Stop worrying about football lagging behind! AFL League ranking: China Super League Asia No. 1

 Stop worrying about football lagging behind! AFL League ranking: China Super League Asia No. 1

According to the previous rules, the technical score ratio of AFC is 30% for the national team and 70% for the club. Since 2018, the proportion of national teams has dropped to 10% and that of clubs to 90%. Starting from this ranking, AFC will learn from UEFA in an all-round way, and will no longer take the national teams performance as a reference for the associations ranking. That is to say, the associations ranking will be the result of Asian competition clubs such as the Asian Championship, which has nothing to do with the national team.

In terms of Chinese football, China has always been more competitive in the Asian Champions League, especially Hengda who won the Asian Championship 2 times. However, the performance of the national football team has been lagging behind. Nowadays, without national football lagging behind, China Super League has become the first Asian football player after the new rules. As long as the Chinese Super League remains in the top two in East Asia by the end of 2019 and the Asian Championship in 2021 and 2022, it will be able to get 3 + 1 places.

It should be noted that Qatar ranked No. 1 before, and although Qatar has won the Asian Cup at present, they can only retire to No. 2 in Asia. South Korea ranks 3rd in Asia, Iran 4th in Asia, Japan 5th, Saudi Arabia 6th, UAE 7th, Thailand 8th, Iraq 9th, Uzbekistan 10th, and Australia 11th.

Of course, the success of the League does not represent the strength of the national team. For example, Australian players, most of the main players of the national team are playing in Europe, so the competitiveness of the league is limited, but China is different. Although the competitiveness of the national team is limited, our league has a lot of big foreign aid, so it can occupy the first place in Asia.

In the future, the results of the National Football Association will no longer lag behind the ranking of the Association, but for Chinese fans, the ranking of the Association and the fighting capacity of the National Team are so unequal that it is a big difference in Asia. Chinese football really needs to improve the performance of the national team.

Source of this article: Black Liu Ding Responsible Editor: Xu Song_NS1943