Chinese-American engineers are on bail for $2 million on charges of poisoning colleagues

 Chinese-American engineers are on bail for $2 million on charges of poisoning colleagues

China Overseas Chinese Network, April 12, according to the U.S. World Daily, Berkeley Engineering and Research Inc., 34, California, USA. ) David Xu, a Chinese engineer, has been suspected of poisoning a Chinese female colleague several times since 2017 and has been charged with felonies such as attempted murder. The case was heard on bail at the Alameda County High Court in Auckland on October 10. After David Xu paid a $2 million bail, Judge Yolanda Northridge decided to release him and put him under house arrest, but he had to wear a surveillance ring and hand in his passport.

According to court files, from October 9, 2017 to March 4, this year, David Xu deliberately placed cadmium in the food and water of female Chinese colleagues, which could lead to organ poisoning, cancer or death, on several occasions. The woman felt that the food and water smelled strange and had serious health problems. She had to see a doctor. Her family was sick twice after drinking the water she brought home. Video recordings revealed that David Xu had put some objects into her food and water. Police tests found that the victims bottled drinking water cadmium exceeded the standard, and blood samples of her and two relatives also increased cadmium levels.

David Xu was arrested on March 28 with an unknown motive.

Julia Jayne, a lawyer, previously pleaded not guilty on behalf of David Xu. The bail is expected to be set at $200,000, while Matt Golde, the county attorney, recommends a bail of $5 million. Ultimately, Judge Rosicky decided to bail 2 million.

Jenny has always stressed that David Xu has no criminal record and will not pose a threat to the community. David Xu is expected to attend the preliminary hearing at the end of May.

Source: Liable Editor of China Overseas Chinese Network: Li Wan_B11284