing to be able to do 996. Many companies, many people think 996 has no chance. If you werent 996 when you were young, when would you be 996? You havent had 996 in your life. Do you think youre proud? In this world, every one of us hopes to succeed, to live a better life and to be respected. I would like to ask you, how can you achieve the success you want without the efforts and time to surpass others?

I dont want to say 996, so far, I must be more than 12x12. There are many people in 996 in the world. There are many people who work 12 hours and 13 hours a day. They are harder, harder and smarter than us. Not all people who do 996 have the opportunity to really do something valuable, meaningful and achievable.

So today, BAT companies in China are able to make 996. I think its a good fortune for those of us. Think about people who dont have jobs, people who might close tomorrow, people who dont know where Revenue is in the next quarter, people who dont use the programs youve worked so hard at... Compared with them, to this day, I still feel that I am very lucky, I do not regret 12x12, I have never changed this point.

Now many pictures tell us that Ma Yun stood on the edge, but now he has changed to C position. I have been the president of the Student Union and the president of the Hangzhou Federation of Students in the university. Look at those pictures. When I was in that corner, I took all the people out. I was their leader. Why am I the big head? Because I spend more time than they do. Besides taking exams in class, I spent more time doing student union work than anybody else. I learned how to serve others and how to establish relationships among my classmates so that they could do better in school. Only if you pay a huge price, one day there will be a possibility of return. If you dont pay the price, you cant have a return.

Again, what kind of company is Alibaba? Alibaba let the world do no difficult business, this is our mission, our company is very hard, we have not deceived you, we have not told you that the company is very comfortable. Do you think that let the world do no difficult business is to fool you? Thats what we did.

Today we have so many resources, we have a huge mission, hope that in the future can let the world do no difficult business, you can not pay? May not. So we say, to join Ali, you have to be ready for 12 hours a day, otherwise what are you doing in Ali? We dont lack comfortable people who work eight hours. Today, we have to recruit some 8 hours to work. Every day, we sit in a good office. The conditions are good, the canteen is good, and we have a good sense of honor to go out. Such people can be found all over the street.

But what do we need? Lets ask you what exactly you want to do when you come to this company. Its about changing yourself, helping others, and fulfilling your mission.

Ali worked overtime in his early years, but what did we do? In overtime classes, after 8 hours of work, the main evening is resumption and study. What we have done wrong today, what should be repaired, how should we learn from each other? Two or three hours outside of eight hours are for study and promotion, not for overtime work.

I hope Ali people love what you do. If you dont love it, even eight hours will be too long for you. If you love it, 12 hours wont be too long.

If youre not happy with eight hours of work, its meaningless and uncomfortable for you to do it. What are you doing? You dont know what to do for eight hours. It doesnt make sense, so even if you dont have 996, you dont know what to do.

This is life. You choose a company which ranks first in China today. The first one is to pay a price. There are at least 50 million enterprises in China. You choose this company instead of the others. Of course, this is different. I got home at one oclock yesterday. Why? I choose my own way, there is no complaint, no complaint, this is my choice. Everyone has come to Ali. Now that you have chosen to work, it is better to make your 996 more comfortable than to make yourself miserable. If you work for ten years, you can work for another 20 years, thats all.

Joining Alibaba, what do we bring to people and what are the rewards? This is what I think most of my time.

I dont think Ali came for a high salary, not because of stocks, not because we have a good working environment, not because of year-end awards, not because of these things. These are very important. We all have old people, young people, wives and children. We must take care of them. If you cant take good care of your family, give them a good life, a good education, and take care of their parentshealth, thats the wrong life. But what I want to think about most is how we can turn you into a different person when you have been in Ali for ten years.

Change in one year, change in three years. When you go back, your parents find that this child has changed. Your wife finds out how my husband has become ideal, thoughtful and focused on work. Your children think that Mom and Dad are just different from others. This is the personal growth of the Ali people that we hope to achieve. This growth is not how big the position is, but how you view the problems, your attitude towards difficulties and your attitude towards life.

All the people who joined Ali will be different in three years and five years. Ten years later, Ali people, go anywhere, we are reassured. We are sure to develop this skill, but this decade you have to practice, that is to pay a price beyond ordinary people. Otherwise, what are you doing? I said all this very thoroughly. Its a bit ugly, but thats the truth. We dont fool you. Oh come on. The conditions are good. We dont need to fool now. We didnt fool before. Today we dont need to fool at all.

I feel so today that Alibaba cant afford to do anything. What we do can be of real value to society, so that people can buy better things and enjoy a better life.

Business is the greatest public welfare, creating employment, creating tax revenue, no commercial tax revenue, no economic development, where the high-speed rail, where the highway? We have contributed to the progress of society. We have allowed everyone in Ali to grow up. We have created countless jobs.

Ali has a lucky newspaper. These of us have solved our food and clothing, and have a good income. Our company does not have to worry too much about profits. We can also do something for others. This is a great blessing.

In fact, the public welfare is to help themselves, charity may be mainly to help others. Im really proud of myself. Many of us in Alibaba today are not open to the public. They all do a lot of public good. I particularly hope that all Alibaba people will either join numerous public welfare organizations within the whole Alibaba Group or join the Alibaba Public Welfare Foundation.

Many people just want to buy a car and a house for their parents, which is very important, but I think you should have this ideal. After 10 or 15 years of working in Ali, one day you can set up a public welfare fund of your own. You can do something you want to do. You can help your children have more blessings and help yourself have blessings. Isnt it a good thing? This requires 996.

Source: Liable Editor of 21st Century Economic Report: Li Wan_B11284