Arsenal scored another goal: seven passes dismembered Serie A No. 2! Juve laughed

 Arsenal scored another goal: seven passes dismembered Serie A No. 2! Juve laughed

In the 13th minute of the game, Napoli missed a pass near the middle circle and Ramsey broke the ball. As a result, Arsenal began to fight back quickly, which they were good at. Neil grabbed the ball and gave it to Ozil next to him. The German midfielder adjusted a little and pushed on. After Ramsey made a kick-wall match, Ozil found Kaladze lurking on the right side with a delicate pass, the latter slanting into the penalty area, Nels knocked and Ramsey hit.

It was a flowing attack, with four Arsenal players sharing seven passes and tearing Napolis defence, Ramsey finally finished his final strike. It is worth mentioning that in this attack, Ramseys running position is also very important. After the break, Ramsey quickly started to move forward, made a kick-wall cooperation with him in front of Ozil, and then continued to move forward, to the opponents penalty area, Ramsey found a good gap, the so-called man to the ball, when Niles passed the ball out, Ramsey already had. Place and wait for the ball, and finally complete a foot in close proximity to the launch.

Throughout the game, Ramsays performance is also very eye-catching. In the game, Ramsay completed five goals, three goals and scored one goal. In addition, Ramsay completed 54 passes, and the success rate of passing reached 86%. In the face of such data, Ramsey has naturally become a major contributor to Arsenals eventual victory in this game. One thing is for sure, Juventus will be delighted to see Ramsey behave like this, after all, they are about to get a good attacker.

Of course, for Arsenal, the 2-0 win over Napoli in the first leg does not mean that they have been promoted. After all, when they go to Napoli in the second leg, the opponents will certainly bring the Gunners a lot of trouble. But if Ramsey and others can play as well as before, then Arsenal need not have too much pressure in the second round, after all, they are now the dominant side.

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