Manchester United ghost story: The last home goal in the Champions League was Luneng Ferraini.

 Manchester United ghost story: The last home goal in the Champions League was Luneng Ferraini.

For Manchester United, Barcelona, which has few weaknesses, is clearly stronger than Paris, which lacks Neymar. Manchester United play Barcelona in the quarter-finals and they play at home first. Yesterdays game, Manchester Uniteds offense is obviously not good enough, 10 shots, even 0 shots. In the end, Manchester United lost 1-0, which was their fourth game of the season without a goal.

When was the last time Manchester United scored zero in the Champions League? The answer is March 2005. At that time, they lost 0-1 at San Siro to AC Milan. The Daily Mail has used a series of data to show how badly Manchester United have played this season: what is the concept of Manchester United losing four of their last six home games in the Champions League? In the 71 previous Champions League home games, Manchester United lost only four games (51 wins, 16 draws and 4 losses).

Even more frightening is the fact that the last time Manchester United scored in Europe at home was in November last year, when Ferraini scored. In that match, Ferrainis goal helped Manchester United win the match. Mourinho thrilled on the bench by lifting a tank of water bottles and smashing it on the ground to vent his indignation. However, Ferraini is no longer at Manchester United and has joined the Luneng Club of the Chinese Super League. After arriving in the Chinese Super League, Ferrainis condition is remarkable.

Manchester Uniteds recent four defeats could cost them a season of hard work. In the Premier League, they lost to Arsenal and Wolves, which made Manchester Uniteds fourth round situation less optimistic. In the FA Cup, they were eliminated by Wolves and the FA Cup was their most promising event to win; in the Champions League, they lost 0-1 at home to Barcelona yesterday, and the prospects for the second round were very bleak.

On the Internet, some Manchester United fans began to question Solskjaer: In the last five games, Manchester United lost four. In January next year, Solskjaer may be leaving. I respect him, but hes not good enough. Solskjaer loves Manchester United very much, but its not enough to coach a team with a few slogans. In my opinion, its a bit too hasty for the top to turn to Solskjaer. I dont think Solskjaer has done enough. He hasnt proven himself yet. Manchester United should change coaches this summer. Solskjaer is a fool.

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