A 21-year-old girl fell down early in the morning and her father found an amazing secret when he was sorting out the remains.

 A 21-year-old girl fell down early in the morning and her father found an amazing secret when he was sorting out the remains.

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The 21-year-old girl fell down early in the morning and her father found the big secret when he was sorting out the remains... instantly collapsed! (Source: ~)

At 3:30 a.m. on February 26, 2019, Mr. Fengs daughter jumped from the 17th floor at the age of 21. Before her daughter left, she left a few last words for the world, which made Mr. Fengs family feel like a knife-edged knife.

I should be such a free and easy person.

Im sorry for everyone.

Mom and Dad Sorry

I volunteered.

No one is to blame.

I hope I will always be kind.

Including my soul

Mr. Fengs daughter began to learn dancing at the age of three. When she was a teenager, she came to Xian from Shanxi alone. After graduation from university, she worked as a performer. Why her always kind and cheerful daughter suddenly chose to be a freshman puzzled Mr. and Mrs. Feng. When he returned to his hometown in Shanxi Province, Mr. Feng discovered important secrets while sorting out his daughters remains.

Mr. Feng: When I tidied up my things, I found out how much money she had to pay for her handwritten bills on the date of each month.

He was shocked to see it on his mobile phone. Originally, my daughter began to borrow online loans in November 2015, and has been demolishing the East Wall to make up for the West Wall. One person has paid back more than three years, until now, she still owes 170,000 yuan to the online loan platform.

Mr. Feng combed and found that his daughter had borrowed only a few thousand yuan at first, and had paid back 80,000 yuan in the past three years. Mr. Fengs heart was broken when he remembered his daughters three years of repaying money by herself.

Mr. Feng: Think about it. Its a very small matter, not hundreds of thousands of people. But for children, she has been under pressure for two or three years.

Ten days after the death of his daughter, various calls to collect debts from the online lending platform came. After Mr. Feng added the micro-letters from the collectors, the other party began to insult Mr. Feng: You are an old rascal, you are a waste. And her daughter, who had passed away, was not spared.

Mr. Feng: Lets imagine how much pressure our daughter was under. I just asked them for some credentials. He scolded so viciously that there was no moral bottom line.

Mr. Fengs greatest wish now is to seek justice for his dead daughter. At present, he has reported the case to Dongyi Road Police Station of Xian Public Security Yanta Branch with bank running water and evidence. At present, the police have accepted the case and the case is still under further investigation.

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