Men who borrow 7,000 yuan are subjected to routine loans which roll up to 3 million yuan a year with interest and principal.

 Men who borrow 7,000 yuan are subjected to routine loans which roll up to 3 million yuan a year with interest and principal.

When Hu Fei was seen in the West Lake detention center, he looked like a fresh graduate, wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses. It was hard to imagine that he was actually engaged in routine loan related work before he was arrested.

Hu Fei used to be a credit card salesman in a bank with low income. A few months before the accident, he met the owner of a lending company called the richest man in Changshan. From then on, he became a salesman of a lending company, responsible for developing customers.

Now I know. I didnt know it was against the law until I was caught. Hu Fei, across the iron fence, repeated many times that he did not know that it was illegal for his company to charge high interest and that it was illegal to invite borrowers who had not paid back to the company for several hours.

During a conversation with Hu Fei, he whispered, Ive heard that people die because of borrowing money. But then he became very excited, shaking his head constantly, enlarging his voice step by step, and competing with his handcuffed hands, I know very little, I dont know how the company does.

Hu Fei was arrested because Xiao Yin, one of the victims, could not afford to disturb the police. The police tracked down the loan syndicate.

Xiao Yins nightmare had begun before he knew Hu Fei. He never thought that he had only borrowed 7,000 yuan to repay his credit card, but he had to repay more than 3 million yuan with interest in just one year. Whats more terrible is that this group of routine loans was also involved in blacks.

Mingming borrowed 10,000 yuan.

The other side said that 20,000 debit notes should be signed according to the rules

Xiao Yin is from Hangzhou. He is 23 years old in 2017. He has just graduated from university. After graduation, he is not in a hurry to find a job.

On April 16, 2017, in order to repay 3,000 yuan of credit card debt, he found Chen Mou, a Wechat friend circle, to make a loan, and wanted to borrow 4,000 yuan.

Xiao Yin is not familiar with Chen, but Chen said he could borrow money. So Chen took Xiao Yin to an office building near the West Lake Cultural Square to borrow money. This is Xiao Yins first time to borrow money.

Chen Mou took out a form and said you could borrow it if you filled in the information.

This information form needs to write personal information, family assets, contact telephone, Xiao Yin signed without thinking.

When Xiao Yin finished signing the documents, the other side said that the money could be borrowed, but it needed 10,000 yuan to start.

Xiao Yin can think about it and talk about it. Later, Chen wrote a 20,000 yuan loan slip for Xiao Yin to sign on the grounds of rules because Xiao Yin was eager to borrow money.

Chen Mou also proposed to charge 2675 yuan for 10,000 yuan of loan. The repayment method is 875 yuan of principal and interest per week, which lasts for 20 weeks and cannot be repaid in advance.

Xiao Yin felt that these conditions were too much for him to borrow.

At this time, Chen Mou took out the 20,000 yuan debit note signed by Xiaoyin and said, Then I can only take this debit note to the court to sue you.

On balance, Xiao Yin got 7,325 yuan on that day and wrote down a 20,000 yuan debit note.

The nightmare began like this. In the seventh week of repayment, Xiao Yin was unable to repay his debts. Chen Mou proposed to charge 30% of the liquidated damages.

For Xiao Yin, its just worse. At this time, Chen introduced him to a lending company named Jishiyu.

Still with the monthly interest of 1600 yuan, Xiao Yin borrowed 30,000 yuan, signed 80,000 debit notes, and actually got 15,000 yuan for the debts of Chen Mou and before settling accounts.

Sitting in the office for four hours,

Give 20,000 interest to let go

In September of that year, Xiao Yin was introduced to the Crown Capital Company where Hu Fei was located (hereinafter referred to as Crown) before he could pay for another company.

The first time I received it. Hu Fei recalled that when he first met Xiao Yin, he came to sign a loan slip. Hu Fei said that he could not remember what he said at that time. He only remembered Xiao Yins arrears. In fact, he could not get any cash at all.

After that meeting, Hu Fei and Xiao Yin added Weixin friends. At that time, they seemed to have a good relationship.

According to Hu Fei, he observed Xiao Yin for a long time, the young man was generous, good face, all owed money like this, and often said to invite everyone to drink and sing.

Hu Fei said that he had never been there once. He mentioned Xiao Yin as a person who has many apartments at home, loves to dress up and show off.

Hu Fei saw Xiao Yin again on January 16, last year, at the gate of Sandun, Xiao Yinjia District.

That day, Hu Fei received a telephone call from Mr. Chen asking him to take Xiao Yin to the company with some brothers of the collection group. Our party sat on bread to his place, and as soon as he appeared, they pulled him into the car.

Xiao Yin was taken to an office building by force, and the company directors who lent him money forced him to pay back the money in the office.

Hu Fei said Xiao Yin sat in the office for four hours and finally paid 20,000 yuan in interest to let him go. Hu Fei said he did not know what had happened in the office.

In fact, he knows in his heart that people who owe money to the company should take photos with their ID cards, loan contracts, debit notes and so on.

The amount of borrowing and the repayment period are optional.

But it takes at least half the time to pay off the full amount in advance.

Through the iron fence, Hu Fei-dun had a meal, as if he was thinking about something.

He went on to say that Crown included three salesmen, three collectors, and one financier, plus six people brought by Zheng Gang later, the company had more than ten people.

The owner, Chen Zonghe and Zheng Gang, are brothers of Shi. Their master is in Tianjin for loan business. Chen Zonghe drives a BMW, nicknamed the richest man in Changshan. He starts out as a shoe. Zheng Gang mixes with society and is called Big Brother.

Hu Fei said that bosses of various lending companies often gather together to sing and eat.

Every day around 11 oclock to work, the company manages meals, the person responsible for the collection is even in charge, the base salary is 3000 yuan, every single made, the salesman will have 400 yuan commission; those overdue, every successful collection of a single, there will be 20% commission.

Hu said that he can make several orders every day. Monthly income is not a problem. Wages are paid in cash or Alipay.

Their customer source is the introduction of salesmen to each other. If they succeed in introducing one, the other company will get a red envelope of 400 yuan.

When new customers borrow money for the first time, they need to take photos with ID cards, loan contracts, debit notes, cash (exercise vouchers) and sign debit notes. If it is a large loan, it will audit information such as car, house, parentswork, so that the repayment is guaranteed.

The amount of borrowing and the repayment cycle can be chosen, but it takes at least half the time to pay off the full amount in advance.

When it comes to making a lot of money, Hu Fei will be very excited. More often than not, he has been emphasizing that he is not at the core of the company.

Routine Credit Gang nails and nails,

But they are still gangsters.

Last May, Xiao Yin had been completely defeated. Family members also know that the mother has become very ill for this reason, brother also because of his guarantee, was repeatedly called to resign.

The most important thing is that in this short year, Xiaoyins debt has been accumulated by different loan companies, snowballing to 3 million yuan!

At the end of May 2018, the Xiaoyin family chose to call the police.

Last year, the West Lake Police filed a case of fraud and extortion against Yin Mou and set up a special team.

The public security organs found that Crown Capital Limited has no industrial and commercial registration, and routine loan is their main business.

In the course of investigation, the police found that the criminal organization had bad means of committing crimes, such as violent demanding, door-to-door threats, disturbance, illegal detention, paint blocking, beating others, intentional injury, etc. to force borrowers to return high nominal loans, force victims to sell real estate and other assets, obtain illegal benefits, and ultimately cause the death of victimsfamilies. Heavy consequences.

In this case, Chen Mou-mou is the leading member, Yao Mou, Xie Mou, Hu Mou-mou and many others are the backbone members. In more than a year, a relatively stable Underworld Criminal Organization has been formed, based on Titanium Hehe International in Xiacheng District of Hangzhou City and Hongjie Tiancheng in Jianggan District, in the name of Crown Company, Peninsula Company, Senfan Company, Shengxin Company and Hongxin Company, through the means of routine loan for a long time and many times to carry out illegal and criminal activities.

At present, 47 victims of criminal activities committed by the criminal organization have been verified.

After more than nine monthsinvestigation by the public security organs, as of early April this year, 55 people had been detained, 24 arrested, 23 had been transferred for prosecution, 48 cases of fraud, extortion, provocation, illegal detention and other cases had been solved, and six property houses and two shops had been seized. Through carefully sorting out the personnel relations of 55 suspects and the cases involved, it was found that there were 18 members of criminal organizations of underworld nature headed by Chen Mou, among which 11 were arrested and 7 were on bail pending trial. (All the characters in the article are aliased names)

Source: Liable Editor of Qianjiang Evening News: Li Wan_B11284