Visual China and Stars Muddle Account: Sell your stills for money and you spend it as well

 Visual China and Stars Muddle Account: Sell your stills for money and you spend it as well

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I cant imagine that visual China can also have a public relations crisis. Shouldnt it be that he brings crisis to others? As a platform for sending claim letters to others, visual China has become the focus of public criticism this time.

Actress Mo Xiaoqi said on her micro-blog yesterday (April 11), My own platform, send me my own photos, and I received notifications asking me to pay copyright fees, a little forgetful when I authorized your platform? @ Visual Chinese Images.

Source: Sina Weibo

It feels a little confused. Mo Xiaoqi told reporters. Every reporter then interviewed Mr. Wang Xiaoyan, the legal adviser of Mr. Mo Xiaoqi Company, to learn that in fact, the copyright of Mr. Mo Xiaoqis dramas belongs to the playwright. Moxiaoqi has authorized the crew to publish these photos. Moxiaoqi said that the crew did not authorize the stills to Visual China, and it is unclear how the picture was circulated.

When you ask someone to pay, you have to prove that something is your own. Wang Xiaoyan said, And legally speaking, even if the copyright owner of the picture authorizes the exclusion of the picture to visual China, visual China wants to sell the picture as a commercial act for profit, because when it comes to the right of the photographed object to portrait, it needs the permission of the photographed object, otherwise it violates the right to portrait.

The copyright of the stills belongs to the theatre crew, who said they had not authorized Visual China.

Last year, Visual China sent an e-mail to Moxiaoqi, saying that the companys public number used several copyrighted pictures of Visual China, demanding payment or prosecution. As a lawyer, Wang Xiaoyan met people in Visual China.

Wang Xiaoyan asked Visual China to show evidence of copyright authorization. The other side said, Since you have been found, there must be authorization, just because there are too many authorizations, it is more troublesome to find. And thats at the court stage, and now its negotiation.

As a result of the consultation, Visual China has given a package fee. If you are willing to cooperate, you can buy tens of maps at a low price, thousands of yuan. If you dont buy a set meal, Visual China will have to take the legal path. The courts decision may be thousands of yuan a picture. Wang Xiaoyan said.

We convey it to our customers, and they agree to buy it, because they still attach great importance to copyright. It is inevitable that the public number will use some pictures to avoid future troubles. We didnt go into it. What we thought at that time was that Visual China was a big company and would not ask for money without copyright authorization.

On April 10, Visual China contacted Moxiaoqi Company again, saying that the last purchase of dozens of pictures from the right to use them had run out so far and needed renewal. What pictures of visual China have been used in more than a year? Visual China issued a usage report to Moxiaoqi Company. Moxiaoqi Company was surprised to find that it had its own stills.

If it werent for the stills, we might have no doubt that Visual China is the copyright owner of dozens of pictures this time. Wang Xiaoyan said, But this time we feel that there is a problem, because when Mo Xiaoqi participated in the play, he explicitly agreed with the theatre team in the form of a contract. The copyright of the script belongs to the theatre team, and the theatre team said that it did not authorize visual China.

Therefore, it is not excluded that visual China does not have copyright of these stills at all, and stamp them and sell them on its own platform.

CCTV commented that the main problems of visual China lie in the following: 1. Implementing copyright infringement in the name of protection, plundering the beauty of others, deceiving and blackmail as copyright owners. For example, copyright owners of black hole photographs have opened their copyright, but visual China has falsely charged foreign fees. In fact, visual China will open a large number of overseas copyright photographs to own. Secondly, visual China engages in ceramic-style rights protection, frequently carries out high-price claims, frequently requests to sign a contract for a package year, making the media and self-Media tremble and dare not match maps.

Protecting rights everywhere under the banner of copyright, but totally ignoring the infringement of the subjects portrait rights

Liu Shenleilei, a well-known columnist, searched his name in Visual China and produced 19 pictures. The basic information of the picture shows that the picture has no right to portrait or ownership.

The photographer wants to pass it on and earn a little extra money. Its emotionally understandable. Liushen Leilei told reporters, But the complete rights and interests of pictures are composed of copyright and portrait rights. Now copyright owners and agents are asking for land, and the owners of portraits and real rights know nothing about it.

If you dont get the right to portrait a character, you can sell it? Wang Xiaoyanfa microblogged angrily, Visual China, protecting intellectual property rights is a good thing, copyright should be protected, but its too ugly to eat. You send letters everywhere to protect your copyright, so when do you have a good chat about the violation of artistsportrait rights?

Source: Sina Weibo

In fact, both stars and ordinary people have the right to portrait. Even if we ordinary people are photographed, if the photographer passes the picture to visual China, visual China has not been authorized by the subjects portrait right to sell the picture, then it also involves infringement of the portrait right.

Thirty years ago, the General Principles of Civil Law clearly stipulated that the use of portraits for profit purposes was prohibited without the consent of citizens. Therefore, in this respect, visual China obviously carries the flag of copyright to defend rights and litigation, but completely ignores the infringement of the subjects right to portrait. CCTV reported.

Several industry insiders close to actors confessed to reporters: Its not uncommon for such things as Moxiaoqis dramas to be required to pay copyright fees by Visual China. But most companies pay attention to copyright. When facing the requirement of set meal in visual China, they will pay for harmony and pay a certain fee in exchange for the right to use some photos.

Ordinary artists or companies spend money to ask photographers to take photos, which will stipulate copyright ownership. If the photographers unauthorized to send the unauthorized photos to visual China, they are suspected of violating the law. An insider said.

In addition, artists are a kind of profession with high requirements for external image. When the shooting angle is inappropriate or the expression management is lax, they are snapped by invisible cameras. There are a large number of artistsbeautiful pictures in visual China with huge material packages. Netizens once jokingly referred to visual China as a star shining demon mirror.

It has been reported that Visual China will use such photos as chips to negotiate with artistsstudios or brokerage companies to pay copyright fees, otherwise the photos will be uploaded.

However, every reporter to a number of artists brokers, work companies to verify, there is no confirmation that visual China will take artists ugly photos as chips to collect set meal fees. Artists take image management as their work. Public relations teams manage photos online all day. Sometimes when they see bad images of artists, they ask for deletion. In order to reach their appeals, they do not exclude the way of spending money. Visual Chinasugly photoas a threat, we have not experienced, are human to human, no news at all. Film and television practitioners said to every journalist.

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