Boeing CEOs First Public Speech after the Aviation Eritrea Disaster: Software Upgrade Work Normal

 Boeing CEOs First Public Speech after the Aviation Eritrea Disaster: Software Upgrade Work Normal

On Thursday (April 11), he finally appeared at a forum in Dallas, Texas. The main theme of his speech was to upgrade the platform for Boeings delayed software.

On April 11, Mirenberg spoke openly at a leadership forum in Dallas. Tutorial local media in Dallas

Software Upgrade Runs Normally

According to Reuters, Mirenberg said in his speech that the software upgrade for 737MAX was working normally and could prevent accidents such as the crash of Lion Airlines and Aeronautic Airlines in Indonesia. About two-thirds of customers have seen the repair on the simulator.

He said more tests are expected in the coming weeks and Boeing is working to restore customer and public confidence.

Milenberg also mentioned one of his 96 test flights and revealed that during the more than 159 hours of test flights, Boeing crews performed different scenarios and tested software modifications under various flight conditions.

On April 3, Milenberg, together with Boeing test pilots, participated in a test flight chart validating MCAS software upgrades from Visual China.

Software upgrades work as designed. He said. But the CEO did not say when Boeing would submit the fix to international regulators for review.

According to reports, Boeing found in an internal review that a glitch would occur when separate software was integrated into the system, which raised doubts about the submission time of software upgrades.

Mirenberg reiterated on November 11 that the initial accident investigation report showed that bad data from a key airflow sensor triggered the aircrafts stall prevention system (MCAS), which was a link in the longer event chain of the two accidents.

We know that we can break this chain. It is our responsibility to eliminate this risk. He said.

Establishment of the Global Review Committee

As the worlds largest aircraft manufacturer, Boeing needs to convince airlines and global regulators that 737MAX, grounded globally, can safely fly again.

Boeing conducted its first overseas 737 MAX flight simulator demonstration from April 9 to 11 in Shanghai, China, according to Observer. com, yesterday. British media analysis believes that, given the size of Chinas market, Boeings trip is necessary to convince major Chinese shipping companies that 737MAX is seaworthy.

Boeing Shanghai Training Center Pictures from Boeing

On the other hand, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which was previously responsible for 737MAX safety certification, announced the establishment of a global review committee headed by Christopher Hart, the former chairman of the National Transport Safety Commission of the United States, with representatives from China, Canada, Ethiopia, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, the European Union, Brazil and Singapore. In addition, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will participate.

CCTV News reported on the 9th that the Civil Aviation Administration of China had received an invitation and decided to send experts to attend.

Data released this week by Boeing showed that its orders and deliveries in the first quarter of this year fell sharply year-on-year. After the 737MAX was grounded globally, no new orders were received for the Boeings hottest selling model.

March 21, Renton, Washington, USA, 737MAX Aircraft Map parked at Boeing Factory from Visual China. Source: Observer Network Responsible Editor: Liu Yuxin_NBJS7825

March 21, Renton, Washington, USA, 737MAX Aircraft Picture at Boeing Factory from Visual China