Two Departments: Achievements of Military Courses in Colleges and Universities will be credited for admission

 Two Departments: Achievements of Military Courses in Colleges and Universities will be credited for admission

Recently, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of National Defense Mobilization of the Central Military Commission jointly issued the Outline of Military Course Teaching in Common Colleges and Universities (referred to as the Outline). In light of the new requirements of the new era, the Outline inherits and innovates the 2006 edition of the Outline, which reflects the new progress in the reform, development and understanding of military courses in general colleges and universities in recent years.

The head of the Department of Physical Health and Arts of the Ministry of Education pointed out that the Central Committee of the Party, the State Council and the Central Military Commission have always attached great importance to the healthy growth of young people and military training for college and high school students. Over the years, governments at all levels and military organs have implemented policies to actively promote studentsmilitary training and achieved good political, national defense and social benefits. However, with the in-depth development of national economy and society, the comprehensive reform of national defense and army has been comprehensively promoted, the comprehensive reform of education has been deepened, and the problems of lagging training content and imperfect quality monitoring mechanism in studentsmilitary training have become increasingly prominent. The current Military Course Syllabus of General Colleges and Universities (Revised in 2006) is difficult to adapt to the new situation and requirements of education development and military reform, and needs to be revised and improved with the times.

The newly revised syllabus emphasizes that military course is a compulsory course for students in general colleges and universities. Military lessons should follow Xi Jinpings thought of strengthening the army and General Secretary Xi Jinpings important exposition on education, comprehensively implement the Partys educational policy, the new eras military strategic policy and the overall concept of national security, focus on cultivating and practicing socialist core values around the fundamental task of Building Morality and cultivating people and the basic requirements of the goal of strengthening the army, and focus on improving studentsnational defense awareness and military literacy. Implementing the development strategy of civil-military integration and the construction of national defense reserve forces. At the same time, the syllabus revises curriculum objectives, curriculum requirements and curriculum evaluation, highlights the objectives of strengthening national defense concept, national security awareness and crisis awareness, promoting patriotism, inheriting red genes, and improving studentscomprehensive national defense quality. It stipulates that military courses should be incorporated into the personnel training system of ordinary colleges and universities, and be included in the personnel training programs and teaching plans of colleges and universities. The credit system should be implemented, and the results of the course assessment should be recorded in the registration files. The military course should be included in the national education supervision system and the education supervision of the military course construction should be organized regularly.

As the focus of this revision, the syllabus has continued the modular basic structure of the syllabus of the 2006 edition. The modules of the original syllabus, such as international strategic environment, military high technology, information war, light weapons shooting, comprehensive training, military topography, have been revised. The contents of defense skills and wartime protection training have been added, and the contents of defense skills and wartime protection training have been cancelled. Relatively difficult to implement such module requirements as military topography. In addition, the syllabus also puts forward more detailed regulations and requirements for the development of military teachers, the construction of teaching materials, teaching methods, curriculum assessment, teaching guarantee and so on.

It is a strategic decision to set up military courses in ordinary colleges and universities and to carry out military theory teaching and military skills training for college students, which embodies the organic unity of personnel training and national defense reserve force construction. It is conducive not only to enhancing studentsnational defense concept and national defense consciousness, but also to promoting the overall improvement of college students quality. The head of the Department of Physical and Health Arts of the Ministry of Education said that the next step would be to highlight curriculum construction, team building, reform and innovation, strengthen teaching norms, macro-guidance and practice entities by improving and perfecting system regulations, promoting the implementation of macro-policies, strengthening the construction of teaching staff, emphasizing the training of leading cadres, innovating the reform of military courses, improving the military literacy of teenagers, and promoting the organic integration of teaching contents. Experiments should be made to further strengthen the construction of military courses in general colleges and universities.